How To Fix Nintendo Switch Controller Won’t Turn On

People have different forms of activities to entertain themselves in their alone or group time. Gaming is one such activity that has people go crazy about it because of the fun and addictive element. You can see people who lead their life by playing every game that just came out and people who use it for stress relief and entertainment purposes. Youngsters have become too addicted to many popular multiplayer games online that sleep seems like an option to many of them. Therefore, Nintendo Switch will not be Greek and Latin to the gaming community as it is one of the most acceptable options for playing handheld-style games.

Troubleshooting Nintendo Switch’s Frequent problems

The Nintendo Switch is a sensational video game console used to play games on a play station or TV. It is a hybrid console that lets you play both the gaming worlds, meaning the power to run the games on a television from a home console and the ability to run the games as the way it was intended. The Nintendo Switch is the second largest selling home console used for mobile, tablet, play station, television, and Xbox gaming while at home or on-the-go conditions. Some frequent problems are associated with the console, like unresponsiveness or not turning on, making users lose their minds while expecting a stress-free gaming experience.

The major solutions for how to fix Nintendo Switch won’t turn on, keeps crashing, and other difficulties are as follows:

Checking the Switch’s battery level

The Nintendo Switch may not be responding to the continuous pressing of the switching ON button, and you may wonder why. The common reason is that the battery may be drained out or not put for a charge. The other possibility is that the charging cord of the Switch was not fully inserted into the port for the charging even to begin. The easy solution is to charge the Switch by plugging it directly into the charger and see if it does the charging properly. The Nintendo Switch would take a longer time to reach full charge if it was heavily drained after intense gaming. The above is a simple method for fix Nintendo Switch Controller won’t turn on issues.

The charging cord working condition

The charging cables can deteriorate over a while and usage. The cable’s working state may not be known while charging your Switch as it can appear charging. Try turning on the Switch when the cord has charged it enough to check the switching on command. If the Nintendo Switch does not turn on, then examine the cable for any faults, bending, fraying signs, or other damages on the wire. The cord must be repaired or changed even if the Switch says charging but not turning on as the wire is now a possible fire risk component. This is another possibility for knowing to fix Nintendo Switch won’t on problems.

Using third party product

The Nintendo Switch may not be commonly available for a lower price, but the charging cord may be available in the markets. The continuous charging of the Switch with cheap technology not recommended by the company may prove harmful to the entire console. The cheap charging cord may keep the battery full for the Switch, but every time it charges the Switch, a part of its battery health is degrading and will not last longer than expected. Try to reset the Switch or charge it using an official cord to know whether the Switch can function or not. Do not use third-party products on the Nintendo Switch to gain more extended battery life. This is a standard solution- how to fix Nintendo Switch won’t on concerns.

Update or reset the device

The Nintendo Switch may seem to slow down or randomly act buggy at some times. You may think the Switch is in the endgame, but the common reason for the slow and crazy performance is not downloading the latest update. Updating the console with regular software updates is required to keep the device in the best working condition. The company evaluates any bugs, faults, and glitches reported by the users and gives out periodic updates to run the Switch seamlessly and more effectively. The unexplained issues that arise with the console are primarily because the user has missed downloading the recent update.

The console may act wacky at times because of the continuous usage and overheating problems. The only thing to do in this case is to try and reset the console. Pressing the turn ON switch for more than 15 seconds can switch off the console, and then pressing the power on button will complete the reset procedure. Read the manual of the Switch for trying other reset ways. The above two scenarios are the simple way to fix Nintendo Switch won’t on complications.


The Nintendo Switch is an inseparable device for the big-time gaming community, making the users see it as a top priority to solve the issue. The inside of the device has many wires, circuits, and resistors rendering the gamers helpless when a major problem arises. So, simple techniques and solutions as the above methods are needed to make the device work in the fastest possible way. The only way to keep the Nintendo Switch working its best is by following the instructions given in the device manual and checking for regular updates of the console.

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