10 Best Sites to Create Free Anime Character Online

Best sites to create anime avatar online for free

Anime Character Creator Online: We all know that the word, ‘anime’ is a Japanese word and it means animation. Anime basically refers to specific animations which consist of colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes.

Because of growing popularity of Anime, people now have a tendency to use Anime avatar for themselves. Along with the real world, there is another thing which is called virtual world. How it would be if you use your own anime avatar instead of using selfies. It is unique as well as attractive. Your avatar will be the representative of yourself in the virtual world. However, if you have not made it yet, and you are looking for an anime character creator, this article is going to help you. In this article, we will discuss top 10 best sites to create free anime character online.

Create Cartoons and Avatars

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10 Sites to Create Anime Characters Online for Free

There are a lot of sites which allows you to create a cartoon a character, Here we have shared the most popular sites which helps to Creating cartoons or avatars from your perfect pictures.

1. Face Your Manga

Faceyourmanga.com is one of the best places that offer you to create your own avatar. It is one of the best anime character creators. The site is rich in features, and you will get everything that you are looking for.

Through it, you can add blemishes, birthmarks, band-aid, third-eye, scars and moles to your character. It also consists of an option that allows you to set your eyebrow according to your choice. Therefore, if you want to create anime characters, you must try this Picrew as well.

2. Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker offers one of the easiest ways for making anime avatar online. If you don’t have much time and want a quick anime character, this site is perfect for you.

There is an option that is called ‘Randomizer’. Users just have to tap on that icon and the site will randomly generate avatar for you. The site is not rich in features and consequently, you will not get many options for customization. But, it still has an editing tool that lets the users edit their randomly created avatar manually. There is also an option that allows you to share your avatar on social platform.

3. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot is one of the best anime character creators that let you make your cartoon avatar online. This site has many interesting as well as unique options and the outcomes are really attractive.

Through this, you can add different types of eyes, mouth. You can even add bigger head by using the magnifying glass. Besides, there is an option that lets you set your eyes wider. Another important feature of this site is tilting. Through this option, you can tilt your head to create the avatar.

4. Marvel Superhero Avatar

If you are a fan of Marvel and want to create avatar like Marvel superheroes, this place is perfect for you. The app has everything that you might not get in other sites. It is one of the best anime character creators available online.

Marvel superhero avatar tool boosts your imagination. Through using it, you can make your own superhero. Even, you can combine the outlook of superhero characters. For the female superheroes, you can mix Spider-girl with Captain Marvel. On the other side, you can mingle Iron Man with Spider-Man in case of male superheroes.

5. Custom Anime

Customanime is one of the best anime avatar maker. The foremost objective of this site is to provide some sort of fun to the Anime fans. Through using this site, you can make your own anime avatar. The site consists of many options for customizing your character. There are different types of hair cuts that you can set according to your choice. Along with this, different kinds of faces are also available there. Shortly, it must be said, the site is rich in features and it will not disappoint you if you are an Anime lover and want to make an avatar for yourself.

6. Picassohead

If you love Picasso and want to get the touch of Picasso in your avatar, this site is suitable for you. Picassohead has a special digital tool that imparts famous features drawn by Picasso. Through using these features, you can make Picasso-like paintings. Later, it can be easily transformed into avatars.

7. Cartoonify

Cartoonify is another good anime avatar creator that adds a realistic touch to your character. Therefore, if you want a realistic character for yourself, this site is perfect for you. Besides, Cartoonify saves your time as it does not take huge time for processing. It is one of the best sites that let you create a cartoon of yourself without taking the help of any software. This site consists of more than 300 graphics and through using these; you can easily convert your photo into a cartoon.

8. Pick a Face

Pick a Face is one of the most popular websites that are generally used to create anime character online. Pick a Face is very rich in features. Through using these features, you can give a new touch to your photo. Consequently, the outcomes become really outstanding. Therefore, if you want to make an anime avatar for yourself, you must visit this site.

9. Dude Factory

Dude Factory is one of the best websites that allow its users to create their own avatar for free. One of the positive aspects of this site is that it consists of various outfits and body parts. Through using these, you can add a dynamic look to your character. Therefore, it must be said that if you want a free place for making avatar for yourself, Dude Factory would be best for you.

10. Avatarmaker – Create Your Own Avatar Online

Avatarmaker is another great anime avatar creator which is completely free to use. The interface of this site is very user-friendly, and you can make your avatar without facing any problem. Through using this site, you can customize almost everything. Users can change the shape of face. They can even customize the eyes, hair, color and cloths of their characters on Avatarmaker. Therefore, if you want the best things for your character, you must visit this site.


In conclusion, it may be remarked that every site has its positive as well as negative aspect. However, you can visit any of these top 10 best sites to create Anime avatar online. Every site has its uniqueness and you can try all of them for getting the best outcome.


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