How to Unread Messages On Instagram

Mark Messages as Unread on Instagram

Did you ever feel regret by reading a message on Instagram that you dint want to read? As you were browsing through the Internet and using Instagram, you may have accidentally read a message of a person that you didn’t want to. When the messages are delivered to the audience and read by them, the seen tag is displayed. When the messages are read by the recipient, the sender comes to know about them through the seen tag.

The most widely asked question by the Instagram users especially those who have a business profile is, ‘How to unread messages on Instagram’? There is no in-app remedy for this issue unless you possess a corporate account. If you don’t have a company account, a few techniques help you in marking the Instagram message as unread.

The official app can be used to specify messages as unread on Instagram. This new function was recently launched on Instagram and most of the users are not aware of it. If you are currently an Instagram user having an Instagram business account, you have two tabs in your email which are Primary and General. The primary tab will contain the discussions that are relevant to you, when you receive a Direct Message, you will be notified and you can check the message immediately.

When you receive a notification when the application is not opened, do not tap on it. In your IG app, click on Instagram Direct to bring back to the memory and turn off the internet. When you turn off the internet, the desired dialogue can be opened and the messages can be read. Without the internet connection, log out of the IG account. Once the IG app has been closed, you can turn on the internet. For the sender of the message, it will be unseen and unread.

How to Mark Messages as Unread on Instagram

If you don’t want to respond to some of the messages or view them right away, they can be at the General tab. You will not be notified or alerted by the sender and these messages can be checked at your continent time. Whether the messages are in the primary or general inbox, if you have an Instagram business account, the messages can be specified as unread by following these simple steps.

  • Click on the message for it to highlight
  • At the upper right corner of the screen, by pressing on the selecting icon, the message can be selected from the chatbox.
  • Select the message that you want to specify as unread and choose more
  • By using the drop-down menu, choose mark as unread from the available options

This is just a way to mark the conversation as unread, not as unseen and this option is not yet available for the desktop version.

If this feature is used, the messages won’t be labeled as unseen by the sender. This is a means to keep track of the messages to read them again whenever you need them. Corporate account holders can use this feature. But, many Instagram users use the site for holding a personal account rather than a commercial account.

The request for messages that are sent by strangers may not be accepted by many. Those messages that are sent can be read from the message requests section without being notified to the sender.

You will not be able to read the message requests that are sent to you if you put some restrictions on the person on Instagram. Their messages won’t be marked as read even if you read them. For restricting an account, press on the three dots that are visible at the upper right corner of the screen and then select Restrict.

Having a business account on Instagram is an effective way to communicate with followers. Your message may not reach every follower, the outreach will rely on the engagement rate, and the best method to gain 100% outreach is by using the Instagram Direct Messenger.

Some of the frequently asked questions

How to mark a message as unread?
Just click on the three dots that you can see at the top right side of the message and click on Mark as unread.

Can the text be made unread?
The text can be made to read unread by returning the message to the person who has sent it.

How the messages can be unread on iPhone?
It is very simple to mark the messages as unread by clicking and holding on the message and by choosing ‘mark as unread’.

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