12 Websites to Download Anime Subtitles (Updated 2023 List)

Anime Subtitles

As you know Anime is very popular around the world. In case you have to watch anime for free, the biggest thing to remember is your internet access that means you need a good internet connection to stream. Some people tend to view the content over and over without the internet or offline. Anime can be watched offline by downloading and then watching the content. Several websites can be download Anime and subtitles. Anime, the Japanese animated film, due to its many colors and stories, is popular.

Subtitles are the files that allow users to understand TV and movie language. Subtitles used primarily for film and TV shows when you watch shows not present in the mother tongue. Subtitles can help viewers understand what is happening in the film and television scene. In the .srt and.txt formats most of the subtitles are on the internet.

12 Best Websites to Download Anime Subtitles

Subtitles for anime are always hard to get but you no longer have to worry, since this article provides you with the 12 best websites to download anime subtitles:

1. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is one of the leading subtitle websites, with all new multi-language as well as old subtitles available. The portal is very ordinary with respect to its layout and looks like an old school site, but the files are big. Anime subtitles can be easily downloaded from this website by clicking on the name of the anime or series and clicking on the download choice. It could ask you basic questions or as a regular security check to fill the captcha, but that’s going to be smooth.

2. Kitsunekho

This is one of the easiest websites to stream anime subtitles for free in multiple languages. The quick and convenient guide allows you to choose online from several choices and series. You can only click on the name of the series and import the subtitle file with only a single click. You can download subtitles in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean without searching further in order to find the language options. Both subtitles are aggregated by form and vocabulary.

3. SubDb

Subdb.com is a free unified website allowing any film, not just anime, to import subtitles. This website allows users to download anime adaptations only for non-commercial purposes. SubDb allows users to use a special algorithm to upload their subtitles to the Internet, where other users can download them and track their content. The same algorithm chooses the most efficient anime file that can be loaded on the Website. They handle all of the techniques and all you need to do is download and enjoy the file processing.

4. Subscene

It is like the site with the most famous and biggest subtitles. Subtitle types are included in the subscene. You will find anything you want from anime to shows, on this website. The subscene has been around for so long that you can find little transcripts in their quest. Subscene has you as an anime fan. You have to log into and check the file that you want. The search room also makes orthographic and typographical errors.

5. Isubtitles

This platform is also for anime lovers from Japan. The films are listed here and are included in the film summary. Further specifics are also included, such as the rating, kind, and release year. The number of anime subtitles for each film is found in accordance with the movie info.

6. AniSubs

This website is for anime subtitles only, and you can download multiple subtitles gratuitously. Click the anime series name and click the download button directly to open the file on Google Drive or save it to your device as a file. This platform has subtitles in many languages, depending on the type and the style of the anime series.

7. Animetosho

Animetosho is an old school website, but there’s a huge amount of information to post online. There is a large library of anime series on the website and you can stream the whole anime series on torrent/magnet with all the subtitles.

8. Addic7ed

As the name indicates, you may be addicted to this platform due to the various collections that it would download subtitles. The subtitles of this website can be imported by clicking on the film name, and several files can be downloaded in different languages.

9. CDJapan

It’s not like another website with anime subtitles on this list. This one is very distinctive in the sense that it is the entertainment centre for the Japanese. You can find subtitles for Japanese videos, TV shows, animations, and films.

You find plenty of anime and other people showed when you login to the website. You can scan the icons at the top of the website to make your quest quicker.

10. Subtitles.hr

Subtitles.hr is a wonderful place where you can import subtitles in various languages if you are looking for videos, apps, and subtitles at the same time. The idea of this website is also valuable to the user as the content is posted and processed by individuals. You can quickly download the subtitles.

11. ANJ sub

Among websites offering anime material, one of the better is ANJ sub. High-quality anime is sold by not many websites. However, ANJ sub provides either 480 or 720p video resolution, the latter being the HD variant. Find an anime movie that you like, and conveniently download it. And the website follows the concept with its sweet and adorable style, with anime being the focus.

12. OploverzĀ 

Oploverz has become one of the most popular download sites in Indonesia over the last few years. The best thing is that Oploverz delivers a resolution as high as 1080p. At 480p, you can also import lower quality files. “One thing that stands out is that Oploverz has the genre of” horror. Oploverz helps you to watch and view web videos using subtitles as well as to import them.

Final words

So in this article, I told you the 12 best websites to download anime subtitles.

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