12 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2021

best sites to buy Instagram followers

Instagram is that beautiful tool wherein you can share your beautiful pictures with everyone in a matter of seconds. Instagram is an innovative way to keep in touch with others. It is handy for those in the entertainment sector to keep in touch with lots of fans.  For celebrities, Instagram is a valuable tool to stay in touch and remain in the public’s eye for a long time by having real IG followers.

As with any great tool, its effectiveness is measured by its usage.  So, the same applies to Instagram. If the Instagram account has many followers, it means it is serving its purpose.  At the same time today, Instagram has become a sort of status symbol. Amore significant number of followers means a good position in society and lends pride.

No wonder that people are now trying to get more and more Instagram followers. This is more difficult than it sounds. You need to constantly upload photos, videos, etc., to catch everyone’s attention. Many might think this is hard work and so look for a simple way out.  The easiest way then is to buy Instagram followers. Of course, a bit of prudence is required.  Many fake sites abound today, and these may cause more damage that cannot be undone.  So, it is better to be prudent and first check out which are the best sites to buy Instagram followers. If you require real IG followers, then continue reading this article.

The 12 best sites to buy Instagram followers in 2021

Here are some of the best and safe websites wherein you can get Instagram followers:

1. Twicsy

If you are looking for some high-quality and premium followers, this is the list’s first, topmost and best site to buy Instagram followers. Twicsy promises many premium followers for the Instagram account. In addition, there is the option to buy Instagram likes and views. This website deals with only real followers and even gives the option to select a target audience. There is a special Twicsy customer support team for business Instagram account holders to service your needs and request. They offer value-added services in terms of your goals to be achieved on the platform and so on. To do so, information regarding often used hashtags, some recent posts on Instagram, etc., must be shared.  Overall, the Twicsy platform offers genuine followers and not bots or fake Instagram followers. The payment terms are also very convenient. Payments are accepted through Credit or Debit card or through online platforms such as PayPal. The delivery service is fast, which has helped the Twicsy platform become the No. 1 site to offer genuine and real  IG followers.

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2. Famoid

Famoid is one of the most trustworthy platforms available today. Good quality followers with multiple likes can easily be purchased.  Not only that, but Famoid also offers comments, numerous likes, and views on all posts. Famoid is a safe place to buy Instagram followers and likes. There are suitable and varied packages to choose from with appropriate price ranges.

3. Buzzoid

If you’re new to Instagram and need the help of a good support team more than anything else, then this is the platform to go for. The support team at Buzzoid helps in achieving the goals in your social media campaign. They provide different packages such as Instagram followers, ‘Like’ packages, or recurring Instagram likes to improve your engagement rate.  The followers are real people and not bots who will unfollow your account in a few weeks.  Buzzoid is a trusted website that can provide social proof of followers if required.  So, you can rest assured without any drawbacks that Buzzoid is a safe place to buy Instagram followers and likes.

4. iDigic

For those looking to have many followers instantly, then iDigic is the platform suggested.   iDigic will ensure that your Instagram followers will rise substantially and regularly without raising the alarm on Instagram’s algorithm. However, it needs your support by ensuring that you make great posts using great hashtags. This will avoid raising unnecessary suspicion. This platform, like the ones detailed above, gives genuine followers and likes.  It also offers fair pricing and multiple payment options. Overall, it is an excellent platform to take help of to raise the metrics on your Instagram account.

5. GetViral.io

Those looking for social media management prefer the Getviral.io website. It offers various ways to increase follower count, likes, views, and comments through various packages.   It is a total social media package. They deliver legitimate followers and likes, and so is the best site to buy followers. The deliveries are fast as promised, and the support staff is very professional. This platform is ideal for new and small businesses that need to expand their online presence. They have tailor-made packages as per your requirements which run across various platforms. GetViral.io promises a head start to your business IG account and leaves you fully satisfied.  In short, when it comes to prices and quality, they have got everything right.

6. Rushmax

The Rushmax platform is ideal for those with a limited budget. Their pricing is very economical. Rushmax promises limited followers but ones who are genuine and active on Instagram. When compared with similar sites, the rates of Rushmax are the most competitive. The customer service team works proactively by advising on improving posts and achieving social medial goals. The followers are legitimate, and you can spearhead your Instagram marketing campaign without any fear. This is one of the safe places to buy Instagram followers and likes and is ideal for business accounts. Herein you can avoid fake accounts and fake Instagram followers.

