How to Install DirecTV App on Firestick & Fire TV (April 2021)

how to install DirecTV on FireStick, Fire TV

In this post we will learn on how to install DirecTV on FireStick, Fire TV.

DirecTV apps is an app that offers a wide variety of entertainment programs and has a lot of channels to choose from. They offer various shows and movies, and the user can watch them whenever they want. The user can catch up on everything, including Breaking news, Movies, and TV shows, from the comfort of home.

This app is available on all platforms, and the user must need a data connection or Wi-Fi to connect with it. The best part about the DirecTV app is that it has access to live TV shows, movies, and sports available, and the price is very minimal so that everyone can afford it.

Features of DirecTV App

The user can watch their favorite TV shows and channels once they install the DirecTV app on your Firestick. Some advantages of having a DirecTV app on your Firestick include:

  • The cost of the subscription is less and very affordable. And the users also have an option of monthly and annual subscription plans.
  • The users can watch the recently released movies and shows without any hassle.
  • The users also have access to international TV shows and movies and can watch movies from different languages and genres.
  • The users can watch it anytime with the help of their firestick device.
  • The user can feel free to cancel the subscription whenever they want.

How to Install DirecTV App on your Firestick.

A Firestick app will be available on the Amazon app. Check out the steps mentioned below to install a DirecTV app on your Firestick.

  • First, open the Firestick device.
  • And then, connect it to your data network or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Go to settings.
  • Now, from the available options, select “My Fire TV“.
  • You can also choose the “My Device” option.
  • After that, click on “Developer options“.
  • After that, you have to click on allow “Apps from unknown sources“.
  • Now, a warning dialogue box will appear on your screen. Click on the “Turn ON” option.
  • Go back to the FireStick home screen, click on the Search Bar.
  • Then, search for the Downloader in the search bar.
  • In the search result, select the “Downloader app” and click on “Get”.
  • Now, the Downloader app will start downloading.
  • The installation process will begin automatically once the download is completed.
  • Click on “Open” to open the Downloader app.
  • After the installation of the Downloader app now it’s time to install the DirecTV on your firestick device. For that,
  • Open the Downloader app.
  • enter this URL.
  • After that click on “Go”. Now the Downloader app will start downloading the DirecTV app.
  • Once it gets downloaded Install the app.

After the installation is completed, open the DirecTV app on your firestick device.

Install DirecTV App on Firestick using Amazon

There are few infrequent instances where you can’t find the DirecTV app on your Amazon account. In that case, there are other alternative methods that you can work on to download the DirecTV app on your Firestick device. But first, you have to change your settings in the firestick device. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully to change your settings.

  • In the Search bar, search for the DirecTV app.
  • Click on “Get”.
  • After that, the downloading process of the DirecTV app will start on your firestick device.
  • Once the DirecTV app is downloaded. Click on “Open”.
  • And the DirecTV app will be launched.
  • Since you are a new user, you have to “Sign in” to your DirecTV app.

Once you have signed in successfully, you can watch the latest movies and TV shows.

How to Install DirecTV App on Firestick using ES File Explorer

If you cannot download the DirecTV app using both the downloader app and Amazon app, here’s a solution.

That is, ES File Explorer. It is a great tool that is used for managing programs and files. First, download the ES File Explorer app and then download the DirecTV app following the steps mentioned below.

  • Search for ES File Explorer.
  • From the results, select ES File Explorer.
  • Click on “Get”.
  • After the file is downloaded it will get installed.
  • Now click on “Open”.

Once the ES File Explorer is installed you are ready to Download The DirecTV app on your Firestick device. Follow the steps carefully.

Open the ES File Explorer.

  • Click on the download icon on the home page of ES File Explorer.
  • Now, click on add(+) and paste this link there to download the DirecTV app. After that click on “download”.
  • Once the Directv app is downloaded click on “Next”.
  • After that click on “Install” on the next window.

Once the installation process is completed you are ready to go and watch the movies.

In this article, we have mentioned the three ways through which the user can stalk, DirecTV app firestick. Go through the steps carefully to install them successfully. DirecTV is the best app to watch all the movies and trending TV shows from the comfort of your home because, as a user, you will have access to 250 plus local and international channels. It also gives the freedom to pay every month, and the user can still watch the content non-stop, including live TV shows. The best part is that the user can record any sports or movies to watch later. And they also have channels that educate children and entertain students with channels that are appropriate for their age. The parents can also block content that is not age-appropriate.

The user can also pause a movie or a TV show and can continue it from the exact spot whenever they want. Isn’t it the best of all the features that we have mentioned?

Now, download the app and enjoy all the services happily.


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