How to Aim Better in Valorant: Tips and Tricks

The only way you can get the most out of Valorant is by deriving fun from playing the game, not repeatedly being killed by some of the bigger boys. Your aiming skill determines how far you can go with your kill to death ratio.

 Follow the 7 pro tips listed in this in this article to improve your aiming in Valorant. For your valorant hacks, we recommend that you visit

7 Tips to Improve your Aiming Skills in Valorant


Devote some time to practice

The gameplay in Valorant is demanding and anchors a lot on your shooting skills. The range should be seen as a hub where you should spend some practice time before joining the queue. 

You can spend some time either familiarizing yourself with the weapons or practising some basic shooting techniques. Tracking and flick aiming are some tactics worth giving some precious practice time.

  • Customize your crosshair correctly

If you think shooting in valorant only has to do with placing your crosshair on target and pulling the trigger, then you’re wrong. Many advanced players take out some time to tweak their crosshairs for comfort. 

The color of your crosshair can be the same as that of the backdrop, making aiming difficult. Reduce your crosshair’s spread indicator to minimize errors. Also, change its color such that it stands out against the backdrop.

  • Counter strafing is worth learning

We usually emphasize strafing during gunfights in Valorant. As important as strafing is, counter strafing is equally as important if you don’t want your shots flying off-target. Counter strafing is a technique that helps you to stop running to take some quick shots.

To counter-strafe, you simply have to press the button that takes you in the opposite direction from where you’re running. For example, pressing D will help you to immediately stop if you were moving left with A.

  • Master the different types of aiming

Many players in Valorant only focus their energy on flick aiming. You can also pre-aim or track aim. You may not know this, but the basic types of aiming needed in Valorant are pre-aiming and track aiming. 

Pre-aiming helps you to get your crosshair on the enemy’s body while you use track aiming to secure your headshot. Flick aiming should come last after securing your kill and moving your crosshair to where the next enemy is.

  • Your mouse is important too

You can spend hours getting a simple thing right. This same task will take another player using the right gear just a few minutes to complete. First off, we recommend that you don’t use the regular mouse even if it serves you just fine.

Get yourself a gaming mouse. Once you have that done, your mouse sensitivity is the next place you should look – make sure it’s not too high. A mouse with DPI between 400 and 800 is just ideal for your valorant game. Your DPI level should be neither too slow nor fast and should serve you irrespective of your experience level in the game.

  • Positioning your gun’s crosshair

Many players tend to leave their crosshairs anywhere between the ground and the sky. The consequences of this most times aren’t usually fair. They most times end up being killed before they can move their crosshair from the sky to their assailant’s body.

Your crosshair must always be centered on the screen of your monitor. Another important tip is always keeping your crosshair at your imaginary foe’s head level. It reduces the amount of movement you need to make to get a good aim.

  • Watch some pro doing their thing.

This tip applies to almost any other game out there, regardless of whether it’s a shooter game. You can spend some money to get professional one-on-one coaching from a professional gamer online. 

If you don’t have the money, then you can spend some time watching some popular gamers on their online streaming platforms. You could learn some things you never suspected.


The practice range should be your next stop to practice the above tips. The next focus should be on your crosshair and your mouse. Furthermore, learn how to effectively use the three different kinds of aiming we’ve recommended. Lastly, spend some time at the master’s feet – a professional.

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