TorrentKing Proxy List 2021 [Working TorrentKing Proxy Sites & Mirrors]


In recent times, many of the websites have been shut down or blocked and as a result the user is no longer able to access the blocked sites. TorrentKing is one such website that is most loved and popular sites which helped people to locate their favorite films, games, songs, eBooks, etc. The contents that you find on such websites are pirated versions available for free of cost. As the internet is becoming more protective concerning legal rights, many of the websites like TorrentKing, Torrentz, Kickasstorrents have been blocked. But there are certain alternative versions to Torrent sites.

TorrentKing provides a wide range of streaming to download for free of cost certain varied Android applications, Windows, Video games, TV serials, and popular movies. All those users who are frequent users of may have noticed that torrenting is not accessible for the past few months. Sites like TorrentKing cannot be accessed by it’s users. But, there are certain alternatives to gain access to it. In this article, we will discuss TorrentKing Proxy, how to Unblock torrenting, alternative sites, etc.

What is Torrentking?

TorrentKing is a torrents search engine where the site will expose all the latest files through DHA and it strives to fit them with the related torrenting movies. It’s a prominent meta film search engine that enables the user to locate and to connect the torrents on the website. The software can be used for free and the user can take the benefit from it globally. There are a huge collection of films, the torrenting site has more than 500 thousand movies that can be downloaded and over 70,000 movies that can be watched online. The users also get the benefit of watching TV serials, premium movies without any cost. There is no need to furnish your personal information or there is no need for any registration. It is the best Meta Film Generator and is popular for a quick interface, recommendation, night mode, and is free for all the users. Currently, the site is not operating for a few months, a closing message with an apology was published on the website.

Why Torrentking site is blocked?

In all those countries that have stringent copyright laws, the TorrentKing sites are often blocked by the ISLs, and hence the user will not be able to reach these websites if they reside in such restricted countries. There are possibilities that the user would be charged and punished if he downloads the content from a blocked site. The ISP has blocked this particular site along with other Torrent sites like Limetorrents, etc, movcr, etc. The ISP also has the rights to block your bandwidth or your internet. This is done to prevent the user from making use of such installation of the media files that consume much of your precious time and to protect the user.

TorrentKing ProxyWhat are Torrentking Mirror Sites and Torrentking Proxy sites?

The torrentking mirror sites and TorrentKing proxy sites are the duplicates of the original domain site Just the like original domain, these replicas will have the same updates, torrents and design as the original domain. Whenever  there is a difficulty to browse the torrenting site, any of the TorrentKing proxy sites can be used to unblock TorrentKing sites since they are tested on an hourly basis to analyze and check the speed of these Torrentking Proxy and Mirror sites. You can make use of these TorrentKing proxy and Mirror sites list since they are working fine and can be liberally used. 

Best Free TorrentKing Proxy and Mirror Sites

Torrentking Proxy/MirrorsWebsite URL UK Proxy unblocked proxy
Torrentking Alternatives
TorrentKing US Proxy mirror
Unblock Torrentking.eu unlocked
Torrentking.eu unblock
TorrentKing Proxy Mirror

How to Unblock TorrentKing?

There are many ways to Unblock TorrentKing when it is locked by the ISP upon government orders. We will discuss some of them:

TOR Browser

TOR is a private network of single computers that are linked to one another. If you need to browse the internet unnamed or unidentified you can make use of this site. By accessing geo-controlling websites like desi torrents using the TOR Browser. You just need to mention the URL on the address bar of the window and press enter to unlock the desi torrents.

Unlock using VPN

This is the best option to unlock the torrent sites. It gives the user more protection as they browse the web pages. You can also open disabled pages by using VPN.

Web Proxy

The web proxy will not guarantee you web protection and most often the Internet connection will be low. Another drawback of this site is that they can give malicious scripts thereby causing damage to your machine.

Top Alternatives to TorrentKing

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

This is one among the most popular sites that are used for downloading torrents. The uploads are easily available and the search engine is functioning well. There might be certain trouble to access the site as a result of moving around traffic, but it will be easy to download whatever you want to once you have the site. The user gets everything that is existing in the digital form and it has more than four sources from where you can access and download it. The magnet option will put all the topics in the downloading program for these torrent files. It is the most liked site by the users because it has Magnet links, it is widely popular, has VIP or the Trusted user tags, and retains the largest database for the torrents.



If you want genuine or legal torrents, lime torrents are the best choice. The site contains a huge database that is updated frequently with fresh contents and valid torrents, they are also the largest torrents that are available on the website today. It is the best torrent for music. The site gives many details about the contents that are available so that the user can check if it is worth downloading the contents. The leechers and seeders that a site has can be identified and it also has a health meter so that you can avoid any harmful contents. The site is highly recommendable by its users.



If you want to avoid certain fraud torrents, then TORLOCK is the best. The site can be navigated easily and it has huge database of contents that can be downloaded. There are also a list of top hundred contents that are currently making a buzz in the market. This site pays it’s users one dollar for any of the fake torrent that they come across on the site. There are more than five million verified torrents that are available and the site ensures that you get what you want to download. It is best for Anime and E-books.



This site aids in helping the users to choose the best torrent that they are looking for from several torrent sites. The existing torrent sites will be examined and the precise site will be chosen that meets your demands. It is also the best site to search for any of the previous contents that you want to extract but striving to get it. This is one of the best alternative to TorrentKing. The users love it because it has the best music, it is simple to handle, and protects the user from danger.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time can be a great option if you want a torrent search just for watching movies. As the contents gets downloaded, it allows the user to watch the movie or their favorite TV series. If there are even small seeders, most of the films will be delayed. The average download speed is 2.3 MB/s and there are a lot of available contents.



This is considered to be a better online search engine, making it a good alternative to the TorrentKing despite not being so attractive by its name. The average download speed is 1.9 MB/s. It has more than a million checked torrents and there are too many reviews to be read.



It has a tremendous database where more than 18 million torrents can be searched. It can be downloaded at an incredible speed. The download speed is 3.3MB/ s. The user finds this torrent reliable and it has a mobile version.

Frequently Asked Questions about TorrentKing

Where are the servers located?

The servers are located in The United States of America.

What is the webserver that make use of?

The webserver software that makes use of is Cloudflare. receives most of its visitors from which country?

India is in the top list of people who visit TorrentKing more frequently.

What is the general traffic rank for TorrentKing site?

The site receives on an average one thousand visitors and also one thousand page impressions every day.

Where is the domain for TorrentKing being registered?

The domain for TorrentKing has been registered at co.

How much is the global traffic rank for TorrentKing?

On Alexa, TorrentKing ranks at 1,237,256 globally.


It is heartbreaking to see your favorite websites being shut down or completely blocked at recent times. Nevertheless, there are certain substitutes to it. As we have discussed in the above article, there are few alternatives that are available for TorrentKing sites. You can choose any of the given options. But, whichever you pick make sure you stay protected and at the same time you relish all the free torrent contents that are available on those alternative sites. To keep you protected go for a good anti- virus and enable the VPN. You can either download an express VPN or NordVPN that can assist you to remain unidentified as you download the content of your choice. In this article, we have discussed and shared the best TorrentKing proxy and mirror sites that are easily available where you can access and download your favorite games, movies, TV series, etc.

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