How to Reply To a Specific Instagram Message

Your friends are replying to you with a specific Instagram message but you are still wondering how to respond to a specific direct message right? It’s super easy to reply to a specific message in Instagram, with some easy steps. Here we will show you ‘How to reply to a specific Instagram message’ without taking much time.

You must be using Instagram right? Then you know perfectly how entertaining this social media platform is. Well, Instagram is an amazing and entertaining application used by millions of people all over the world. It is a modern online photo-sharing app and the best platform for those who belong to different professions. This social media platform is considered one of the best entertaining online platforms. And Instagram is emerging as a nice opportunity to show their talent online.

Well, you’ve been trying to respond to message but facing some issues! We have brought this article which tells our visitors how to reply to a specific message in Instagram. Not only this but also you will know how to quote those individual messages.

‘Swipe to Reply Messages’: Feature

On this online platform, there is a feature named ‘Swipe to reply to messages’. Well, there are lots of similarities in Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp but they update their features from time to time.

A user can easily respond to a specific direct message using the function, ‘swipe to reply ‘, of this social media platform. Also, use this function for a group chat. There are 2 major advantages of this new feature that make it more meaningful such as:-

  • When you quote the replies it makes your conversations more simple and understandable. If you are busy with group chat then you will really like this feature.
  • A nice clarification of your current chats. Both the sender and receiver feel a nice level of the facility while chatting for a long time on Instagram. So, learn the steps now and reply to a specific message in Instagram. Make your chats more clear and easy.

You can also respond to a specific direct message on Instagram, whether it’s texts, photos, emojis and any cute stickers.

How to Reply to a Specific Instagram Message

So for this do follow these below steps:

  • It is recommended to install or update Instagram first.
  • See at the right corner at the top and

Navigate to the Messenger icon (located at the ‘Home’ tab), just tap on it.

  • Go into your chat room to see the conversation.
  • Now select the message (long-press), on your desired message.
  • Click ‘reply’, then.
  • Send the message now!!

Reply to a Specific Messages (Desktop)

Know all the settings of this free social media platform and share your memorable photos there. If you want to respond to a specific direct message from the desktop then it’s also easy to do.

  • For that, first, install the Instagram application
  • Open Instagram web
  • Go to the direct message section on your personal computer.
  • As an alternate way, you can visit the ‘’
  • There you should choose the desired or specific massage and click on it.
  • Now click ’reply’ and type your message for the receiver.


Instagram always updates its features and amazes its users. With so many features it wins the hearts of the public. Such a best platform that gives a fine opportunity to all to express their real talent.

Hope you have understood how to respond to a specific direct message. Now enjoy this amazing application, chatting with your family and friends, sharing fun and knowledgeable videos also. Reply to a specific message in Instagram and make your conversations more expressive.

We have tried to explain this topic ‘How to reply to a specific Instagram message’ in an easy way, hope it will help you make this topic clear.

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