How to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

How To Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

With the use of the Internet and devices like computers and smartphones anyone can access Facebook. By using Facebook, users can send text messages and can share images, videos, documents, etc. with their friends. But now with this massive improvement, there is a loophole that has to be discussed and that loophole is who viewed my Facebook profile.

This loophole is one of the main security issues these days in the Facebook platform. As you know, the user base of Facebook is very huge and that is why anyone can visit someone else Facebook profile and can use their photos in the wrong way.

As you know there are many uncountable fake profiles on Facebook and these fake profiles can use your personal information in a fake way that may harm the reputation of you.

We notice many cases of fraud by fake accounts in our daily lives. These must sometimes lead to the loss of the person’s finances or life. Also, there are several other reasons why users want to know who their profile has viewed.

Also, if you were one of those who wanted to know about the person looking into your profile, this is the only way to find out in-depth who viewed your profile. This information is for you.

Below we told you three ways to see who views your Facebook profile.

Can you really see who viewed your profile on Facebook?

Facebook has always been against the release of these features. However, Facebook allows users to access it because of important events in connection with the company.

Tap on three lines on the app choices when you are on your Facebook app. You can see the Friends option. Click there.

You should be able to see people on Facebook who you want to communicate with most. If there’s an individual at the top with whom you don’t talk much (liking, tagging, sharing, commenting on their content), then this person will probably see your page.

Once you were to access your profile first and then friends, you would see your friend’s list in alphabetical order.

The next is very risky, but it can give you an idea of other details. See the People You May Know section.

Typically, the people who are there share with each other friends and a location. You can also be found in your contact information that has been saved on your phone (that is already connected to your Facebook).

The people who want your status updates are also an indicator that seems safe. While these people don’t often go on your profile page, they are most probably people who appear to view and connect with your feed updates.

See Who Viewed Your Businesses & Facebook

Recently Facebook has launched a Top Fan badge that you can display when you comment on posts on a certain page. For a business, however, this won’t tell you anything about how and when your profile or posts are viewed.

Another way is to find out who your top fans are and who your Facebook profile is while you run a Facebook business page.

Using Sotrender to enter the audience table and pick a group rating from the menu.

While you won’t tell anything from the Community ranking, with the function you can see important things.

The segmentation area may show how the individual relates to your page. You probably won’t look at your page too much if you’re not in the group ranking. You could be the people who see your page if you are a “liker”.

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Use Third-party Apps

Some applications from third parties let users see who has seen their profiles. Users only need these apps to be enabled and access to profile views quickly. Countless applications ensure complete access to the profile views. It is not possible, however, to see who exactly viewed your profile.

However, I never recommend you to download third-party software. Because if Facebook never added a feature to search for your profile, how many other platforms will allow you to look at your profile? It’s like a scam and you can let scammers play with your group profile on Facebook.

Why not use third-party applications?

Numerous applications offer fake features, and users believe they can see who has seen their profiles. They have no ideas that for a variety of reasons these apps work. Let’s clarify these apps’ motives.

Apps sell your data by understanding your desires and preferences to marketing and advertising agencies.

These apps will infect your phone, browser, applications, device, and you don’t have any idea what to do.

These apps help hackers to log in, update your password, and post whatever they want on your Facebook account.

They can see details of your credit card, debit card details, bank details, details of the payment app, and any kind of payment system.

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How you can secure yourself from this fraudulent act?

As a user of Facebook, securing your account is your responsibility. Report third-party applications using the following Facebook community security features against hackers, traps, and misleading.

Go to your Facebook app settings. Navigate and type app names on apps and websites. After that go to View and Edit, and then select Provide Feedback. Pick the problem you want to report and the applications you want to report, and click next.

The reporting processes will be done in a few moments.


We’ve shared you how to know who viewed your Facebook profile. We talked about Facebook adding this functionality to the iOS app recently.

So, users of Android should expect more. However, Please remember that the identities of users who have accessed your profile cannot be identified in any way, and any service or method that claims to visit is either incorrect or a scammer.

If you assume that any apps from third parties promise you to verify who has seen your Facebook profile, you can report it before linking your Facebook report to third-party apps.

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