13 Websites to Download Anime Subtitles (Updated 2023 List)

Anime Subtitles

Anime is a popular animated film around the world. If you are a real anime fan, go to the ideal site and stream them. Several websites allow people to download anime and subtitles. Some people find it hard to realize the original language of content because of the stories and colors. With the advent of technology, they search for the best subtitle websites to access subtitles and understand movie and TV languages. Subtitles are a significant component in film and TV shows when you never stream content in your mother tongue. Subtitles are helpful for people to realize what happens in television scenes and films.

Top 13 Websites to Download Anime Subtitles for Free

Anime fans rely on subtitles to enjoy their favorite anime. Here, you can discover the top websites to download anime subtitles without spending any cost.

1. Kitsunekho

It is top on the list for different reasons. You have subtitles in diverse languages. Anime lovers often visit it due to its easy-to-use interface. Users find list of languages in which subtitles are available via landing page. It provides subtitles in languages including Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese. Users must choose the required language and get a list of anime.

2. Opensubtitles

It is the leading subtitle website for anime. People get access to multi-language and old subtitles. Anime lovers spend time on internet to find best places to download anime subtitles for free. Anime fans can identify subtitles of any content like movies and anime series. The search bar helps you find specific subtitles. All you need to do is enter a query, choose the language, and get the subtitle. It inquires you basic questions and regular security measures.

3. Subscene

When you search for the best subtitle site, Subscene is the right solution. It is amazing platform for multiple language subtitles for TV shows and movies. It contains an easy download operation, a vast subtitle library, and regular updates. You have different language subtitles such as English, Chinese, Korean, French, Greek, and a lot more. It helps people to filter language and search for subtitles in the required language.

4. Subdb

Subdb is a free and unified portal for users to get subtitles for free. It is peer to peer network for anime subtitles download websites.On the other hand, it is the best way to upload and download files. Users have a vast range of anime with good subtitles. It offers subtitles in languages including English, Italian, and Spanish.  

5. Addic7ed

It is a fantastic portal to identify and download subtitles for free. The search bar on the website lets you search subtitles for animequickly. The landing page contains perfect lists like the latest new version and new releases. These things help you find a quality subtitle without hassle. It comes with different language subtitles like Swedish, French, English, and German.

6. Subtitles.hr

It is a prominent website for anime lovers to get free downloads of anime subtitles. Users have tremendous support to download subtitles about movies and workout movies. It is the best source to explore a vast collection of subtitles for free. Within a few clicks, you can start downloading specific anime subtitles for free. It gives anime subtitles based on the title in many languages.

7. Isubtitles

The platform contains a proper list of films with a summary. It comprises specifics like kind, rating, and release year. You can find an extensive collection of anime subtitles for every film based on movie details. Anime fans always focus on downloading needed subtitle files from reputable portals. It has a search bar to make searching easier and obtain favorite anime subtitles.

8. English-subtitles

You can switch to this portal if you want specific language subtitles. Anime lovers often like to watch anime in English. Portal is in high demand because of English subtitles support. It is the most accessible place for people to get subtitles for movies and TV shows. You can find favorite series like Bleach, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and Psycho-Pass.

9. Anisubs

The platform is only for anime subtitles. You have a great option to download different subtitles gradually. You can enter the anime series name and click on download to get subtitles. Files are saved on Google Drive and kept on the device. The website provides subtitles in diverse languages based on style and type of anime series. One can take complete advantage of this subtitle website.

10. Animetosho

It is the most popular anime subtitle download website for free. User-friendly interface allows users to search for everything easily. You can find subtitles for your favorite anime you want through the search bar. Individuals apply the filters and access the landing page lists. It manages a vast anime subtitle library from new to old. Users take complete advantage of downloading anime themselves and relevant subtitles.

11. CDjapan

It is a favorite website for Japanese anime lovers to explore cultural heritage like anime, subtitles, film, and music. You have complete freedom to download subtitles for TV shows and movies. The platform provides ideal products and content across diverse niches. You can enter the anime name and download the subtitles.

12. ANJ sub

It is a famous website for anime material that provide quality subtitle. The platform enables you to download 480 or 720p video resolution content. Users can find any anime movie they like and download them conveniently. The website attracts users with pleasant and adorable style.

13. Oploverz

Over the past few decades, it has been a trending portal for anime subtitle downloads for free. The best part of this website is that it offers content with a good resolution, like 1080p. When using 480p, you can import low-quality files. You have a great chance to watch and observe web videos with subtitles and access them quickly.


The above information is helpful for anime lovers to get more information about anime subtitle download websites. After choosing the best portal, people can enjoy watching anime in the original language that captures feeling and essence. So, anime fans pay attention to the ideal list of websites and pick up suitable ones to download subtitles quickly.


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