How to Protect Your Privacy Online

how to protect your privacy online

In today’s world, using the internet is inevitable. The invention of smartphones has changed our lives forever. We rely on the internet for almost everything today. From browsing information to connecting with people across the world, the internet plays a major role in our life. Anything and everything has become possible with just a touch. Learning new skills has become insanely easy with the help of the internet. Many websites offer courses at no cost. Earning money is another thing made easy by the internet. You can merely sit home and earn thousands of dollars every month using the internet. Apart from this, the internet is one of the primary sources of entertainment for youngsters today. You need not leave your house; buy an expensive movie ticket and an even more expensive bucket of popcorn to enjoy movies anymore. Instead, you can watch them in your comfort zone using OTT platforms.

Internet is a boon in this technology-filled world. It has a plethora of advantages when used right. However, when used inappropriately, it can be an annoying troublemaker. Remember, every coin has two sides. Just as much as the internet is advantageous, it is also dangerous. We all know how many kids lost their way home playing Pokemon Go.

Nobody would have forgotten how many teens took his or her own life because of the Blue Whale game. Not to forget, so many girls have become prey to the morphing internet predators. Besides, the most common problem prevailing on the internet is data theft. A computer does not do anything by itself. It needs commands. You can save yourself from several problems if you act sensibly. In this article, you will learn about the ways you can protect your privacy online.

Limit the personal information

One of the smartest ways to protect your privacy online is by limiting the personal information you share on the internet. Cybercriminals can steal your personal information easily and access your financial information if you provide too much information about yourself on social media. It can also lead to identity theft. Anyone would be able to mask himself or herself, pretend like you, and steal your identity.

Create a strong password

Creating a strong password and remembering it properly is indispensable to protect your privacy online. Create an alphanumeric password that no one can guess. The biggest mistake most people commit is creating passwords that anyone can easily guess. Anyone will be able to guess your password if it is your maiden name or pet dog’s name. Therefore, you must be very sensible while choosing your password. you can try password manager apps for safeguard online

Create a strong password

Use Incognito mode

If you do not want anyone knowing your business, you must be private about it. Use incognito or private mode when you are browsing something. Different web browsers have different versions of privacy protection. In Google, it is the incognito mode. In Firefox, it is private browsing. If you do not want your computer to save your browsing history, cookies, or temporary internet files, you must use this mode. However, it is still not private because you cannot keep it away from the provider.

Incognito mode

Use a different search engine

You can use a different search engine to browse if you are one of those browsers that are highly dependent on Google. Using search engines that allow you to surf the internet anonymously can do a great deal of work in protecting your privacy online. These search engines do not collect or store your data, browsing history, clicks, or any passwords you share. Therefore, using a different search engine is one of the effective ways you could use to save your private information.


Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides you enormous safety and privacy online. It also keeps you cloaked by masking your Internet Protocol. VPN creates a private network from a public internet connection. It helps you stay anonymous online. Use a Virtual Private Network when you use public Wi-Fi connection. By doing so, you can remain untraceable by cybercriminals. It makes it hard for them to break into your device because VPN ensures your anonymity.


Be careful with your clicks

You have to be cautious about your clicks when you are online. You might sometimes click a cute kitten picture. However, who knows what link hides behind in the picture. Sometimes, you giving thumbs up to an adorable image might lead to a hacker sitting on the other side of the screen to get your Facebook password. Accepting terms and conditions without reading them can lead to data theft. The random clicks you make can become a threat to your privacy.

Secure your mobile devices

As much as we surf the internet on our computer, we do it on our mobile phones too. Therefore, it is necessary to secure our mobile devices properly. Mobile games are fun only when they do not cause a threat to you or your privacy. Always download your favorite mobile games from legitimate sources. Be cautious while surfing the web or reading an email. Most of the time, people lose their privacy because of curiosity. It is human nature to be curious. It is the predator’s nature to use your weakness against you. Therefore, beware of cybercriminals before click an email or link out of curiosity.

Secure your mobile devices

Use Effective Anti-Virus

It is necessary to install quality anti-virus software on all your devices. By having effective anti-virus software, you build a wall to keep your personal information from slipping away. It saves your from hackers trying to take over your device, access your personal information, financial information or track your current location.

Final thoughts

All the points listed above, if implemented right, can save you from data and identity theft. You have to be keen on taking all the precautionary measures to protect our privacy online. We hope this article provided you with enough information on how to protect your privacy online.  It is necessary to be aware of all the troubles you could encounter to be prepared to battle them.


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