What Is The Secret Of Making People Follow You on Instagram?

How to Get Followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. It was not long ago that it originated, and ever since then, it has been among the most populated social media apps. Instagram is a platform to connect to your friends, family, and relatives by sharing your pictures. An amazing fact about Instagram is that over 300 million users are active there. And almost everyone wants to find the best way to get real followers on Instagram. Today, the engagement rate of Instagram is seven times higher than that of Facebook or Twitter. This is what makes it an excellent site for marketing, but the question is how to gain a huge fan following to make your blogging or business-related dreams come true. Well, there are a few essential things you need to look into to make people follow you on Instagram. Let’s discuss these in detail.

Customize your Account

To customize your account, first, you have to think of the theme of your Instagram page and write a short but attractive bio that describes you and your work. Make sure to add a link to your website, too, if any.

Customize your Account

Once done, think about the customization of the Instagram grid. You can select any color of your choice and any pattern to follow for your posts. This would add beauty to your feed and attract followers. You can read the details on WP Dev Shed.

Follower Boosting Apps and Services

Another secret of making people follow you on Instagram is by taking help from followers boosting apps and services. There are many outstanding services online, which helps to increase fan following and boost engagement on Instagram posts. Also, nowadays, some apps are free to use and really quick, but you need to search carefully and be aware of the security of your account.

Post Consistently

Post Consistently

Posting consistently and at the right times is the key to gain followers on Instagram. You might have observed that the feeds of most followed accounts are always filled with new content posted multiple times in a day. Therefore if you wish to increase followers count on Instagram, make sure to post at least twice a day. The more you post, the more your account is exposed to Instagram users, and the more it gets noticed, the more the total follower count. However, make sure to post genuine content that is worth posting.

Interact with Followers

Your activity on Instagram directly influences the followers to count. Engage your followers via polls, statuses and suggestions. Entertain their questions and pieces of advice to show they mean to you. This would build trust in them and attract more followers.

You can also interact with them by replying to their comments on your posts and entertaining any complaints they have about your page. You can also ask other bloggers to tag you in posts. This would grasp the attention of Instagram users, too, and they would pay a visit to your profile. Finding it interesting, they might follow you.

Use of Relevant Hashtags

hashtags for instagram

Using hashtags is the most common and effective way of getting noticed and attracting followers. However, most people do not use this facility wisely. While choosing hashtags, make sure you are considering your post and selecting the most relevant hashtags. Only then will your post get noticed and engage followers. You can write up to 30 hashtags but again, be careful while selecting the hashtags.

So, these were some secret tips for making people follow you on Instagram. These tips are easy to follow and give guaranteed results. Although you might have to put in the extra effort, the result would be worth the effort. So get started right away. Good luck!


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