7. Followers Packages

As the name suggests, this platform offers excellent packages to suit every pocket and unique demands. For instance, they have Active Instagram followers, likes, IG TV views, and Instagram Auto likes. Also, YouTube views and likes are available. They offer a 1–2-day turnaround time on orders. It is has got a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, which shows it is a good website.  Having ten years of good experience, they have a good support team as a backup. The support team is ready 24×7 and very helpful and professional in their approach. The payment system is safe and secure as they follow the encrypted payment method.  So, if you use this platform, there is no risk of getting your Instagram account hacked, deleted, or even getting scammed. The Followers Packages platform is the ideal and safe place for a social media enthusiast to buy Instagram followers and likes.

8. Social Packages

Sounding similar in name to Followers packages, Social Packages offers more detailed features.   For instance, it has a 30days’ Drop protection’ policy. This means that if some followers are lost, they will refill your profile in the next few days. In short, they provide instant delivery, quality customer support24x7, all packaged in an affordable price range. The Social Package platform is a safe place to buy real Instagram followers.

9. Famups

Instagram followers and likes are the specialties of the Famups platform.  It is counted among the most trusted websites, especially if you want to get famous fast.  The promised followers are all real-time and high quality, making you instantly an Instagram star.  A plus point of using this platform is that the excellent customer support team backs them up.  Their method of communication is very efficient, and they deliver what they promised within the time frame. To summarise, they have great package deals, on-time delivery, and 24/7 customer support. Overall, a legit site, very highly recommended by all its customers.

10. Get Real Boost

As the name suggests, if you want to boost your IG profile with real IG followers, then this is the site to visit. It promises high-quality and organic followers, thereby leading to growth and a solid base. Due to their high-level proficient service, their prices are a little high. However, the easy-to-deal database, impeccable service, on-time delivery make it a good economic deal. The Get Real Boost is a dependable and well-organized platform that delivers what it promises. It is an India-based platform which also suggests that the customer support team is the best.  Also, they provide authentic and quality likes at a reasonable price.

11. Viralyft

Viralyft is considered a pioneer when it comes to providing paid promotions.  It provides services such as buying Instagram followers and likes, Video views, auto likes, and much more.  They have an excellent range of cheap packages to suit every pocket.  Also offer attractive money-back offer is not satisfied. Viralyft offers quality real-time Instagram followers, 24×7 customer care, e-mail support, to name a feature.  If you are very conscious of the legal and ethical side, then this is the platform suggested.  The delivery speed is unmatched. The customer support system is also very proactive and services the needs of the customer on a priority. Many satisfied customers who have used the Viralyft platform swear by its services. It is easier to get a verified account when you opt for services from Viralyft. A verified account is a sign of popularity and makes your opinions count. Therefore, spending a little on getting followers is worth every penny. Given this, Viralyft is the best site to buy Instagram followers.

12. Views Expert

Though last but surely not the least, the name itself explains it all.  The Views Expert platform has various tools and services to fast track the growth of the IG followers.  They provide fast delivery and authentic Instagram followers. It is safe and secure as well.

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Why Buy Instagram Followers?

  • When you get a good amount of high-quality Instagram followers, your Instagram account becomes more visible and more popular.  This helps to increase the probability of getting more potential followers. Quantity matters a lot.
  • There is no risk of decrease because these platforms provide a guarantee. Usually, the guarantee period extends to up to six months after purchase, wherein the re-fills are done. So you can be rest assured.
  • As soon as the order is placed on these websites, the process is immediately stated. So, buying Instagram followers is a quick and easy way to climb popularity.  Of course, there are other ways to gain followers, which is very time-consuming and challenging.  So, in these circumstances, buying Instagram followers is like buying instant success.


In these modern times, when business is done online, it is best to do social networking to promote one’s services, products or attract customers. One sure successful way is through Instagram. It will help you give visibility and make your presence felt in the circles which you prefer. While buying Instagram followers, be it real, active or instant delivery, the bottom line is that you need more than organic followers. For business purposes, the followers need to be genuine and active users. This, in turn, will promote the business.  However, from the Instagram holders’ point of view, they too need to post regularly and on schedule.  This will boost the marketing strategy. So, look for ways and means to make high-quality videos or stories and post them on IG. This will avoid your Instagram account being labeled as shady. Listed above are some of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. So go ahead and enjoy instant popularity and success.


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