How to Download Movies From Telegram

Download Movies From Telegram 2020

We cannot deny the fact that with the advancement of technology, our life has become more dynamic. It has enabled different types of entertainment through which we can enjoy our life whole-heartedly.

So, when we are talking about different types of entertainment, movie is certainly one of them. Different people have different opinions about movies and most of them are negative. But, everything comes with positive as well as negative aspects and movie is not an exception. Well, you might be surprised to know that in the sphere of psychology, there is a term which is called film therapy. Psychologists are of the opinion that movies are capable of titillating all kinds of emotions and therefore, film therapy is used for psychological development.

However, the article is not about film therapy. Nowadays, the craziness for movies has gone too far and moreover, films have become a part and parcel of our life. People go to cinema hall to watch movies but, the negative aspect of this is the expensive movie tickets. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you how you can download latest movies without spending a single penny.


Telegram is a kind of messaging app that is developed in such a way so that users get ultimate speed and security. But, due to the craziness for social networking, we have now messaging applications available on Google Store. But, why Telegram is so different from others. Well, go through the following points to know more about it:

  • Self-destruct Messages: Other messaging apps allow you to delete messages but, there are some limitations. On the other side, Telegram has a special feature through which you can send self-destruct message. That means, you can set a timer and therefore, your messages will be deleted after a specific period of time.
  • Add Stickers: Stickers have made the online chatting more interesting and Telegram understands it very well. Telegram allows it users to import stickers from third party applications. So, you can imagine, how interesting as well as unique it will be if you prefer Telegram over other messaging applications.

Unique Feature of Telegram

Well, Telegram has endless features but Telegram movie channel makes it different from others. Yes, Telegram allows its users to upload heavy files and therefore, it has become one of the best platforms from where you can download movies. There are various Telegram movie channels that consists movies ranging from old to new, Bollywood to Hollywood, regional to international and many more. You can download movies in just one tap and to make it more convenient, we have added some names of Telegram Movie channels below. So, don’t forget to check:

What are the best telegram channel for movies?

If you want to download your favorite movies and TV shows, check out the following Telegram channel lists which are safe and easy to use. Moreover, you can also download Latest Bollywood Movies, Hollywood, Tamil and more in your Telegram as mentioned on the article here.

Telegram Movie Channels for Bollywood Movies:

If you love Bollywood movies and if you are looking for channels from where you can download latest Bollywood movies in HD, check the channels below:

NoChannel NameJoining Link
#01Hindi Latest Movies⇒ Join Now
#02Hindi Dubbed Cinemahub⇒ Join Now
#03WmFilms⇒ Join Now
#04Hindi HD Movies⇒ Join Now
#06New Release⇒ Join Now
#07Cinema Company⇒ Join Now
#08Hindi Movies⇒ Join Now
#09Movie Series⇒ Join Now
#10DesiMovies⇒ Join Now

Telegram Movie Channels for Hollywood Movies:

If you are a Hollywood movie lover, check out the following channels:

NoChannel NameJoining Link
#01New Release⇒ Join Now
#02MovieARRAY⇒ Join Now
#03MoviesEmpire⇒ Join Now
#04English Cinemahub⇒ Join Now
#05YIFY Movies⇒ Join Now
#06Marvel Movies⇒ Join Now
#07Latest Hollywood Movies⇒ Join Now
#08Netflix Movies Hollywood Hindi⇒ Join Now
#09Hollywood movies Hindi Dubbed⇒ Join Now
#10Hollywood Movies Tamilrockers⇒ Join Now

Best Telegram South Indian Movie Channels:

Who does not love South Indian Movies? But, getting those movies easily is quite difficult. But, Telegram has solution for this. Check the following channels to get your desired movie:

NoChannel NameJoining Link⇒ Join Now
#02Tamil Dubbed Movies⇒ Join Now
#03Tamil Cinemahub⇒ Join Now
#04Tamil Thriller Movies⇒ Join Now
#05New Telugu Movies⇒ Join Now
#06All Telugu Movies⇒ Join Now
#07Telugu Movies HD⇒ Join Now
#08Telugu Dubbed Movies⇒ Join Now
#09Malyalam Latest Movies⇒ Join Now
#10Malayalam MOVIES⇒ Join Now

Best Telegram Bengali Movie Channels List:

Bengali movies are popular for their stories and cinematography and if you want to get the taste of these things, check the following channel:

NoChannel NameJoining Link
#01Bengali Movie Lover⇒ Join Now
#02Bengali HD Movies⇒ Join Now
#03New Bengali Movies⇒ Join Now

Download Movies from Telegram

Telegram is available on Google Play Store and therefore, it will not be a problem to download this application. But, the thing that you should know is how you can download movies from Telegram. So, go through the following steps to know it:

  • Download and Install telegram APK from Play Store
  • Register on Telegram using your mobile number
  • After registration, you will get the ‘search’ option on top right corner
  • Tap there and search your channel and you can also search by the movie name.
  • After getting your content, you will see a downward arrow. Tap it to download your movie.

Location in the File Manager

Generally, you cannot see movies downloaded from Telegram in the gallery and therefore, you have to manually search it on file manager. But, the downloaded file does not have any name; it has some random numbers. So, you can’t find it by its name. Well, you don’t have to worry; follow the steps mentioned below to get your file easily:

  • Open file manager and search ‘Telegram’ folder
  • Open it and you will see ‘document’ folder. Tap on it and you will get your movies there.
  • After that rename the movies so that you can easily get them in future.

Well, you can also access those files from Telegram APK. But, if you accidentally move those files in different folder, you can’t access them from Telegram.

System Requirement:

Well, the overall size of Telegram application is 18.91 MB and therefore, you can run it on any device. But, one thing that you should keep in mind is the internal memory of your device as the movies that you download from Telegram will be stored in the internal memory. So, you must have a good amount of internal memory in your device in order to download movies from telegram.


We have covered almost everything regarding Telegram. So, what are you waiting for? Install Telegram today and enjoy latest movies in HD without spending your hard earned money.

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