4 Best VPN Chrome Extensions in 2022

The browser keeps sending information that it collects from every website that you visit when you are online. The operating system that you are using, your IP location, hardware as well as the information related to other gadgets that are connected to your network are being shared. The trusted site like YouTube or Google is … Read more

15 Best Torrent Sites for May 2022

Best Torrent Sites

Torrent Sites, short for BitTorrent Sites are based on a technology called BitTorrent which distributes files all over the internet. They also potentially increasing the downloading speed when downloading large files. This is basically done by dividing a large file into small pieces which are then sent in a swarm from hundreds and even thousands … Read more

8 Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles for Free

Best Subtitles Download Sites Free

Most of the movies display subtitles at the bottom of the screen to translate or transcribe dialogues. Subtitles are displayed because language learners might not know about the new language, so this is one of the perfect ways to know the words by watching the subtitles of the cinema. Subtitles can be of movies, video … Read more

10 Best Sites to Create Free Anime Character Online

Best sites to create anime avatar online for free

Anime Character Creator Online: We all know that the word, ‘anime’ is a Japanese word and it means animation. Anime basically refers to specific animations which consist of colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. Because of growing popularity of Anime, people now have a tendency to use Anime avatar for themselves. Along with the … Read more