Zooqle Proxy & Alternatives to Unblock Zooqle Torrents in 2022

Zooqle Unblock Proxy

Zooqle is an amazing torrent website that allows you to download TV shows, latest movies, paid games, software, and a lot more things. However, due to several piracy violations, this torrent has been banned by numerous internet service providers in several countries.

If your country has also blocked the Zooqle torrent website, this article is certainly a perfect match for you. In this article, you’ll know how to access this revolutionary website using Zooqle proxy. Moreover, you’ll also know about some of the best alternates of this torrent.

Zooqle Proxy & Mirror Sites

Proxy and mirror sites are replications of the Zooqle website that allow you to access it, regardless of your internet service provider. Here’s a curated list of some of the best proxies and mirrors sites for Zooqle torrent:

zooqle.proxybit.casaOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.nocensor.cyouOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.123unblock.surfOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.immunicity.kimOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.unblockproject.restOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.g2g.camOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.unbl0ck.worldOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.mrunblock.bestOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.unblocknow.unoOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.unbl4you.workOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.bypassed.kimOnlineVery FastOn
zooqle.immunicity.kimOnlineVery FastOn

Now, to access the Zooqle torrent website using these proxy and mirror websites, all you need to do is click on any of the aforementioned links and enjoy the free content. However, you must know that these proxy and mirror websites are changed constantly. Therefore, to continuously unblock Zooqle torrent site, you need to get back to this article and use updated links. Now, let us have a look at some of the best alternates of the Zooqle torrent website.

Top 8 Best Alternatives to Zooqle

Before you start downloading anything from the torrent, you need to make sure that the file is clean, especially if it’s an executable file. There’s a high chance that you’ll end up infecting your PC with viruses, malware, and Spywares.

In addition to it, you also need to make sure that you’re using a VPN while accessing any of these torrent websites stated below. This will ensure that your data is encrypted and can’t be tracked by your internet service provider. Here’s a rundown of the alternate torrent websites of Zooqle:



One of the top websites to use is yts.mx. It is actually kind of like a recreation of this popular website called YIFY. This website was primarily known for being really good at creating small files that were pretty good in terms of quality and audio. You might have known that when you download torrents a lot of times the quality of the torrent file is going to be pretty bad. It’s not that usable which sometimes just makes more sense to use something like Netflix. However, this site is pretty good as a recreation of YIFY.



This is a really good website that’s been around for quite some time, outlasting a lot of torrent websites. it’s not pretty popular ever since a lot of other ones have been shut down like kick-ass torrents, etc. This is a pretty good website that has an amazing list of torrent files. So, it’s definitely a solid option for you.



It is a really good website accessible on the URL rarbg.to. Like the previous one, this website has been around for quite some time. It’s a very reliable community-driven website. You’ll find it pretty easy to find good torrent files and content here. That’s why it’s certainly a perfect solution for you.



If you guys can’t find the anime you desire to watch on something like Crunchyroll or Netflix or any other streaming sites, maybe because anime is too old or obscure, you need to have a look at this torrent website. NYAA.SI is a really good website to check out for anime. It’s one of the best animate websites that can be your go-to option to watch the latest anime.


The Pirate Bay

The piratebay.org is one of the most infamous websites out there for torrenting. This website itself has been around for a long time, having a host of content. It’s kind of the most well-known torrent website of all time. It’s been through a myriad of issues, facing takedowns and reorganizing URLs. Although it hasn’t always been a consistent website it’s still around and kicking. However, you got to be careful to make sure you’re not downloading any sketchy files. With that said, the pirate bay isn’t a very reputed website as it has been caught in the past while hijacking user CPUs to mine cryptocurrency. Not only this, but the website also has a lot of ads and weird affiliations with VPN providers.



EZTV.IO is another website that’s been around for quite some time. The cool thing about this website is that it has kind of some extra features to track when torrents are going to be coming out. It’s more like a tv schedule theme. In terms of the interface, it’s kind of similar to the pirate bay. It’s kind of outdated in a lot of ways but the website is pretty good if you’re looking to download tv shows and stay up to date with ones that come out kind of frequently.



If you’re looking for a website that is super clean in terms of the mobile interface, this website your go-to option. It’s really easy to download and search torrent files on the go whether you’re using android or IOS. This is the one everyone would recommend if you’re looking to download torrents on your phone.



If you’re looking for a torrent website that provides a little bit more transparency, TORLOCK is probably the best match for you. The coolest thing about this website is that it shows who uploaded the torrent file. It also shows some meta-data regarding the file. Therefore, it is a really transparent website that’s pretty cool but it’s not actually like an active repository of torrents. Instead, it searches and queries other torrent repositories to find the download for you. So, it’s kind of like a cool torrent little search engine.

Bottom Line

So, this certainly wrap-ups this rundown of Zooqle proxies and its alternatives. However, this article is not intended to promote piracy. Instead, consider it as a resourceful content to know how to unblock Zooqle torrent website on your computer.

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