How to Install VUDU on FireStick/Fire TV

Install Vudu On Firestick & Fire TV

You have come to the right place if you want to know how you can install VUDU on FireStick device.

And really it is very important to know how you can install VUDU in FireStick because VUDU is very treading nowadays among FireStick users.

Every FireStick user in the world wants to install VUDU but many FireStick users do not know how they can install the bride in their FireStick.

So today in this article, I will give you a step-by-step guide in which you will know how you can install VUDU in your FireStick.

What is VUDU?

VUDU is a kind of application that works exactly like a streaming application, but in VUDU you do not have to take any monthly other annual membership.

VUDU works very differently. Through the VUDU application, you can buy movies and shows on rent by paying some money, and also you can buy movies and shows by paying full money. Rent charges in VUDU start from $ 1 and end at $ 6.

VUDU provide movies and show in three different ways:

  • Free with Ads: You can watch movies and shows for free, but with movies and shows, you will also have to see ads. This is like cable TV, but VUDU has the best commercial experience compared to other free platforms, so we see commercials after some breaks. They use 3 to 4 commercial breaks per episode, which is around three to five minutes per movie, which is not as bad as it sounds.
  • Rent: You can also rent movies and shows for some time by paying some money and you will not have to watch the ads.
  • Purchasing: You can buy movies and shows forever and because of this, you can watch the movies and shows you buy whenever you want, without seeing any ads.

Features of VUDU App

Below I have mentioned features of VUDU:

  • Simple Interface: It will very easy for you to use VUDU, you will understand the interface of VUDU very easily. You can see your favorite movies and shows by just searching for their names.
  • Old Movies: In VUDU, you can watch new movies and shows as well as old movies and shows.
  • Pay only for the movie or show you like to watch: As I said above, In VUDU you do not have to pay for any subscription or membership, you just have to pay for the movie and show you want to watch.
  • Set of free movies: There is a free segment where you can watch and enjoy a film that features small advertisements.
  • Watch movies and shows at low cost: In VUDU, Prices of movies and shows are budget friendly. Even you can rent some movies and shows at $1.

So above I told you the features of VUDU and now I will tell you how you can install VUDU in FireStick.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Okay, I hope you understand what this program is worth to some kind of person. I hope that you understand. So, if you’re ready let’s switch to the list, but if you want to know more, follow this link: What is the VUDU video on request?

As the VUDU on FireStick is also not available to us later but is not yet available on the App Store. It is also available now. That means we have just to use the sideloading mechanism to obtain this application. In order to load an app at the sides, we must first allow the installation of the default Unknown Source.

If you don’t know how you can enable Unknown Source then be I have mentioned instructions by which can enable Unknown Source.

Step 1: Open Home Screen.

Step 2: Now from Home Screen, go to Settings from the top menu

Step 3: Now from Settings, select My FireTV.

Step 4: Now from My FireTV, scroll down and select Developer Options.

Step 5: Now you will see an option “Apps From Unknown Source” click on it.

Step 6: Now a warning message appears, ignore it and select Enable.

Watch Vudu on FireStick

Now let me tell you that how you can install VUDU on FireStick.

Install VUDU on FireStick

Step 1: Return to the FireStick Home Screen.

Step 2: Now from the top menu, click on Magnifying icon (search). After clicking on Magnifying icon, a keyboard layout will appear.

Step 3: Now use that keyboard and type “Downloader” and press enter. When the search will over, then you will see an app with orange background named “Downloader”. Open that Downloader app and after that, you will see the home screen of the Downloader app

Step 4: On the home screen of the Downloader app, you see a small search box. Click on that small search box. Now keyboard layout will appear. Use that keyboard layout and type “” and now click on the Go option. The Downloader will attempt to connect to the server at this point, and once connected, the app will begin downloading, with the Download Status shown on your phone.

Step 5: Simply wait a few moments for the app to download, and then the installation window will open. Simply press the Install button when the window opens.

Now you can use VUDU on your FiresStick.


Below I have mentioned two important FAQ’s of VUDU:

Why isn’t VUDU available on the FireStick?

Amazon doesn’t really want its users to purchase contents outside itself from their competitors, and that is why VUDU is not available on the FireStick. But as I said above you can install VUDU on FireStick rom third party source by following steps that I have mentioned above.

Is it possible to get a Vudu free trial?

Vudu offers a free trial period. All you have to do to get a Vudu free trial is go to their official website and open an account. You should be able to log into your account and start your free trial after you’ve completed the registration process.

Also, Check

Final Words

VUDU is a Wal-Mart application that is free to download but sells the merchandise with a separate business model.

It enables users to view media content on the loan while still allowing users to buy the product through the app. So today in this guide, I told you how you can install VUDU on FireStick.


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