How to Download Movies Using Torrent ( Easy Guide)

uTorrent is a software that enables to share and download torrent files, the torrent files are used for storing metadata that is used for BitTorrent. uTorrent comes as a free version but to enjoyed-free, you can go for the pro version. With the uTorrent, enormous data can be downloaded. As you download, it can be paused in between and resumed whenever you want to continue with the download. When the laptop or computer is switched off, the download will not be affected, once it is switched on the download will resume. The data can also be transferred from one system to another and the downloading of files can be continued from the other system.

Utorrent is one of the most popular torrent sites. Most people love to spend their leisure time watching movies. Watching movies at home along with family and friends can be fun. During this pandemic, people prefer to stay home and stay safe. With the Internet facilities and many torrent sites that are available, it is easy to download and watch your favorite movies by sitting at the comfort of your house. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. You will find plenty of sites that will help you to download movies. In this article, we will discuss how to download movies in uTorrent. The easy step-by-step guide is mentioned below to download movies from torrent sites.

Download Movies Using uTorrent

First, you need to install uTorrent on your laptop or computer before you could begin downloading the movies. To download the movie torrent file,

  • The first step is to launch a Utorrent.
  • Search for the torrent file for your favorite movie. Go for a trusted torrent site, if you are confused with which is the best torrent sites to visit, check out the top 15 torrent sites which can be helpful to download movie from torrent sites.

  • Once the torrent file has been identified, you can begin to download it. Just click on the download button or download link for downloading the torrent file.
  • A dialog box will appear and you are required to open the torrent. When you click on open uTorrent, the downloading of the file will begin.
  • Once the download has been completed, double click on the downloaded file to begin watching the movie. Or just right click on the file that has been downloaded and select an open folder to look for the downloaded file.

How to Download movies, music with uTorrent

If the movie torrent file has already been downloaded and saved on your computer, follow these simple steps.

  • Start the uTorrent
  • At the top menu bar, click on the File and select add torrent for adding the movie torrent file that has been already downloaded.

  • Save the movie in a folder and click on ok
  • Once the torrent file has been added the download will begin automatically.
  • Depending upon the size of the file and internet connection the download process takes place.
  • Once the download has been completed, double click on the file that has been downloaded for watching your favorite movie.

If multiple torrent files are being downloaded, the download can be prioritized.

  • Go to the downloading window
  • Choose the one that you need to download first.
  • You can click on the move up queue button for moving up the download to the top.

VPN for Torrenting

It is always advisable to make use of a VPN for hiding your IP address. In certain countries downloading copyright materials are illegal. The government can impose a heavy fine or you could even end up in jail. The IPS can take strong action against you. If you are using a VPN it can prevent others from viewing your downloaded files. Certain torrent files also contain malware or viruses that can be harmful and cause damage to your PC.

The torrent files must be downloaded using the torrent sites. Certain torrent sites have pirated content, it is recommended that you must know which is the pirated content to avoid falling into trouble. By using your IP, the Internet Service Provider can get access to the contents that you have downloaded by making use of the anti-BT tool. If the pirated content has been downloaded with ignorance, a warning message from ISP is what you will receive. To avoid falling into such troubles, make use of a VPN to hide your IP address so that others cannot track you. One of the trusted VPN is the NordVPN. It is the most popular VPN and also the most economical one.

uTorrent is a download manager that is similar to the internet download manager but is used for downloading torrents. A torrent can be a movie, a game, a file, software, etc. Torrents can be downloaded using multiple servers, not just one server. The torrents can even be sent to multiple computers thereby reducing the use of average bandwidth. With the above steps that are mentioned, you can download movies using uTorrent. Hope this article has helped you to download movies using torrent sites.

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