How to Choose an Alarm System for Your Home?

Home Alarm Systems

The reason why the owners of houses and apartments set up an alarm is to protect their home from intruders and prevent the spread of fire. Security and fire sensors react to the appearance of danger and the occurrence of an emergency. To choose an alarm system for your home, you need to understand the principle of its operation.

What Is a Fire And Security Alarm?

The alarm system is equipped with sensors, including those that respond to unauthorized entry of uninvited guests into the room. They send a signal to the controller, from where it goes to the executive devices – a siren, light flashes, and is also transmitted to the security console or to the user’s smartphone.

If an intruder tries to enter the premises, then a sensor is triggered, which includes signals in the form of sound and light alerts.

The design often uses LED assemblies and lamps that give a signal, and sometimes calls and sirens.

Each of its elements is responsible for a certain part of the room. Thus, if necessary, you can turn off some of the devices that are responsible for the security of a certain part of the house, if there is no need to arm it.

What to Look For When Choosing a Home Security System?

The alarm market is vast and their cost differs, but only slightly. Devices intended for the protection of premises must be selected, adhering to the advice of specialists who understand the field of security. You should pay attention to the following factors:

  • The need for an image or sound accompaniment
  • The area of ​​the protected area, on which the number of installed sensors depends
  • Temperature conditions inside the premises, since many security systems cease to function at low temperatures in the house
  • GSM signal level, since it is she who transmits signals to the mobile phone of the property owner and the security organization

Including Real Estate

If the choice of alarm is made for a private house, regardless of whether it is located in the city or outside it, it must be carried out based on the characteristics of the room. This type of property is often residential, that is, people leave their homes for a short time, so experts recommend installing sensors around the perimeter of the yard, as well as in outbuildings and garages. The house can be partially protected in the area of ​​doors and windows.

For a private house, three types of security devices should be considered:

  • Wireless
  • Address
  • Wired, that is, the classic version

When deciding which house alarm system to choose for a summer residence, you need to pay attention to the fact that this object is used in certain seasons, mainly in the warm season, so you need to choose devices that are resistant to temperature changes and a high-quality uninterruptible power supply for it.

If we are talking about an apartment, then the alarm should be selected with a signal output to the PSC point. Employees of the security company can tell you in detail and point out the places where you need to place the sensors.

Taking Into Account Technological Features

One of the economical devices are the so-called “chants” that attract the attention of Neighbours. This system is called autonomous and is distinguished by the simplicity of the device, but a low level of protection for summer cottages and country houses. This type of protection is recommended for apartments.

Experienced thieves can disable devices, but a temperature sensor can save a building from a fire because Neighbours will hear the signal and call the fire brigade.

Devices connected to the monitoring station have a high degree of reliability, especially if the facility is under video surveillance. The signal goes to the control panel to the dispatcher, who directs the interception group to the problematic object. This option is suitable for residential buildings in the city.

There is another type of systems that auto-dial to the number associated with the device. It can be a landline or mobile phone. Such types of security devices are often used in summer cottages.

What Is the Best Alarm System?

Expensive types of devices are not always effective against robbers, and their purchase will cost the owner of the premises “a pretty penny”. It is recommended to opt for combined security systems, which include a complex of sensors and locks with “tricks“, as well as reliable windows and doors.


Until recently, there were two separate types of protection: video surveillance and alarms. Now you can purchase a device that combines two types of anti-theft protection.

The best option is analog addressable OPS. The control system in the device reads telemetric information: the presence of smoke and air temperature.

Non-address devices work worse. They are less reliable, because more often simple sensors are switched on, the address and number of which are not transmitted to the control panel. You should not buy cheap sensors, as there is a possibility of false calls.

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