Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mods for Android

Best WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp is, without any doubt, a fabulous instant messenger app in the world. It has over five billion downloads on the Google store and over five hundred million monthly users. With its direct interference, people always prefer WhatsApp over other instant messenger apps.

Some third-party developers develop WhatsApp mods. These mods come with unique features. These features are helpful and amazing that increases the experience and make life easy.

If you want to download these mods and enjoy the ultimate experience the features of these mods bring, then I will tell you the top five WhatsApp mods. I’ll let you know all the details about these mods and the features they come with.

Before starting, I want to let you know that this post is made according to my opinion and likings. This article is not written to show hate or degrade anything.

What are the Top 5 WhatsApp Mods?

After looking at these mods, you can easily decide which mod you want to download and enjoy. So let’s begin.

  • GBWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus
  • OGWhatsApp
  • FMWhatsApp
  • YoWhatsApp

1. GBWhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is the most downloaded WhatsApp mod out there. With its unique features, it has over 6 million downloads. The app size of the mod is 44.3 MB. Get a look at the features of this mod.

  •       It comes with an auto-reply feature.
  •       You can hide the double ticks and blue ticks easily.
  •       GB WhatsApp allows you to hide the last seen, typing, and recording audio notification that appears on the top of the chat.
  •       You can directly download the status.
  •       The status can be copied.
  •       Supports 255 characters for a status.
  •       It also supports every type of file.
  •       You can send the large size video files on GB WhatsApp.
  •       The audio can be recorded up to 100 MB.
  •       You can easily change the theme and customize the appearance of WhatsApp.
  •       Supports long video status.
  •       Comes with different emojis, fonts, and launch icons.

If you want to get this apk, you can visit GB WhatsApp Download.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is another excellent mod of WhatsApp. With its impressive and easy-to-use interference, it is second in our list of top five mods. WhatsApp Plus has over 4.3 million downloads. It comes with a total size of 53.8 MB. Let’s have a look at the features that WhatsApp Plus comes with.

  •       It is anti-ban.
  •       It supports different themes that you can apply.
  •       You can easily customize the appearance of WhatsApp as you want to.
  •       It allows you to hide last seen.
  •       You can also hide the writing and recording audio notifications quickly.
  •       It supports different fonts and emojis.
  •       You can also hide double ticks and blue ticks.
  •       Supports large files.
  •       You can send high-quality images.
  •       You can also change the color of blue ticks.

You can download WhatsApp Plus from this link WhatsApp Plus APK.

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3. OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp comes in third place with 1.2 million downloads. The total size of OGWhatsApp is 48 MB. It is developed by OGMods. It comes with unique features. They are listed below. Have a look at them and decide for yourself.

  •       It comes with an anti-ban feature.
  •       You can use two numbers on a single WhatsApp.
  •       Can send 90 images at a time.
  •       You can set passwords on private and important chats.
  •       Supports emojis and different languages.
  •       You can use 250 words for status.
  •       You can also block calls from selected contacts.
  •       It allows you to hide double ticks and blue ticks.
  •       You can also hide the active status from anyone.
  •       Supports group names up to 35 characters.

Click on this link OG WhatsApp APK to download the app.

4. FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp has over 5 million downloads around the world. With its excellent features, it comes in a size of 40 MB. Let’s have a look at the features of FMWhatsApp.

  •       It supports different languages with translations.
  •       The app comes with a feature of airplane mod.
  •       You can easily see the deleted messages.
  •       Blueticks can be customized.
  •       It comes with an anti-ban feature.
  •       It supports 250 characters for status.
  •       You can easily download the status of your choice on WhatsApp.
  •       You can hide the last seen.
  •       You can also hide the double and blue ticks that appear once the messages are delivered and read.
  •       Supports call blocking.
  •       You can change the color of voice buttons, dates, forward icons, etc.

If you liked FMWhatsApp and want to download it, you can click here FMWhatsApp APK.

5. YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp comes in fifth place on our list. With over a hundred thousand downloads, the size of YoWhatsApp is 49.8 MB. Coming on last does not mean the mod does not come with great features. Here are some exciting features this WhatsApp mod comes with.

  •       You can send huge files up to 700 MB.
  •       Supports high quality images.
  •       Comes with a built-in locker of WhatsApp.
  •       You can use 255 characters for status.
  •       Change the launch icons.
  •       Comes with many languages.
  •       You can set different wallpapers for different chats.
  •       Comes with 4000 different themes from its own theme store.
  •       You can change the appearance of your WhatsApp by changing and customizing different things in WhatsApp.
  •       You can block calls from specific contacts.
  •       You can send messages to any number not saved on your phone.
  •       Supports different font sizes.

You can download YoWhatsApp from YoWhatsApp APK.

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WhatsApp mods are amazing apps. These WhatsApp mods give you the power to control your WhatsApp as you like. Features allow you to change themes, backgrounds, different colors, hide, and block things. These features are more useful and make life much easier.

There are many mods developed by different developers. You can choose any of the listed mods and enjoy them.


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