Best Anilinkz Alternatives ( You Can Use In 2023

Do you love watching Anime online? Over the years, Anime has had a massive fanbase. Anime comes from the Japanese term that is used for animation. The word anime refers to cartoons in Japan. In the early 90s with the Dragon Ball series, anime gained popularity in the USA. In most counties including India, there are no anime channels that are available on DTH services, hence people look for alternatives on the web. To find a trusted and creative Anime website for watching cartoons, animated movies or Tv shows is truly a challenge. Certain best Anilinkz alternative websites are legal and free of cost to watch the Anime online. These Anime online sites have a simple interface and are of the best quality which makes it easy to watch cartoons, Tv shows, and Anime movies.

As there is plenty of free anime streaming online that are available, you might wonder which is the best alternative to Anilinkz and safe to use. All Anime lovers cannot afford to purchase subscriptions to Hulu,  Netflix, or other streaming sites that need to be paid for. We have the answer to all your questions as we provide you the information on some of the best streaming sites to watch animated movies and TV shows for free. Anilinkz is one of the best streaming providers that offer anime online for free. In this article, we will discuss some of the top Anilinkz alternatives that you can use while watching animated films or TV shows for free.

13 Best Anilinkz Alternatives to Watch Free Anime Online

1) Crunchyroll


This is one of the best Anilinkz alternatives to watch Anime online. Crunchyroll is the streaming platform that enables the user to stream drama, manga, or animated movies all for free. The videos can be watched at excellent quality. It also has various languages like English, Italiano, Deutsch, etc. Your favorite movies can be watched with subtitles.

2) Kissanime


Kissanime is another best similar site like Anilinkz as it has incredible anime series to choose from. All your favorite shows can be watched in HD quality as it has a faster and extra high-quality server. Both old and latest shows are dubbed. It has a huge collection of anime sites like drama, romance, horror, comedy, adventure, fighting, etc. Streaming your favorite show is possible without even having any premium membership or subscribing. The episodes can be bookmarked. You can select shows of your choice like adventure, comedy, action, horror, romantic, etc. All that is needed is to register for free.

3) Funimation


Funimation is an American entertainment organization that allows for dubbing anime and foreign shows. The user can enjoy both paid and free services. In the free version, only selected shows can be watched with pop-up ads. But, the paid version enables the user to watch all the latest shows or animated movies without the annoying ads.

4) GOGOAnime


GOGOAnime is another free anime streaming site that can be accessed globally. The benefit of GOGOAnime is that it has seven fast servers where the users are allowed to choose. There are plenty of movies and shows that can be easily accessed in various countries. The new releases can be watched easily as the website keeps updating with all the latest movies and shows. It also has certain popular Chinese anime. Even though it is not legal to stream anime from Gogoanime websites as they do not have streaming rights, the users are not charged any subscription fees. But, there is no need to worry as the torrent links that are provided by the website are trustworthy.

5) AnimeFreak


This is more like a Japanese style of a colorful personal blog that contains a lot of information about animations. It has a massive anime database that also includes certain prominent anime series. The navigation menu has fitters to navigate through ongoing anime, genres, complete anime list, latest episodes, etc.   It provides the users with all the latest updates of mega comics and other new animated series. Certain best English dubbed animated shows can also be easily accessed by the users. The best part is that it offers high-quality streaming that can be enjoyed by the viewers.  Its bright Japanese style looks certainly attracts the users, but the drawback is only the paid version of AnimeFreak is legal.

6) 9Anime


The advantage of this website is that the user is not required to register for this site as it can be accessed for free. By visiting the website, you can stream any of your favorite shows, action, drama, or animated movies. The streaming process is fast with HD-quality videos. As this site allows the users to watch animes that are pirated and unofficial, some viewers are concerned about the safety of using this site. But you need not worry about the safety of this website as it is safe to watch anime online. There are few ads that you cannot escape, but certainly, no virus or security problems that you may encounter by using this website. Hence, it is safe to use.

7) Hulu


There are numerous elements that Hulu offers like Hulu’s originals, sitcoms, hit movies, kids shows, etc that are of HD quality. The latest episodes can be watched on your phone, laptop, TV once they are aired. The user needs to buy a membership to enjoy watching the shows, but the membership amount is worth it as the Hulu site offers even the original shows. The anime streaming can also be done using your mobile device.

8) Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV has emerged as a viral platform for free streaming of animated movies and shows. While comparing this website to another streaming app, Tubi TV offers the best quality videos that are impressive. The website is legal and the user can enjoy the dubbed and subbed version of their favorite shows. Tubi TV has a dark mode that gives comfort to the viewer’s eyes and even has a user-friendly interface. The only drawback of this site is that it offers only a limited version of animated shows.

9) MyAnimeList


This is another free anime streaming site for the user to explore all their favorite movies and TV shows. The viewers can enjoy watching the English subbed shows without the annoying ads. There are various tabs like community tab, Anime tab, store, etc. The anime tab has more to offer like seasonal anime, top anime, reviews, videos, recommendations, etc. The latest exhibits or any of your favorite shows can be accessed easily. Along with a short description, the rank of the shows or series is also displayed.

10) ConTV


The ConTV is an OTT platform that offers all types of content including animated movies, comics, and TV shows. The viewers can access this streaming site on various devices like Apple iOS, Xbox, Android, smart TV, Roku, etc. There are plenty of animated films, cartoons, series that are available and it does not require the users to sign up for getting access to this online Anime. Look for your desired content and just click on the title to enjoy watching your favorite shows or movies.

11) AnimeLab


AnimeLab being one of the best streaming sites for animated movies and shows. The viewer can enjoy watching all their favorite shows on Samsung TV, Apple Airplay, Apple TV, Google chrome cast, or any other gadgets. The site is accessible in both paid and free versions without any ads and the paid version is legal. The English audio option is also available. The kids can enjoy watching their favorite animated shows.

12) AnimeDao


AnimeDao is a famous website as it is available free of cost and it has the best HD quality dubbed anime online. Free streaming is available for users and it has an enormous collection of animated movies and shows. The viewers can choose from various categories like comedy, horror, adventure, romance, etc. There are English dubbed and subbed anime series to watch online. The advanced search option enables the user to just enter the title of the anime. The website is updated regularly with all the latest series being uploaded and it has a user-friendly interface.

13) Anime-Planet


The Anime planet is a popular website where the user can find all the latest and old anime in the best HD quality. The anime are categorized and arranged in sections. All the latest popular releases are aired. The only drawback is that the website has pop-up ads just like all other anime websites that are free. But the site is still loved and visited by many anime fans.


This article has provided you with plenty of options that you can choose from to watch anime online. They can act as a great alternative for anilinkz that provides the user to enjoy HD quality videos and a huge platform to use anime online. You can check on these websites to choose the one that suits you the best. Most of these websites are available to use for free and they are safe to use on any of your devices.

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