6 Tips for Getting Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram

1000 Free Instagram Followers

Living in this era of social networking, we must admit the fact that Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking platforms. With more than 1 billion users, it is, no doubt, one of the most competitive social media platforms. As the number of Instagram users is increasing rapidly, many businesses, creative persons and others want to create a strong Instagram presence. But, Instagram uses a very strong algorithm and therefore getting free Instagram followers will not be easy if you do not make the right adjustments.

If you are thinking that publishing 2 to 3 posts, setting a professional profile picture will be enough to get followers, you are completely wrong. The fact is that you will not get followers overnight. But, it does not mean that you will have to be demotivated. As you can see that there are many individuals who have got huge followers on Instagram. Getting Instagram followers is a long process; but, with a little help from our end, you will see faster outcomes. Here, we have added a few tips that will definitely help you to get more Instagram followers in 2021.

Develop A Unique And Attractive Instagram Personality

Whenever a person visits your Instagram profile, he or she will definitely check your Instagram feed. Therefore, it is your duty to create a strong first-time impression. In order to do this, you will have to develop a unique and attractive Instagram personality. Consistency matters the most when it comes to gaining social networking followers. Therefore, developing such a personality will not be enough. Along with this, you will have to maintain such a unique and attractive personality. You can set a specific color for your brand. Whenever you post content on Instagram, you need to use the same color. Apart from this, if you are making a video for Instagram, you need to use high-quality equipment such as a premium smartphone, headphones with noise-cancellation features, and a proper lighting setup.

Must Have A Compelling Bio

One of the most important things about your Instagram profile is your bio. The second thing that your followers will notice is your bio. Therefore, you must have a compelling bio. Otherwise, it will be very challenging to create a good impression upon your viewers. Now, the question is how you can make your bio very compelling? Well, the first thing that you need to add is your contact details and if you have any website, you can add it too. Then, you need to tell the story of your brand and it must be presented in a very engaging way. There must be a proper reason that will compel the viewers to follow your brand.

1000 Free Instagram Followers Trial

There are many tools that provide 1000 free Instagram followers. If you do not have enough time and want quick growth of your Instagram handle, you can certainly go with the 1000 free Instagram followers trial. If you have 1000 Instagram followers, you can monetize your account and then, you can earn from advertisements. But, everything free thing comes with drawbacks and this thing is not an exception. When you are getting 1000 Instagram followers for free, you must understand that not all of them are genuine followers. It can bring inactive followers and spam accounts. As a result, it can hamper the overall growth of your Instagram account. The Instagram engagement rate might get decreased. In that case, you will have to use another tool that removes inactive accounts. In the end, you might not get a satisfactory result. Anyway, if you do not have enough time and want to see quick growth in your Instagram channel, you can go with this option. This is totally free and so, you can try it.

Always Use Relevant Hashtags

If you are looking for a tried-and-tested way to increase Instagram followers, this will be perfect for you. Instagram basically allows the users to use up to 30 hashtags and therefore, you should always use relevant hashtags. Hashtags play a very important role. So, if you have not yet started using hashtags, do it as early as possible. You need to do research in order to get trending hashtags. Now, you need to mixup a little bit. Yes, you can use popular hashtags and your own niche. Thus, your Instagram content will reach Instagram users who are actually following those hashtags. Apart from this, you can also create your own hashtag and promote it. You can ask your Instagram followers to use the same hashtag in their Instagram posts. This will give you free publicity and in the end, you will be able to get more followers.

Take Part In Popular Conversations

Posting engaging content with the right hashtags might not be enough to get free Instagram followers. You should take part in popular conversations. However, we are not telling you to join any popular conversation on a random niche. If anything has an inextricable connection with your niche, you should definitely express your opinion through a comment. Moreover, you can join Instagram Live with other creative Instagram individuals and discuss the topic. You need to make sure that you have concrete knowledge about that topic. Some people might get impressed by your view and they might check your profile and start following you.

Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is the newest feature on this platform. It allows you to create short videos. This is, no doubt, one of the best ways to reach more people. You can make a short video on your niche and post it on Instagram Reels. Apart from this, you need to use the right hashtags and captions. This thing will definitely give you a good number of genuine Instagram followers.


In the end, we will say that your hard work will give you Instagram followers. These tips will just assist you in this process. Then, what are you thinking? Start following these and get more Instagram followers.

Bryan Ruiz is a blogger, writer, and SEO expert who maintains and regularly updates blogs. Bryan combines his passion for a particular subject with writing skills and content marketing strategies to create and maintain successful blogs.


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