How to Skip or Block Hulu Ads: 5 Easy Methods (That Actually Work)

Developed in 2007, Hulu is an on-demand video streaming network collectively owned by Comcast and Disney. Hulu now only operates in the USA and Japan. While attempts have been made to make the video channel accessible globally, it has not been too much of a hit. We will discuss the strategies for skipping Hulu advertisements for free in this post.

Hulu now has 32 million subscribers, with 2500 + films and more than 40,000 episodes from separate serials, as of April 2020. Hulu has two programs, i.e., With No Advertisements, Daily Hulu, and Hulu. However, you need to commit to a paying plan if you wish to provide ad-free streaming on Hulu. So now let’s talk about how to block or skip Hulu Ads.

5 Simple Methods to Unblock Hulu Ads in 2023

If you’re one of Hulu’s major fans, you know how disturbing it is to see ads pop up when you watch your favorite show. Can you still try to find optimal ways to get rid of advertisements? From now on, by using Hulu, you don’t need to encounter frustrating experiences.

There are several options to skip Hulu advertisements or block advertisements from Hulu. I’m going to show you some of the easy, in different ways of performing this. Before going to the way, let me explain to you what all the information available in this article is to make you aware of it in depth.

After reading this, you would be able to enjoy watching Hulu advertisements without any interruption. Here are 5 ways to block or skip ads in Hulu:

1. Upgrade to Latest Hulu Plus (No Commercial Plan)

This is a great and legitimate means of almost getting rid of television advertisements. It’s just that you need to upgrade to the Hulu Plus package. For this facility, they bill you $11.99. The cost differential is nothing to compare with a standard plan.

Hulu Plus package

In this scheme, the bulk of ads get eliminated. Maybe the exclusive advertisements are going to want a monument there. If you don’t want to use the additional chargeable one, you may still check for other strategies.

However, this single commercial that remains does not mean that any program on Hulu Plus has advertising, so a subscription is typically your good chance of minimizing commercials as you observe the viewing session.

2. AdBlock Plus

Skip Hulu Ads

The second approach to fix your problem with Hulu advertising is by using a browser extension. Adblock Plus is a plug-in for your browser that helps block advertisements. However, Adblock Plus does not completely uninstall the ad, since it is merely replaced by a blank page. AdBlock Plus might be a decent option if you don’t like having a blank screen on your monitor or your smartphone.

Unfortunately, certain movies or videos can not play while you are using this addon. If you discover this problem, simply temporarily disable the plugin. As a consequence, when watching your favorite show, you might see some advertising.

3. Using Enounce MySpeed To Fast Forward Hulu Advertisements

Dream of it if you would easily forward the commercials for Four Minutes to about 1 minute or even less. Fairly awesome yeah, that’s when it turns out this Enounce MySpeed method is useful.

With the help of Enounce MySpeed, commercial advertisements can be fast-forward on all platforms but you just need to do two things with that, two things first of all. From this web page, download the Enounce MySpeed Software package and try it out for seven days free. As soon as the trial period expires, it’s easy to quickly uninstall and reinstall the software package.

4. Blokada


If the phone is your life, the likelihood is to watch movies or videos on the phone. This also helps you to use larger options to block the ads, aside from being realistic. There is a convenient way of using applications to get rid of Hulu advertising on smartphones. Blokada is an Android third party program that will block advertisements when you watch Hulu.

Simply download and install the software to enjoy the functionality of Blokada. Open the program that was downloaded and press Blacklist. Hulu advertisements and Press Farewell advertising will be blocked right away. For some advertisements, but not all of them, Blokada fits well.

5. Skip when opening two tabs

It might sound somewhat dubious to you. You should open two windows and display the same show in order to get rid of the Hulu advertisements. Starting by opening up two Hulu tabsQuiet the subsequent tab and move the showcase to the main promotion marker (this regularly shows on the stream bar in an alternate shading). Please open the first tab and watch your show. Mute it and go to the second tab when the ad begins playing on the first tab.

Starting there, return to where you were diverted and continue viewing. If you don’t mind these tricky moves, this way of avoiding advertising on Hulu is very efficient. The second tab could already have the advertising displayed, so you’d be watching from the stage where the ad started.

Final words

So that all, in this article I told you how to block or skip ads on Hulu. Tell your sentiment regarding the ways which I have referenced above, which one do you like the most?The applications are identical when they aim to eliminate or at least speed up irritating applications, but you don’t waste time watching them. The choice is on your side, either whether you want to go premium or want to save the purse by using a free extension or third-party program.

Hulu makes its money on the basis of advertising and packages. And while watching commercials for 4 minutes gives the consumers some annoyance. My recommendation is to go with Hulu plus update to prevent obstacles for viewing your show. You should use Netflix as well.


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