15 Best Unblocked Music Sites (School, College & Workplace)

Everyone in the world loves to enjoy music to reduce tension and stress. The ratio is increasing when it comes to the young generation. Individuals listen to music for the perfect form of fun and entertainment. It acts as a stress buster to help people relieve stress. Students look at the popular unblocked song sites of 2023 and access them at college or school.

An unblocked site is the ideal source of entertainment. Many schools and colleges block sites that never allow students to listen to their favourite music. The unblocked website helps you enjoy music in the college or school zone. It is the best way to access a large collection of music. Individuals search for the best site and get music based on their wishes.

15 Best List Of Unblocked Music Sites

If you’re a music fan and looking for Free Music sites blocked at your school, college or office? Here In this post, we have shared the some unblocked music websites where you can listen to your favorite music for free.

1. HulkShare


If you are searching for best unblocked music listening sites, Hulkshare you impressive access to favourite music. It is popular destination to see wide range of songs. People just enter the song name or artist name in the search bar and get a result. You may also enter the album name to access the song.

All the songs are uploaded by regular users. The home page comes with a list of top and trending songs. You can never miss anything and dive into the world of music. It is helpful for students at college and school to listen to the music without any cost.

2. LiveOne


LiveOne is a well-known streaming network and contains more than two hundred working stations. With the help of a list of unblocked music sites, you can access a huge database of songs in diverse genres.

Individuals choose songs with the album, artist, and song name. On the other hand, joining a radio station is easy with this platform. You have an unlimited number of songs for free. The unblocked site lets people listen to an endless range of music without hassle.

3. Pure Volume

Pure Volume

If you want a cool collection of songs through an unblocked site, you can switch to pure volume. It is high in demand due to the vast database of music files. You can choose a favourite song from the list and listen to it. Apart from that, the platform lets individuals search for the music through artists, song names, categories and albums.

You can choose the music file based on your wish. The platform is fast and provides everything that users want. Music creator uses it as impressive platform to create playlist. They upload songs and music creations and share them with anyone.

4. Grooveshark


Grooveshark is a popular unblocked portal to get the song and music for free. Portal is reliable to provide free music. Students focus on list of unblocked music sites at school or college and enjoy free music in the college and school environment.

One can visit this portal through wifi without restriction. The top site comprises a stunning range of music and songs. You have a great chance to search for any music genre and modify the playlist as per your wish. A playlist can save and listen to the music for fun.

5. BlueBeat


Music lovers often visit such portals for different reasons. The unblocked site allows people to explore high-quality music and a vast collection of songs. People spend a few minutes accessing music files from the list of all genres.

It is the perfect community for music lovers to follow friends and music playlists. Bluebeat assists an individual in making a playlist of their choice. In the portal, a search option is present on the homepage. You can see the trending song and pick up favorite song. The most important attribute of this site is the collection of 3D songs.

6. Spotify Music

Spotify Music

Spotify is the famous unblocked site for students at college and school. It is the best way to get access to a huge collection of songs and music. Users can listen to music online for free. Unblocked music streaming sites welcome users to enjoy music without any ads.

When using Spotify, you can discover an uninterrupted music streaming experience. It is a great choice for many users today. Users also have the option to listen to music offline. People love to visit this destination due to downloading the song easily and less loading time.

7. SongArea


It is perfect for any music and fulfils music lover’s demands. It is a trending portal to stream any kind of music. The site meets the music needs of people. You can get an impressive library of songs and choose the best one.

The free music streaming platform is ideal for users to discover music sites through a built-in proxy server. It is completely fast and manages the good bandwidth. The unblocked website helps user’s access the free music and songs at the high speed.

8. Soundzabound


Do you want the royalty-free music and songs? Do you search for a portal that contains a vast collection of music? Of course, you can opt for Soundzabound. With the best-unblocked music websites, students listen to music in the school and on college campus.

The popular platform is a good option for students to acquire the free music. In the portal, you have a search option to search the song. It assists people in finding songs and music by entering the artist name, genre, album name, and release year.

9. Pandora


It is a popular radio station online that enables users to build radio stations easily. You can develop anything based on your wish. Users become part of a pre-made station by considering music preferences.

It is the best place to see the vast range of songs that are completely licensed. One can easily search for a song with the artist’s name, song name and album. People often use such platforms for quick accessibility and simple design. Homepage aids you in seeing the trending and popular song.

10. Jamendo


When it comes to a huge collection of songs, Jamendo is a well-known place. The best part of unblocked song sites for students is that it is free. The popular unblocked platform lets individuals stream any songs and music in diverse genres and languages. Creating an account is optional on this site. If you are a Jamendo member, you have a great opportunity to develop a playlist. Users upload songs and share them with others instantly.

11. Tunein


Tunein is the ideal portal to bring the music, audiobooks, and podcasts. In the search bar, you can search for your favourite stations, audiobooks, songs, and podcasts. People utilize unblocked music sites to discover hundred radio channels and unlimited songs and music without cost. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Users conduct searches easily based on their favourite music channels, audiobooks, and trending music. It is home to millions of podcasts throughout the globe.

12. AccuRadio


Recently, the site has gained huge popularity among the music lover due to its unlimited collection of songs. You can listen to music completely free. All the content in unblocked music sites at school is legal. The platform keeps songs from all genres. You can go to your favourite category and access the song of your choice. Music lovers see all songs and albums range from classic to new releases.

13. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a popular unblocked music player in the entertainment sphere. Unblocked music website lets people discover all songs and music in a single place. Anyone can enjoy their favourite music and songs at college and school. The music streaming platform contains the authentic music file and a vast range of impressive tracks.

It is a good solution for music folks to listen to vintage stuff. The platform is an ideal destination for new-generation music lovers. It comes with an option known as popular in the music category. Users never spend any cost to create an account.

14. Hungama


It is one of the top destinations for students to listen to unblocked music. Once you download Hungama on your device, you can acquire the unlimited free songs and music, online radio and a lot more. Demand for using Hungama is increasing rapidly due to different genres of music files.

It is a lovable station for youngsters to discover pop, jazz, and Western music. You have a massive collection of music files in one portal. It is the best choice for students to listen to FM stations and their favourite music files. It is a one-stop entertainment destination to download music tracks and songs.

15. PlaylistSound


Playlistsound is a great place for the music lover to stream their favourite music on a phone or tablet. Trusted, unlocked music site is a high priority for many individuals today. Anyone can stream and listen to songs and music in good quality. A vast collection of music and songs is a major highlight of the platform. It assists people to listen to new and old songs without any charge.

It has an in-built audio player to save the song and stream them later. Users don’t create specific accounts to start using the site. Advanced search options make searching the content instantly and provide an accurate result quickly.


So we have come to the end of this article on the top 15 best free unblocked music sites for School, College & Workplace. We have made this list after an extensive search from all the available sources. We hope this will be helpful to match your requirement. You can access all these music streaming and music download sites to enhance your mood and provide a good flow to your study and work.

A good music can be effective and beneficial, so browse all these sites and experience something enchanting and vivid. Share your views on the comment box which will be helpful for us for the improvement.

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