5 Ways to Build a Push Notification Marketing Strategy

Push notifications are becoming increasingly popular. They are preferred over other marketing techniques. And why not when they are capable of boosting your marketing.

It doesn’t matter whether your audience is on the Android platform or iOS platform you can easily reach them through flutter push notifications. But simply sending push notifications is not going to work for you. You are required to have a solid push notification marketing strategy by your side.

You might be wondering how to build that push notification marketing strategy?

Well here are 5 ways for the same.

Give Freedom to Users

If users are using your app it doesn’t mean they are interested in your notifications too. You must allow your users to opt-in and opt out anytime they want.

Opting for push notifications must be their idea and not yours. If you are simply forcing your users to opt for push notifications, you are not doing any good. You must also avoid forcing them to stay with you. They will not be comfortable with this and chances are high that you will never see them again.

Apart from this, you cannot send them Push Notifications of your choice. It is good to ask them what they are interested in and then send them notifications accordingly. This will let them come to you at their own pace and will. As a result, you need not put in hard efforts as they will be self-motivated to take action when required.


Personalization is the key to boost both engagement and sales. It is a fact that even twins differ in their behavior and likings. Then how can you expect similarity from two different people?


You must not only use push notifications for reaching your audience. You can use them to collect behavioral data. You can track the browsing history of your users. This will let you know what they are particularly interested in.

You can use this data to send them personalized push notifications. This will motivate your users to take action on the spot. They will be motivated enough to go for even unplanned purchases.

Apart from this, you can target your potential users via segmentation in which you can reach them based on age, gender, region, background, etc.


When it comes to sending even a simple text to your users, it must be appealing enough. It must be such that it ignites that zeal to take action. Make sure that your text is short, simple yet clear.

It must be such that it can spark the interest of your users. It can be a catchy joke or phrase. Apart from this, it is good to take the help of rich media. You can add a short video, image, graphic, gif, emojis, etc to make it more interesting.

This will catch the attention of the users to open and see the notification. You can take things further ahead by guiding your users in a certain direction. All you need to do is to add a call-to-action button.

Frequency and Timing

So you got permission from your users for sending them Push Notifications. It doesn’t mean you keep on sending as many push notifications as you want and that too at uneven times.

This is simply going to irritate your users and chances are high they will eventually get frustrated and leave your platform without giving you any red flag.

So, it is essential to take timing and frequency into account. It is good to reach your users whenever there is something special or whenever there is a need to do so. It is good to send timely and minimum push notifications daily. This will not only create the interest of users in your products or services but reaching them during their idle time increases the chances of a sale on the spot.


This is the power of push notifications. They are not only for sharing valuable information with your users but can also be used to receive valuable feedback. The thing is customers like to give their honest feedback especially for the products and services they are using.


You can use this feedback to fix bugs in your app, make it more user-friendly and most of all you can provide your customers with what they want. This will help you build a solid relationship with them.


Push notifications provide you with the best results when they are used with a strategy. So it is good to take pros and cons into account, go for a market survey and build some solid strategy. Some of the top ways for the same are discussed here in this guide. Now the choice is yours.

Bryan Ruiz is a blogger, writer, and SEO expert who maintains and regularly updates blogs. Bryan combines his passion for a particular subject with writing skills and content marketing strategies to create and maintain successful blogs.


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