What is Piso WiFi Pause Time?

Piso WiFi

In the present scenario, People rely on the best internet service provider to enjoy a seamless internet connection. Piso Wi-Fi is in high demand among many users because of user-friendliness and affordability. People can avail of a wide range of features. Pause time is the most important feature of Wi-Fi. It is available in free and paid plans. Users can enable or disable the feature at any time.

  • When enabling such a feature in WiFi, users pause or stop internet connection when it is not in use.
  • With this feature, users save data and money.
  • A proper IP address is essential to locate the Wi-Fi page where users modify router settings.
  • Wi-Fi has become popular among residential users for device compatibility and high-speed internet.

What is Piso WiFi Pause Time?

Before using the feature, people must understand more about it and how it works. Pause time denotes the duration that the internet on WIFI pauses and halts temporarily. It serves as a public Wi-Fi service that lets people get internet access for free.

The pause time feature enables Wi-Fi operators to adjust network usage and guarantee that users get a reasonable share of bandwidth. When activating pause time, the internet connection turns off for a specific duration. In that scenario, users never access the internet, and the session disconnects automatically.

Pause time duration enabled by the Piso Wi-Fi operator ranges from a few seconds to minutes. It is the best option to avoid network abuse and keep the network remains fast and responsible every time without hassle. It is a stunning approach to reducing multiple users using the network at the same time.

How to Set Pause time in Piso WiFi

Piso WIFI is the best option for users to use the internet based on their requirements. It is a good solution to keep Piso bandwidth. Pause time helps users to disallow others to access the internet. If you want to enable the pause time feature, you can follow step-by-step guidelines.

  • Go to the admin panel

To activate pause time in Piso Wi-Fi, you can go admin panel with an accurate IP address. You can connect a laptop or computer to a Wi-Fi router via wifi or LAN cable. Then, you open the browser and input in the address bar. It will let you to the wifi admin panel.

  • Login to panel

If you are in the admin panel, you need to log in to the panel with the right credentials. You may also use the default username and password and change them based on your wish.

  • Visit configuration page

Once you log in to the admin panel, you can view the Piso Wi-Fi dashboard. Then, you click on the configuration tab and locate the configuration page.

  • Activate the pause time feature

Activating the pause time feature is the most important step. On the configuration page, you can view diverse options relevant to the Wi-Fi setting. Then, you can search for the pause time option in the setting and click on the box to activate it.

  • Enable duration

If you enable the pause time attribute, you must set the duration for customers to pause the internet connection. You may set it in minutes or hours. Sometimes, users select a duration that fits a business model.

  • Save settings

After the duration set up is over, you can click on the save option to save the settings. It activates pause time in the Wi-Fi system.

  • Check the pause time feature

If you want to check the pause time feature, you can utilize a customer account or build a test account. You can simply log in to your account and look at the pause time button. After that, you click on the button and input the duration needed to pause the internet. After entering the duration, you click on the pause button. Internet connection will suspend for a particular duration.

Activating pause time in piso wifi with an IP address is a simple procedure. One must follow every step carefully and finish them as soon as possible. After activating this attribute, you can bring more flexibility to customers and enhance customer satisfaction.

Positive aspect of Piso WiFi Pause Time

Piso wifi pause time provides several benefits to administrators and users. Administrator and user gains improved control over network usage. With pause time, administrators have complete freedom to schedule specific intervals during which wifi pauses temporarily.

  • It is a great asset to keep peak usage hours and makes network sources available for the necessary tasks.
  • Pause time lets users to discover efficient and responsible network usage without any trouble.
  • Individuals also take breaks from stable connectivity and manage the proper balance between screen time and activities.

The feature is effective for energy conservation. People love to use piso wifi to prevent unwanted energy consumption temporarily during unused periods. It authorizes administrators with network management tools. Users enjoy wifi usage without any lag.


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