12 Best Websites for Free Online Games

Best Websites for Free Online Games

The reality of the world today is so frightening that everyone needs relief. We escape reality in every way possible. We rely on movies, books, and many other activities like meditating and exercising to run away from reality. Of all the other activities, the one that is exciting, effortless, and affordable at the same time is gaming. Free online games are the knights in shining armor for the youngsters in distress.

Playing free games online evidently elevates the mood of the player. It helps them get well mentally while having a breakdown. The global pandemic might have locked us down and confined us into four walls. However, it has unlocked a bunch of gamers. The best thing about online games is that you do not need a brand new console or any other specific device to play. You can play it on your very own mobile phone, tab, or computer. Besides, there are plenty of free online games available on the internet.

However, it is necessary to know the best websites to visit to play online games. It can be hard to fish out the best websites from an ocean of websites. That is why we are here with some suggestions on the best websites to visit to play online games in this article. You can find all sorts of games, from brain games and puzzles to farm games and wrestling, on the following websites. Each website has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is necessary to compare them and find out which website suits your expectations the best.

1. 247 Games

247 Games

This website is best for classic games, puzzles, and card games. You can use this website to play games on your computer and phone browser. Therefore, it does not require any separate application for that. Simple online versions of classic games are a source of happiness for most of the adults of the smartphone era. If you are interested in such games, 247 Games is the best website for you.

You can play all the games on this website at no cost without signing in or creating an account. You can find the seasonal versions of all the well-known classic games like blackjack, Sudoku, solitaire, word search, mah-jong, backgammon, and more under the “Featured Games” tab on the home page.


  • This website has very few ads. Sometimes, no ads too.
  • All the games are free.
  • All the features are free.
  • The website is user-friendly.
  • It is easy to navigate.


  • Multi-player games are not available on the website
  • You cannot track your progress.

2. Addicting Games

Addicting Games

This website is best for single-player games. It is okay if you do not have a game buddy. The Addicting Games website has a lot in store for you to play alone. It has nearly five thousand games in various categories that you can play free of cost. It includes action games, easy games, brainteasers, quizzes, cute games, card games, and more.

You can witness ads on the home screen and the sides of the page while playing games on this website. However, these ads do not hinder the gaming experience. This website allows you to create a free account to track your game progress. This website also has an option for a paid upgrade- A game pass, to get rid of ads and give early access to new games.

However, you will not need a paid-upgrade to play what you will see on the site. You can play most of the games without downloading apps if you visit the website on your smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, you can find some games only on the desktop version.


  • You do not need an account
  • This website adds new games every week.
  • The website has a large variety of games and categories.


  • Exclusive games are available only to the paid members.
  • The website has few ads.

3. Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games

This website is best for downloadable games and apps. Creating an account is mandatory if you wish to play on this website. Besides free online games, you can also find PC games, Mac games, and iPad and iPhone games on this website. This website gives you access to several free online games in various categories, such as strategy games, family games, casino games, and more. You can find some of the best free classic games on this website.


  • You can find new and classic games in a variety of genres
  • This website has very few ads


  • You need to create an account to play
  • Some games require a paid membership

4. Armor Games

Armor Games

The games on this website are available in its application- MMO games. You can play the games on this website using your computer browser. However, you have to download the application if you wish to play it on your phone. It is an excellent site to play free games online. It includes Massively Multi-player Online, strategy, adventure, action, puzzles, and more.


  • The website has few to no ads.
  • It contains a large number of games.


It does not have classic games.

5. MiniClip


This website is best for multiplayer games. You can find various kinds of free online games on this website that includes action, sports, puzzles, games for kids, and more. The most popular games available on the website are 8-ball pool, Agar.io, Tanki Online, and empire.


  • This website has a great collection of multiplayer games.
  • Mobile games are available both online and as an app.


  • It has few pop-up advertisements.

6. Kongregate


This website is best for independently developed games, apps, and communities. It is one of the best gaming websites. It contains more than 128,000 games in different categories. It includes action, multiplayer, strategy, and puzzles. You will have to create an account to play games free online on this website.


  • You can chat with others during the gameplay
  • All the contents are available at no cost


  • Creating an account is mandatory
  • You have to download the games as applications to play on a smartphone.

7. Free Online Games (FOG)


This website is best for independently developed games. It is also best for games that are mobile and browser friendly. You can find a collection of 3D games, action games, flying games, multiplayer games, and more on this website. You can also find some of the best free classic games like Sudoku and chess by searching for them in the search bar,


  • Various categories of games are available.
  • The website has few advertisements.


  • It has video advertisements.
  • You cannot play without disabling the ad blocker.

8. MSN Games

MSN Games

This website is best for classic puzzles, casino games, and card games. MSN Games is also known as Zone.com. It offers both single-player and multiplayer games in various categories. The categories include puzzles, words and trivia, action and arcade games, and card and board games.


  • It has no video advertisements.
  • Creating an account is not mandatory.


  • Some games are only available as free-trails.

9. PCH Games

This website allows you to win real prizes by cashing in tokens. You can play games free online on this website without creating an account. This website has word games, strategy games, arcade games, matching games, card games, and more. This website stands out from the other websites because it gives away lots of prizes.


  • You can win prizes
  • Creating an account is not necessary.


  • There are few ads.
  • It does not have a vast game collection.

10. Shockwave


This website is best for free trials of downloadable games. You can find a list of popular games in various categories on this website. It includes puzzles, hidden object games, strategy games, racing games, card and board games, adventure games, and more.


  • Creating an account is not mandatory
  • Online and downloadable games are available.


  • Has few advertisements
  • It gives you a limited mobile experience.

11. Pogo

This website is best for Hasbro and Popcap games. You have to sign in with your electronic Arts account or create one if you wish to play games on Pogo.com. Different types of games such as board games, poker games, puzzles, object games, and more are available on this website. You cannot play some select games on this website without disabling the ad blocker.


  • It is easy to invite other players.
  • You can build a friends list
  • Popular games from Popcap and Hasbro


  • It has some ads
  • Creating an account is mandatory
  • Some games require paid membership.

12. Newgrounds


Newgrounds is one of the best flash-based game and animation sites on the website. It offers a great selection of games from action and adventure games to adults-only tiles. The forums and the user community are busting and engaging. You can create an account on this website free of cost. It grants you access to in-game medals, leader boards, and more.


  • It has an incredible collection of games.


  • Creating an account is mandatory.

Final Thoughts

The sites mentioned above are the best websites to play free games online. You can access the websites to play as many games as you want online at no cost. We hope this article gave you enough information about free online gaming sites with a spectacular game collection. Happy gaming!

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