Best Custom ROMs for Android Phones (2023)

So you have an Android phone, and you’ve been beginning to dislike the UI lately. What now? Well, it’s time to join the custom ROM universe. The easiest solution for Android users has always been downloading Custom ROMs, whether due to overdue updates from OEMs or lack of them.

Loads of flexibility makes custom ROMs well-liked, in addition to providing exposure to timely patches and version bumps. Perhaps we can’t worry enough about the ever-improving Android platform’s tweakable existence.

Fortunately, the customizable prowess of Google’s open-source mobile platform can be given a whole new dimension by custom ROMs. Notice that some of you might also be comfortable with bootloader loading, custom recovery flashing, and custom ROM flashing. Any (or nearly all) of the ones mentioned will be very familiar if you are among those sets.

What is Custom ROM?

A custom ROM is an OS created by a developer by a third party and is often released on XDA-labs. The custom ROMs have various models of different phones supported. Most of the ROMs are supported by almost all well-known phones. If the developers support their phones or not, consumers should give it a shot. They may also ask the creator to provide help for their specific devices.

Reasons to install a Custom Android Rom

Here are the 10 reasons to install a Custom Android Rom:

  • Create lifelong privacy
  • Complete ownership of the phone
  • Customize everything
  • Using software that is free and open-source
  • Extend the phone’s life
  • Less dependence on large companies
  • Get Faster Android Updates
  • Delete Bloatware Delete
  • Boost things
  • Have an improved battery life
  • Undo unwanted changes
  • Join the community on Android

Best Custom ROMs for Android Phones in 2023

Here is the ideal list of the 5 Best Android Mobile Custom ROMs. The ROMs listed are reliable enough to be used as your regular driver, and each ROM has its own specific features, some benefits, and disadvantages.

1. Resurrection Remix

The most personalized ROM in the Android universe is the Resurrection Remix. With a huge audience base, it is probably the most popular custom ROM. Dozens of features open to the user are included in the personalized ROMs.

Resurrection Remix ROM is developed on AOSP, SlimRoms, OmniRoms, Remix ROM, and LineageOS as it utilizes its primary source code with additional features applied to it.

Security is very debilitated, however, it’s dependable enough to be utilized as an ordinary driver. The Status bar, Fast Settings, Lock Screen, Controls, Navigation, Music, Recent Screen Optimization, and several other customization options support the Resurrection Remix ROM.


2. Lineage OS (LOS ROM)

One of the oldest custom ROMs that we have with the majority of the great custom ROMs is the LineageOS. It was originally called Cynagenmod, but they’ve recently changed it to LineageOS. The ROM is fully AOSP based and has some simple options for customization.

Around the globe, LineageOS supports nearly all Android phones. LineageOS has recently been upgraded to version 17.1, giving us more options for reliability and usability. This ROM is not strong and powerful at all, but it is almost raw in form.

All the basic features are provided by Lineage OS 16. It comes with some pre-built device software along with the standard launcher. Lineage OS comes with an AOSP camera by chance, which is not ideal for image and video clicks. Of course, the side load pixel camera that gives the next stage of output should still be used.


3. EvolutionX ROM

This is the list’s most healthy ROM. Timely OTA and security updates are provided by the developer. It has a healthy battery life and is very stable. Usually, within a week, a new version appears. Lots of new updates are being released.

They have recently added Face Unlock to a few of their Oxygen OS-ported products. It also has OnePlus 7 Pro edge lighting. EvolutionX ROM has a long-range of customizations available. According to the stats of its website, Evolution-X has been downloaded 2050874 times. This suggests Evolution X’s prominence.


4. Pixel Experience

In case you’re a person who cherishes Google telephones and can’t stand to purchase expensive smartphones, at that point to get a vibe of Google pixel PC, you can install a pixel experience ROM in your smartphone. This custom ROM will change your portable into a PC worked by Google.

The precise program you get in pixel phones is supported by this custom ROM. This ROM comes with an Active Radio Kernel that not only provides you with outstanding efficiency but also saves your battery life. And this is the default kernel that comes with this ROM pre-installed, so you don’t need to manually update it.


5. AospExtended (AEX ROM)

Nowadays, AEX seems to be my main preference all the time when I flash a custom ROM on an Android smartphone. AospExtended custom ROM has never caused any second thoughts with numerous gadgets that I have utilized throughout the long term.

This top Android Custom ROM has downloaded over 1.3 million times from 2017.AEX ROM has most of the things that you would like, such as Navbar tweaks, Motions, System Ops, etc. Stability, thus, seldom becomes a concern.

In addition to that, AEX ROM quickly tops my list with its butter-smooth UI, fun themes, fonts, and a hard-working production team. Maybe also yours.


Final Words

Of course, the maintainers and creators of the ROMs for your individual devices play a very important role so that is why in this article, I showed you The Most Popular Custom ROMs for Android Phones. For the sake of look & feel, reliability, durability, personalization, and battery life, there are loads of custom ROMs available out there.

As we have emphasized before, it is very arbitrary to pick the right custom ROM like most of the other stuff. However, it need not bother you, as there is a whole lot to pick from to suit your personal use.

But it could be difficult for beginners to pick the best, which is why we have a list of the 5 best custom ROMs for your Android smartphone. If you want to replace your stock ROM, then you can try the ROMs mentioned above according to your preference.

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