*NEW* Working Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List

Kickass Proxy Sites

Kickass Torrents is the second most popular torrent sites next to the pirate bay. If you are a lover to torrent sites and looking for an excellent proxy site and other mirror torrent site, you are in the right destination.  The Kickass Proxy is called as KAT by the tech lover and now let’s get into more in-depth details on the Kickass proxy.

Of course the laws are becoming tougher, and as a result, the torrent sites are blocked. One thing you have to realise is that the torrent sites allow you to get accessed to digital contents that may have copyrights and other legal issues. However, the place got blocked when the creator and owner Mr.Artem Vaulin got arrested. But still, there are many mirrors and alternative KAT proxy and unblocked sites that allow you to get accessed to vast digital contents you need.

As the Kickass torrents, the primary domain is blocked in many countries; it is advisable to get yourself accompanied by a VPN to encrypt the site traffic and break down the censorship of the country. One thing you have to realise to realise is that there are a large number of proxies that are still available so that you can enjoy all your favourite games, television shows and movies.

Kickass Torrents (KAT) Proxy, Unblock Mirror Sites

Kickass Proxy/ MirrorsStatusSpeed
https://kat.am/OnlineVery Fast
http://kickass1.to/OnlineVery Fast
https://kickass2.org/OnlineVery Fast
https://kickass.sx/OnlineVery Fast
https://kickasstorrents.cr/OnlineVery Fast
https://kickass.best/OnlineVery Fast
https://thekat.info/OnlineVery Fast
https://kickass.nocensor.fun/OnlineVery Fast
sitenable.pwOnlineVery Fast
https://kickass2.how/OnlineVery Fast
https://kickass.mrunlock.run/OnlineVery Fast
https://katcr.to/OnlineVery Fast
https://kickass-kat.com/OnlineVery Fast
https://kickasstorrents.idOnlineVery Fast
https://kickasst.org/OnlineVery Fast
https://thekat.ccOnlineVery Fast
https://kickasstorrents.to/OnlineVery Fast
https://kkat.net/OnlineVery Fast

How to unblock Kickass torrents?

Do you find the kickass torrents blocked and wondering how to access this site? Do realise that there are many ways to access these torrent sites. You can follow any one of the two ways I’ll be explaining.  You can either use a Kickass proxy site or use VPN software or go for the option of adding a web extension. Preferring a Kickass proxy site without a VPN puts all your privacy at risk.

TOR Browser

TOR or The Onion Router can be considered as a group of a private network that allows you in using anonymous communication.  It implies that you are allowed to use this browser and watch and also unblock proxy or any other restricted website.


VPN is the best option for security reasons.  You can watch all the unblocked sites with security and anonymity. There are many free VPN that is available for you to take care of your privacy.

What are the Kickass alternative sites?

Well, there are many complexities when it comes to accessing Kickass proxies. It is high time to look for an alternative that does a great job in providing torrent files.

Yify Torrent

Yify Torrent is considered as the fastest and a compelling alternative to Kickass Torrent. This site provides you with unlimited HD videos, games, television shows, music and ebooks. This site is ideal for watching movies in 720p HD and 1080p HD without any cost. Though you can find quite a lot of torrent alternatives, this is one site that gives you accession to a massive number of digital contents with infrequent downtime and the fastest downloads ever.


Limetorrents is another site with very high user engagement. You can get accessed to software, tv shows, ebooks, films, games and music. One thing you have to realise is that there are many issues related to copyrights, theft and the security issue of the users. Hence there are many chances of this site being blocked. Therefore don’t forget to use a VPN to access these sites.


Torlock is a one-stop destination for downloading high-quality files and also magnetic links. It is a good alternative which offers music, television series, games, movies and software with no charges. The sites take complete charge of taking up files only after 100 per cent verification process.  The site furthermore challenges the users to find out fake torrent and avail the compensation of one dollar for every finding.


Last but not least, RARBG is one of the best alternatives you can ever find for the KKickass Torrents. The site offers you a vast collection of content like Programming, movies, applications, music and games. The best part is that RARBG offers fast downloading service than other sites. With the vast quality digital content and quick download process, this is considered to be the favourite choice of most of the torrent users.


I have provided you with enough details about the Kickass proxy, its alternative sites and much more info. One thing you have care while using proxy sites is your privacy and security. Never ignore them at any cost. Use a VPN and access all the digital content of the kickass proxy. Do let us know about your favourite torrent site.


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