Best Torlock Proxy And Mirrors to Unblock Site

We live in an era of the Internet where Web browsing has become very common. Certain websites are every beneficial to us in our everyday lives and there are other websites which have a bad impact on our lives. Hence, Internet Service Providers (ISP) blocks certain legitimate sites. There are few web browsers that manipulate certain malware sites and tries to disable the protection of the user and run those malicious scripts on their device. Therefore, it is very important to proceed with extreme caution as certain fraudulent sites can be very dangerous. Torlock is a quick BitTorrent search engine that allows for only verified torrents where the user will be allowed to search for certain software and hardware verified torrents, games, TV shows, movies, music, etc to search your favorite torrent.

Torlock requests its users to enable web notifications so that it can promote several other contents. When the notifications are enabled, permission will be granted by the users to the websites to deliver pop-up windows to promote certain relevant or useful content. But, there are designers of malicious sites who often promote their suspicious contents by using these sites. Another problem that arises is that it gradually slows down your computer performance because the number of displayed notifications are high. Since, the promoted sites are generally nasty, clicking on the pop-up window will lead to resulting in trouble for your system. Therefore, it is vital to beware of such cyber criminals and torrent sites that are harmful. It is important to avoid such torrent sites unless you are 100% sure that it is virus-free and the contents displayed there are legitimate.

What is Torlock?

Torlock is a popular, yet skeptical torrent website, it seems to be genuine and very useful, but the site requires each of its users to enable the notification tab, thereby enabling to display the browser notification and to advertise some other websites. The functioning of this site is lawful and there are many other authentic websites like Facebook and YouTube that make use of it. But, these sites make use of notifications and at times they advertise other malicious sites. There is another danger of using such sites, as they end up infecting your system. The device may be contacted with harmful viruses. So, even the Best Sites like Torlock must be used with caution.

Why Torlock site is blocked?

Torlock being a prominent torrent indexing site is blocked in certain counties like United Kingdom, Portugal, and certain other places. The purpose of imposing such blocks is to prevent the user from getting access to certain contents that have copy rights in such areas. By implementing such blocks, the entertainment industry and the government officials try to put an end to such copyright breach. But the truth is that people still use such torrent sites to download their favorite games, movies, etc, or even to get access to the content they want. It is important to note that not all the contents are subject to copyrights, but a vast majority of movies and TV series that are recently released are subject to copyrights. Legal agencies and Internet Service providers impose blocks to prohibit online piracy. Hence, in certain parts of the world, Torlock has been blocked. But, there are certain Torlock Alternatives that we will discuss in this article.

The Best Free Torlock Proxy or Mirror sites

As we have discussed, in certain countries the Torlock has been blocked. In such countries the user can make use of Torlock Proxy. It will hide his identity and disclose himself as a person belonging to other country. There are certain Torlock proxy and torlock mirror sites list where the user Torlock unblocks the site by making use of a VPN. Turlock proxies are available for free on the website that are mentioned below:

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Certain Torlock Proxy and mirror sites are used where Torlock is not prohibited. By making use of those proxy and Torlock mirror sites the users can gain access to any of their favorite shows. Some of those sites are listed below.

How to Unblock Torlock?

There are few countries where Torlock has been blocked and it is illegal to use Torlock in such places, the users are accountable for punishment. One can still Unblock Torlork by making use of VPN software where the identity of your IP Address will be hidden and the location can be changed. By using the VPN software, you can browse the internet site, use any app or services without being traced. Some of the VPN that can be used are listed below:

  • CyberGhost – It can easily unblock the dedicated streaming profile along with enhanced servers like Sky go, Netflix, ESPN, etc.
  • PureVPN – It is the best VPN for torrenting, it allows the user to choose from four different categories like providing internet freedom, streaming, file sharing, security or privacy to it’s users.
  • NordVPN – Nord is the most secure VPN, your privacy is being assured. The features include strict no-logs policy, leak proof apps, solid encryption to provide the user with high protection.
  • IvacyVPN – It is the inexpensive VPN that one can make use of to unblock Torlock. The contents can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Because of the geo-restrictions, access to foreign content can be restricted in certain countries. But with Ivacy VPN, the user can get access to those contents that are geo-restricted.
  • ExpressVPN – It is the best VPN for streaming. It provides military grade encryption, it prevents your data and information being disclosed if the VPN connection gets low. The user can enjoy unlimited bandwidth with endless downloads that comes with a thirty day money back guarantee.

By making use of these VPN, one can easily unblocked Once the VPN has been enabled, you need to just click on any of the torlock mirror or proxy sites where the user can enjoy his favorite torrents without restraints. You can also make use of FREE or PAID VPN services for unlocking the torrents. By modifying the DNS server to a public DNS the torrent sites can be unblocked. Several proxy and mirror sites could be used to unblock Torlock.

Another simple way to Unblock Torlock is to connect to a different WiFi network. By tethering the Internet from your smartphone and once the downloads are completed, connect back to the university website. This works well unless the organization WiFi has certain genius Firewall security.

Alternative sites to

  • The Pirate Bay: Is the worlds most prominent torrent site to overcome blocks and shutdowns. It offers the user an enormous collection of torrents presently it has more than one million. With such a huge collection, the user will not have any trouble to access his favorite torrent of movies, games, music, etc.
  • Extratorrent: This being the biggest BitTorrent websites, it has already re-introduced a fresh URL that comes with a new and improved version where you will be able to download various latest TV series, films, games, software, music, etc. The advantage of extra torrent is that it does not have pop-up ads which is quite irritating. It keeps the user up to date and provides them with internet privacy.
  • YTS: This torrent allows you to watch HD content without much difficulty to your bandwidth. It is heaven for movie lovers. But, if you want to access music, games, TV shows this is not the appropriate site.
  • Zooqle: For all those game lovers, Zooqle is the ultimate site. Here you will find a huge collection of software and entertainment.  In spite of being new, it already has around 40000 movies that can be downloaded and more than 600 TV shows. It has extraordinary followers with the prospect of seeing an hike in the future.
  • 1337x : This is good for browsing features and search engines where you can browse about new episodes, Oscar winners or any other category. It has eliminated certain security risks thereby providing more security to it’s users. There are less advertisements and pop- up as you browse which makes it a great search option and browser.
  • RARBG: This torrent offers its users a variety of old and new impressive torrents that are available for quick downloading. It has built a good reputation as a user friendly and high quality torrent. In spite of being blocked in few countries like UK, Bulgaria,Denmark and Portugal it has been gaining popularity and it can be accessed by using a VPN.
  • LimeTorrents: when your favorite torrent site is down, the lime torrent can be a good alternative. But the site is about community. The user will find only those torrents that are approved by many users in your community.


Torreting is legal in most of the countries. But, making use of the torrenting sites to download and share the copyright material like certain scripts, music releases, latest movies, etc is illegal. At VPNMentor illegal renting activities are not encouraged. Since it is not possible to monitor every copyright material, the government and ISP blocks access to such torrent sites. If you find Torlock has been blocked in your country, it can be unblocked to get access to your favorite torrent sites. Hope this article has provided vital information on unblocking Torlock and the alternative sites for Torlock. You can make use of Best Torlock proxy and Torlock mirror sites and use your favorite technique to unblock Torlock.

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