Top 11 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites for Schools, Colleges & Workplace

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites 2019

Music undoubtedly is the finest way to reduce your stress and uplift your mood. It provides a different sensation to your mind. The vividness of music is extra-ordinary hence it is an essential part of everybody’s life.

Many of you like to listen to music for a decent break from working and studying. It offers a freshness to carry out your work. But nowadays most of the music sites are restricted in workplaces and schools as well as colleges. The administrations put a lot of effort to block all those music sites to restrict their employees and students from streaming any kind of media and music.

But there is a piece of good news for all of you. There are many ways to unblock all those blocked music sites. You can use VPN to access those sites, but finding the best-unblocked sites is quite better than using proxies. To provide you better accessibility we have come up with the top 10 best-unblocked music sites for the school, college and workplace. So with the help of this guide, you can access all those unblocked music sites along with their wonderful music while doing your regular tasks.

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So go through the unblocked music sites and try the best one that works fine for you.

1: Grooveshark

Grooveshark - Free Music Streaming

The first one in our list of free unblocked music sites at school is Grooveshark. It is a useful site which you can browse and listen to music without any kind of restriction. This online music streaming website houses numbers of free songs along with latest tracks in the popular section.

It does not give you any kind of warning message and you can access the songs and create a playlist of your favorite songs that you want to listen repeatedly. It houses a search option right on its homepage. Here you can search for your preferred songs and enjoy the music.

Grooveshark also has its Android app which you can access through your smartphone and stream thousands of music and songs for free.

Visit Grooveshark

2: Slacker – Unblocked Music Site for School

Slacker - Unblocked Music Site for School

The is a radio streaming website which houses more than 200 music channels. It helps you in listening and relaxing your mind during your day to day work. To access the unblocked music at school you have to sign you up and turn the radio channel in as per your requirement and stream all those unlimited music.

You can also search according to the genre, artists and albums and the Slacker have it’s free as well as paid service for its users. With the free service version also you can take the benefit of listening to unlimited music but the paid version provides you some interesting and cool features.

Visit Slacker

3: Soundzabound


Soundzabound is one of the best music website unblocked in schools and colleges. It is a great option for listening to music in terms of unblocked music sites. This website houses royalty free and non-copyrighted music tracks and assists students to use the songs for their projects without any issues.

Here on this site, you can access a wide range of music according to genre, regions and year.

Visit Soundzabound

4: Playlist Sound – Best Music Streaming Site 

Playlist Sound - Best Music Streaming Sit

Your search for unblocked music sites ends with Playlist Sound. It is a powerful music streaming site which you can use and listen to music for free. The built-in audio player of Playlist Sound allows you to access unlimited songs in high-quality.

You can find any kind of songs by exploring its categories and you do not have to go for any kind of registration process for accessing the site. It provides a direct option to stream your preferred music tracks. This is the best in the category of free unblocked music websites.

Visit Playlist Sound

5: SoundCloud


The Sound Cloud is another best and free music streaming sites that allows you to listen to music without any restriction at school. Here you can find all those songs by your preferred artists. It also houses some of the fresh and completely new songs.

This site also furnishes top 50 chart as well as new and trending songs from various genres which will suit your preferences for sure. So Sound Cloud is a great addition in the list of best-unblocked music listening sites for sure.

Visit SoundCloud

6: BlueBeat


BlueBeat is another website in this list which allows free and unlimited music streaming. You can listen to music at your schools and workplaces without any constraint. Here you can find music according to the category, artists and playlists. You can also make your own playlist here and listen to any time of the day.

Here in this site, you can find your preferred music from the category and genre else you can also search using the search option. BlueBeat houses an amazing homepage with different sections such as top playlists, quick plays, and new releases.

Visit BlueBeat

7: StreamSquid – Listen to Free Music Streaming Online

StreamSquid - Listen to Free Music Streaming Online

The StreamSquid is another unblocked music listening site which comes with a vast library of music for its users. The USP of StreamSquid is its innate interface. It provides you an option to choose the songs according to their genres, albums or artists.

You can also listen to the vast collection of music right on the website without going for any search. In its homepage, it houses Top 50 trending songs and you can listen to freshen up your mind with a single click on the play button.

Visit StreamSquid

8: Spotify – Free Music Streaming Sites

Spotify - Free Music Streaming Sites

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming websites which is not blocked in workplaces and schools. You can consider this website to access a huge number of songs at an exclusive platform for free.

It houses some exciting features like latest hits, evergreen songs and many more, for which you have the right to use without any hassle. With Spotify, the music can be at your fingertip. You do not have to worry about the restriction at all and access the music right from your school ad workplace.

Visit Spotify

9: Hulkshare


This music streaming site is fresh but immense popularity among the music lovers at the current time. Browse this site and search for your favorite tracks according to album type or genre for free. You can also filter your search and find the best one that you like to listen to. Here in this site, there is an option of joining the available music groups and share your preferred tracks with them.

Visit Hulkshare

10: Jamendo


Jamendo is another unblocked and well-known website where you can find a wide range of music, videos and many more. Accessing this website for music is completely free and here you can find a good blend of old as well as new songs. Here in this unblocked music streaming site you can search for your desired songs and take the benefit of listening music for free. Jamendo houses a vast collections of music and videos according to genres and albums.

Visit Jamendo

11. ClearlyDrunck

The final one in the list of unblocked music sites in school and college is ClearlyDrunck. Here in this site, you can surf for your desired songs free of cost. It also provides an option to hide your identity based on the IP address. So you can use this site at any confidential places as well.

Conclusion: Best Unblocked Music Sites

So we have come to the end of this article on the top 10 best free unblocked music sites for schools. We have made this list after an extensive search from all the available sources. We hope this will be helpful to match your requirement. You can access all these music streaming and music download sites to enhance your mood and provide a good flow to your study and work.

A good music can be effective and beneficial, so browse all these sites and experience something enchanting and vivid. Share your views on the comment box which will be helpful for us for the improvement.


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