8 Best Apps to Get Instagram Likes and Followers for Free

Best Apps to Get Instagram Likes and Followers for Free

Are you an Instagram user? If yes, then you might be aware of the craze of gaining followers and getting engagement on posts. In recent times, Instagram is a great platform to create a brand of yourself or your business. That’s why most of the influencers and social media marketing giants choose this platform to advertise themselves or any products. But what is the reason behind this obsession to gain likes and followers on Instagram? In a recent tally of Instagram users count, almost 1 billion people have registered themselves on Instagram. This number makes Instagram the 6th largest social media network in the world. How these numbers are the reason behind this obsession?

Getting more Instagram likes and followers will mean whatever you are posting is reaching out to the most number of people. And for an influencer reaching out to more people will mean more popularity. Also, Instagram engagement is a metric that Instagram uses to show your post in your follower’s feed.

In this context, we will discuss some of the best apps to get free Instagram likes and followers. But, is this the only way to gain followers? No. Instagram users can gain followers by this old but organic method too.

How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically?

Instagram’s organic growth depends on the use of hashtags. Even in 2021, hashtag helps to get more views on Instagram posts. Do you know what’s the difference in engagement if hashtags are used? With the use of only one hashtag, a post gets around 12% more engagement than a post without the hashtag. By the use of the hashtag, we increase the chances of getting discovered by new audiences which results in the growth of followers, likes, and comments.

But how hashtags help in getting more engagement? Whenever you upload a post using hashtags, then it will be uploaded in two places, one on your profile and the next on the hashtag page. The hashtags used in Instagram organizes and categorizes photos and videos as per different niches. So by using the correct hashtag, it will be easier for you to reach out to your target audience even if you haven’t connected to them before.

This is a great practice of using the hashtag to get organic growth. This process may take a few extra days to show results, but the results will be long-lasting and effective as well.

But, besides this organic growth, there are now some easy and effective methods available for getting followers and likes on our Instagram profile. Several developers have developed many apps that help to gain engagement for free of cost. But, all these apps will show the result to you is not mandatory. So, picking up an app that provides genuine and real followers and increases followers count quickly is necessary. We have listed below some of the best apps to get Instagram likes for free.

Best 8 Apps to Get Instagram Likes and Followers

1. Turbo Followers For Instagram

instagram followers app

This is one of the trusted apps used by several Instagram users to gain their follower count for free. This auto follower app can be a great option to increase 1000 followers in a quick time. This app is mostly preferred by people due to it’s easy to use and understandable interface. This app runs on its currency called coins that can be used to gain followers without paying a single penny. All the followers this app provides are genuine and active users. To start the growth process, a user needs to link its Instagram account to the app. So, if you can collect more coins, then definitely you will be able to have massive growth in no time with this app.

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2. InstaInfluencer


As in the name, if you are looking to be an Instagram influencer in quick time, then get Instagram followers app like this app. This app is built to provide its users with massive growth in followers count. Also, this app will help to get engagement on posts too. But, in this app, there is no coin to redeem the followers. Instead of coins, it has a flip card system to win a huge number of followers at a time. If you are lucky enough, then you can also win up to 1000 followers with one flip. Also, with followers, it offers free likes too with flip cards. This is the best apps to get Instagram likes. The app interface is very easy to operate.


3. Follower Insight For Instagram

Follower Insight For Instagram

After looking at Instagram insights, sometimes we feel like quitting Instagram because of less response to our posts. But, this app is a real problem solver that helps to increase the number of followers in our account quickly. This app is operative on all kinds of platforms, whether it is android or iOS. This is one of the best Instagram like app for Android and iOS. To use this app, a person will need to connect his Instagram account to the app. Another advantage of using this app is, you can add multiple accounts to a single app and gain followers for free. So, to just switch between accounts to get access to the desired account.


4. InsEnGage

This is a beautiful app designed to benefit all the Instagram users to have a growth in followers and engagement on the profile. In this app, they provide you with real and genuine followers. This app is compatible with every smartphone and operating system including Android 4.1+, Mac OS, and iOS. This app has coins to earn that will be used to gain followers. But, the number of followers you get will depend upon the way you use the coins. If the coins are properly used, then you can have followers up to 5000 within a few days. This app will give you real growth and engagement on your Instagram profile. So, connect your Instagram account to the InsEnGage app to take benefits from the app.


5. Get Followers UP

This is one of the best Instagram followers apps available in the app store of both android and iOS. This awesome app can be installed on devices with Android 4.4+, iOS, and tablets. This boosts the Instagram followers by many folds and helps you to reach out to an unknown audience within a very time. For growth in followers and engagement in posts, it has a very smart and unique method of using stickers. Use around 50+ stickers to get a huge boost on your posts which will result in the growth of followers too. This app helps users to achieve their goals quite easily and effectively.

6. Followers And Unfollowers

best instagram followers app

Gaining Instagram followers for Android users is no more a big deal. Install Followers And Unfollowers app from the Android play store and enjoy the benefits of it. This app is compatible with all android devices over the Android 4.0+ version. One more important point to remember, this app is not for iOS users, as it is not added to the iOS app store till now. This platform makes it easier for users to access Instagram insights to get a clear idea of the number of followers growth and who are following and not following. This app helps users to gain free Instagram followers by providing a clear view of people who are not following back or inactive users.


7. Get Followers & Likes

Are you crazy about likes and followers on Instagram? Then this app is just built for you all. This app gives its users a massive push in their follower’s counts without any investment. But, this app is only available for Android devices, so download it from the play store to take advantage of it. This app can also be installed from third-party app stores too, but the only condition is, it can only be installed on Android devices. The most interesting part of this app is that an Instagram user can gain followers by playing games on the app. Isn’t it amazing? Just spend your leisure hours on this app and play games and simultaneously you will gain free Instagram followers or likes.

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8. Real Followers For Instagram

Real Followers For Instagram app is a great app for Instagram influencers as well as those who are looking to gain likes and followers for free. This app is now available for all devices including Android 4.4+, iOS 7.0+, and macOS. This app has an easy and controllable interface. You can get quick followers every day up to limited numbers for free. If more followers are required daily, then you have to switch to the paid version of this app. This app is very interesting for Instagram users and is among the most-liked apps for Instagram likes.


Instagram is a very powerful social network to promote and create personal brands. For creating a brand, we require a lot of engagement in the Instagram account. Hence, all the above-mentioned apps are successfully providing free likes and followers to their users for a long time. If you are also looking for the same, then choose any of the above-mentioned apps of your choice and start experiencing the feeling of gaining followers.

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