10 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

Best Call Blocker Apps For Smartphones

Unwanted calls such as those from telemarketing companies or scammers have irritated any one of us. Fortunately, any time we call our computers, we can block every number. Few Android phones provide an incorporated blocking feature, but many do not. It is nice to note, though, that certain third-party blocking programs will defend your number from unwelcome calls and help you remember unfamiliar numbers.

Using your cell phone to block incoming calls using a call block or call blocker program. Such calls are alarming, distracting, and urgent. Call-blocker applications complete two things: if the number is distinguished as hazy, figure out who is calling and block the call. Here are 10 applications for unwelcome call blocking. These call-blocker apps’ suitability depends on your personal needs. Select the one that better suits you.

10 Free Call Block Apps for Android

1. Truecaller: Caller ID, block fraud & scam calls


Truecaller is one of the most popular applications for call blocking, though it is often referred to as a spam blocking application and a caller ID app. Oh, a spam blocking app is Truecaller, and robocalls are known to be spam. This app would also do its utmost to block SMS communications from telemarketing, the same as robocalls.

You will use this app to back up your contacts and history, and there is a range of extra features included here. This app also provides plans for packages that remove commercials and give you some extra perks, such as high priority support.


2. Call Blacklist – Call Blocker

Call Blacklist

Call Blacklist is popular call-blocking app that functions as both a spam call blocker and an SMS blocker for Android call blockers. Calls and messages can be blocked from any remarkable, private, or obscure numbers, or from some other number that you have not put away in your contacts.

It enables you from inside the software to build a blacklist and a whitelist. In addition, the app can be password-controlled, and to prevent calls and texts, you can even set a particular time. The blacklist can be turned here and there on the off chance that you like. Free and lightweight, the product is.  It is ad-supported and certain in-app transactions are included.


3. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security iTunes screenshots depicting the call-blocker app at work this technology giant Norton tool is not just a application for call-blocking. Instead, it is a security kit that, among its many functions, requires call blocking.

In this list, we have included the app because it appeals to consumers who want all aspects of protection included in a single device, like call blocking. For Android and iOS tablets, the app is available, but to use it, you’ll need a subscription.


4. Call Control

Call Control

Call Control is a free blacklist and best call blocker app for android based on the group, which blacklists and removes thousands of spam callers and robocalls in a moment instantly. You can also stop anonymous and private callers from making calls, philter SMS messages, and put a Do Not Interrupt mode on calls. In addition, calls are quietly silenced so that business activities will disrupt you.


5. Mr. Number – Block Calls & Spam

 Mr. Number

Mr. Number detects and prevents schemes, malware, and theft, as well as blocking unnecessary calls. This app will block an actual person’s calls and SMS notifications, an area code, or the whole globe. Mr. Number will also intercept calls from private/unknown numbers and give or hang up a voicemail. On Android and iOS smartphones, Mr. Number is available and is free.


6. YouMail


YouMail is a robocall blocker which with a ‘out of service’ message automatically prevents scammers and telemarketers. Unwanted calls will be blocked and your number deleted from the blacklisted caller lists. With YouMail, by addressing them by name or with personalized addressing, you will please the callers who matter to your small company. In an automatic TXT / SMS, the app also replies immediately to your friends to ask them to send and correct their contact details as they call.


7. TrapCall


Unmask blocked and private numbers so that the TrapCall app would not interrupt you from your job. You can be protected from the abuse of robocalls, telemarketing, and spam call with automated spam call filtering by using TrapCall app. TrapCall cases to be the main application that shows who is calling from a number that is blocked, classified, obscure, or incapacitated.


8. RoboKiller


RoboKiller is currently an anti-robocall competition champion for the FTC, the organization claims. The company also promises that this RoboKiller app will minimize unnecessary calls within 30 days by up to 90 percent, but bear in mind that this is a subscription service, and that’s why some unfavorable reports have made it to the Play Store. You have a 7-day free, so you need to sign up after that. In fact, it seems that quite a few users are pleased with the service, as they say, that this app has usually managed to cut out unnecessary calls, so it’s worth a shot.


9. Call Blocker

Call Blocker

With some fascinating features, Call Blocker is easy to use the app. It does not have many ways of blocking numbers, but it does provide numerous ways of handling blocked numbers. During that time, you should arrange precise timing to block only numbers. There are various approaches to intrude on calls, so you can either quietness the call or hang it up. To keep your logs and records secure, you can even include secret key insurance on the off chance that you are happy to buy a professional release.


10. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

In its smartphone app, Avast, the revered antivirus software, also includes SMS and call block functionality. While Avast gives a more steady paid release, you don’t need to buy it, as the call block highlight is as yet remembered for the free form.


Final Words

So I have shared you the top 10 best android call blocker apps in this article and I hope this article lets you find the best application to block unwelcome calls.

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