How to Choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Home And Garden?

Video Surveillance System

There are dozens of video surveillance brands on the market today. Each brand of equipment differs in functionality, cost and ease of installation.

Which Cameras to Choose: IP or AHD?

The choice between IP and AHD cameras is the main issue that confronts the owner of the house, who decided to install a video surveillance system. To understand which cameras are right for you, let’s look at the key difference between digital and analog equipment.

The main difference lies in the way information is transmitted. IP cameras broadcast video stream in digital format via Ethernet and TokenRing. Analog cameras transmit images through electromagnetic pulses. In simple terms, the difference between them is the same as between cable TV and a regular antenna. In IP cameras, the signal is more stable; in AHD devices, it can be distorted under the influence of geomagnetic storms, lightning, and other interference. However, under normal conditions, the image quality is almost identical.

Comparison of the shooting quality of IP and AHD cameras of the same resolution

Another difference between IP cameras and AHD is the functionality. Digital devices have a wider range of options. Depending on the models, they are able to enlarge the image (zoom), save video in cloud services, recognize faces, license plates, and take pictures using algorithms. AHD devices lack these features. Their main task is the classic image capture with the possibility of remote viewing via the Internet. However, the above functions of digital cameras, as a rule, are not in demand at home or in summer cottages, while they significantly increase the cost of the device. IP cameras are about 30-50% more expensive than AHD ones.

What Resolution Should Cameras for the Home Have?

The optimal camera resolution for the home (especially when it comes to the street) is 2-3MP. On devices with a lower resolution, it is difficult to make out important nuances, such as a person’s face or car numbers. And the resolution of 4-5MP simply will not be able to reveal its potential in a home or country house.

How to Control the Maximum area of ​​the House with a minimum number of Cameras?

An important criterion for CCTV floodlight camera is the horizontal and vertical viewing angles. For different models, this parameter can vary significantly. The larger the angle, the more area of ​​the house you can control and this will require fewer devices.

You should beware of purchasing unnamed devices on marketplaces. As a rule, there are cameras of poor quality, produced in the basement without certificates. When buying such equipment at foreign sites, there is a high probability of seizure of products at customs.

What is Included in the ready-made Camera Kits for the Home?

Ready-made video surveillance kits for the home include video cameras, a video recorder with accessories, connectors and connections, and a power supply. Cable products, as well as a hard drive where information is recorded, are purchased separately.


If you want to choose the best video surveillance system, make sure you understand what you are looking for, so you can get the right one accordingly.

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