Useful tips that can help you promote growth in your TikTok Followers

Although TikTok is a relatively new player in the social media space, it has experienced fantastic development. Teens and children from the Z Generation will almost universally agree that TikTok is the most excellent platform ever.

This video-sharing website is unquestionably expanding the popularity of creators right now. People use it to show their creativity through humorous audio, short films, and quirky filters, which set them apart from other content creators.

TikTok is gaining more users as the popularity of viral videos soars across the board in the social media sphere. The network closely resembles the top three social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat—has more than 800 million active users. This app received the most downloads in 2020

Know the platform before trying to promote your business

Ask yourself if this is the right platform to promote for the industry rather than jumping on the most recent social media fad. TikTok is most popular among teenagers, with 41% of its viewership falling between the age group of 16 to 24, according to data.

 If teens and young adults make up most of your target market, now is the ideal time to create your brand’s TikTok account. Since TikTok is still a young and developing platform, this is a rare chance to carve out a niche for yourself. The platform works well with brief videos. When four distinct, 15-second segments are combined, the company has expanded the maximum duration of films from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

How to expand your audience?


Before we provide you with specific advice on increasing your audience, it’s critical to understand that gaining a small number of loyal followers is preferable to achieving thousands of unreliable ones. Due to the lack of transparency and the poor level of engagement, if you are thinking of buying followers, then it is a good idea. But the chances that the followers may last are less, and your account can be marked fake by TikTok.

If you correctly build the proper following, you can develop a community of brand advocates on the platform.

Work with social media influencers

TikTok is a visual-oriented platform popularly used by influencers, brands and businesses, just like Instagram. So, to find new connections, look for influencers or people who share similar ideas and create a positive impact on your target audience. You can read in detail at the website Increditools.

See if you can collaborate with them by pitching your ideas and sharing your work. A one-time collaboration goes a long way in creating long-term relationships for both parties. You could get exposure and increased engagement over time with your unique yet relatable content. Moreover, if the influencer already holds a solid fan base, it will significantly help you in expanding your reach on the platform. Remember that transparency is essential across all platforms, and follow the regulations when using #paid content.

Engage with the audience

Customers of small enterprises must be engaged on all social media platforms where they are present.

The incredibly dynamic website TikTok enables you to share your content, post comments on videos you enjoy, and interact with viewers in the comments. There are several ways to participate, and 83% of TikTok users have already contributed a video.

Make excellent content

content marketing

Content is king on social networks, as it is across the board. Creating excellent content that your followers will enjoy, engage with, and want to share is one of the best methods to grow tiktok followers.

 A social media manager or content creator should track current affairs and look for engaging items to share. While TikTok videos are frequently entertaining and spontaneous, it’s still essential to provide quality content that speaks to your audience. With the help of various video creation tools, you can create original content.

Share videos frequently

Sharing quality videos consistently is the key to expanding your audience on TikTok. To achieve this, you should plan your content and aim to post at least three to five times a week.

When people notice you sharing valuable, funny, informative or helpful videos, they start gaining interest in your profile and expect you to post regularly. So, if you fail to stick to your frequent postings, people may forget that you exist and eventually unfollow you.

Post when it’s appropriate

You need to find the right timings for posting videos on TikTok because that’s when your target audience is most active. For instance, most people keep scrolling on TikTok while commuting to work, having lunch, after work, or on weekends. So, you can consider these timings to get the most out of this platform.

Understand that the ideal posting time is based on your target audience’s lifestyle. The excellent times to post on TikTok varied significantly on each day of the week, according to an Influencer Marketing Hub analysis of 10,000 posts and interaction rates from around the world. As you can see from their infographic, the ideal posting times virtually coincide daily.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Using the right hashtags is one of the most crucial steps of a strong Tiktok marketing plan, as this platform is popularly known for its hashtag challenges. Don’t run after the trending hashtags that are working for other people. Instead, search for the ones relevant to your niche/area of service so that your posts can reach the right people.

You can learn more about hashtags on TikTok by seeing videos of experienced members or celebrities, including information on hashtag challenges and finding the best hashtags.

Play around with the music

Remember that TikTok is a music-based app! To keep current, take advantage of this and investigate the top songs trending on Spotify. Another option is to explore the Tiktok’s “For you” section to see what type of music is your audience prefers and use it in your next videos.

Make use of TikTok trends

TikTok trends

Every day, new content is added to the platform, including challenges and professionally choreographed dancing videos. Participate in the current TikTok, and you’ll undoubtedly see a rise in your following.

 If you follow the newest trends, TikTok users are more likely to find your videos, and if you’re lucky, your video might even become famous. It’s no secret that a single viral video may bring in thousands of new admirers.

Cross-promote on several channels

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are just a few social media sites where videos from TikTok are posted. You can cross-promote your content on these social networks as it expands your possibility to gain the attention of different brands.

Your TikTok videos can be shared on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, you may compile your TikTok content into a single YouTube video and submit it. If you want to gain followers on TikTok, make sure your videos have a call-to-action encouraging people to follow your account.

Utilize the UGC feature (user-generated content)

User-generated content (UGC) on TikTok may help you build your brand’s authority, increase the number of interactions you have, and increase your followers.

No matter how many fans you have, encourage people to post content about your account or, if necessary, your goods or services. For instance, if you’re selling a product that needs some teaching, you may encourage people to create “how-to” films. Reposting the UGC is an efficient way to promote your brand/company and make people aware of it.


The most critical factor in determining your growth is the caliber of your material. Users will ultimately start to unfollow you, no matter how successful your method is. After all, it’s about catching eyeballs with content that holds your audience’s interest for a long time. You need help finding a one-size-fits-all method to increase your TikTok following. However, using these tactics will ensure that all of your bases are covered, freeing you up to produce captivating content.

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