15 Best Torrent Sites for May 2022

Torrent Sites, short for BitTorrent Sites are based on a technology called BitTorrent which distributes files all over the internet. They also potentially increasing the downloading speed when downloading large files. This is basically done by dividing a large file into small pieces which are then sent in a swarm from hundreds and even thousands of computers at once. So, each computer only has to send a small amount of the file which effectively decreases the amount of time taken to download a large file.

If you are looking for the best torrent sites which give impressive downloading speeds as well as being safe and secure, then you are in the right place. With the past year of 2018 being a troublesome one for the Torrent industry with the rise in legal actions, many of the websites were blocked by the government due to copyright issues. Still, there are quite a few reliable sources in 2022 which are popular, most visited, as well as the best torrent sites for you to download from.

With so many changes and shutdowns over the past few years and with the rise of mediocre, low-quality sites which are full of malware, you need to know best torrenting websites. Here are the top 15 Torrent sites which are safe and fast:

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Top 15 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2022

1) The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay - Torrent Search

When you think of the best torrent search engines, The Private Bay is the first thing that comes to your mind. TPB, for short, tops the list with a huge selection of torrents spreading across movies, TV shows, games, software, audiobooks, songs, and much more, with minimal adverts and a simple user interface. Running on its original domain, TPB evaded numerous shutdowns and domain seizures and continues to be one of the best torrent sites. With one of the fastest downloading speeds, TPB lists online index of digital content where the visitors can search, download and even contribute magnet links as well as torrent files.

Average download speed: 3.2 MB/s

2) 1337x

1337x- torrent sites

A site which is conscious of its visual appearance, the 1337x torrent site has a properly aligned content which is designed neatly, whether it be the home page or the index page. Founded in the year 2007, 1337x has an excellent variety of movies, TV shows, games, and music. After the site’s revamp, the traffic increased largely, especially in the UK. If you are after older torrents, then this site is the right one.

Average download speed: 1.9 MB/s

3) RarBG


Founded in 2008, RarBG started off as a BitTorrent tracker. Now, it is one of the top torrent sites and provides torrent files and magnet links to over 300,000 users a day. This site is best for its availability of new content and has a very active community. Since it constantly adds new high-quality content, unfortunately, it is not under the radar and is even blocked in countries like Bulgaria, Denmark, and the UK. If watching and downloading new content for free is your prime concern then you can use a VPN for torrenting to bypass these blocks.

Average download speed: 2.3 MB/s



EZTV makes it to the fourth position in this top torrenting sites list as it is the best site for TV shows. With a very active community, one can find an amazing variety of TV shows which even has many new episodes that are added daily. It has a kind of old-school interface which is very easy to use. Previously, it was a group which operated on other popular torrent websites such as KickAss and TPB. But after the shutdown of KickAss, EZTV became an individual group with their own torrent website.

Average download speed: 2.0 MB/s

5) Zooqle


With over 3.5 million verified torrents, Zooqle is quite a newcomer to the peer-to-peer (P2P)/torrenting scene, an impressive one in that context. It already provides over 37,000 movies and 600 TV shows and has a highly intuitive interface. One can easily create an account on Zooqle by entering an email address, username, and password and manage your subscriptions to your favorite TV shows and movies. It is truly one of the best torrenting websites among the newcomers as well as the old ones.

Average download speed: 1.9 MB/s

6) YTS

yts torrenting sites list

YTS.ag is one of the best torrent download sites which specialises in movies and provides high quality and legit torrents. With a smooth interface, YTS.ag offers high definition movies in 720p, 1080p, and even 3D. You can even make an account on the site to make content requests and give feedback on the torrents. With essential and useful search filters and sorting options, YTS.ag has a clean and aesthetic layout.

Average download speed: 2.2 MB/s

7) LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is a website which hosts torrents in different categories including TV Series, Movies, Games, Applications, and Anime. With neat and clean user friendly interface, this torrent website has a good download speed and offers a lot of new and popular releases with lots of seeders. It has an assortment of verified torrents which are absolutely free.

Average download speed: 2.5 MB/s

8) TorrentDownloads


With a very extensive and well-organized torrent library, TorrentDownloads is one of the best torrent sites in this top torrenting sites list as it offers an impressive collection of movies, new and old. From old and rarely used software to less popular ebooks, this is one of the websites that you have the best chance in finding them. With an incredible download speed, it offers torrents to millions of users each month.

Average download speed: 2.7 MB/s

9) Torrentz2


With a great variety of music torrents, Torrentz2 is one of the top torrent sites for downloading music. It is one of the best torrent search engines which combines all the search results from various torrenting websites and then display them on their platform. Thus torrent lovers can easily download countless torrents fast and free.

Average download speed: 2.0 MB/s

10) TorLock


If you are searching for the best torrenting websites to download anime and ebooks, then this might be the one. With a clean and intuitive interface, TorLock has a wide and active array of anime, ebooks, and music torrents. With a very impressive downloading speed, it has over 4.8 million high-quality torrents to choose from.

Average download speed: 3.5 MB/s

Other Sites for FAST and SAFE Torrenting

Here are the another popular sites for downloading your movies, TV shows, games, and music.

ExtraTorrent https://extratorrents.ch/
TorrentDownloads https://www.torrentdownloads.me/
TorrentFunk https://www.torrentfunk.com/
NYAA.si https://nyaa.si/
Torrent9 https://wvw.torrent9.uno/
Monovo https://monova.org/

Conclusion: The Best Torrent Sites

These are top 15 best torrent sites of 2019.  If you have any other torrenting sites to add to this list,  You can share us via comment section.

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