TextSheet Alternative – Best Websites Like Textsheet for Students 2021

Textsheet Alternative – Textsheet was a great tool that was available online. It helped the students to get answers to various problems. The Textsheet website had garnered a lot of praise and popularity in a short time. This could also be partly due to it being a free website.

About TextSheet

The Textsheet website used API technology. In short, the questions or queries are typed in the search box, and using the Chegg keys the solution is provided. It is like an online tutorial program and helped students complete their assignments, projects, homework, etc. However, this excellent website was shut down because of some DMCA notices for copyright infringement. However, all hope is not lost. There is a whole lot of Top Textsheet Alternative for Students in 2021.

Best Textsheet Alternatives In 2021

#1 Slader


For US-based students, this is a friendly website because of its popularity with the students. This is because it is straightforward to use. Not only that, but the students also find solutions and clarifications to most of their questions. The range of textbooks and subjects is very varied. The student can scan the barcode of the textbook. If that is not possible, the title of the textbook can be typed in the search bar.  All the relevant answers are then shown as the Search result. The Slader App is free, but then it has a lot of Ads in it. For an Ad-free experience, there is a small subscriber fee to be paid.


  • It is free.
  • The search engine is fast and efficient.
  • A wide range of subjects is covered with plenty of answers.


  • Too many ads in the free version
  • Some answers are of questionable quality despite moderating the content.

Slader has step-by-step textbook solutions which experts write. Some of the subjects covered are College Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, and Advanced Mathematics. There is also advanced engineering mathematics.  The website is constantly developing and improving, so that is the reason it has made it to the top of the list.

#2 Course Hero

Course Hero

The Course Hero is another Top Textsheet alternative in 2021 as it has more than 25 million study materials. It provides access to homework assignments, class notes, interactive flashcards, and test study guides as an education technology website. The search bar has more in-depth search options.  Herein, the student can type the name of the school, subject. Also, there are filters for courses, questions, and explanations. The pre-requisite is to sign into the website before downloading the documents or courses.


  • Free website
  • Complex, high-quality, and research papers are available.
  • Payment is given to those uploading solutions and files. That is an option to become a Tutor is available.
  • 24/7 online tutors available
  • By contributing study material, students can get free access to other Course Hero materials


  • A bit bulky and overcrowded to browse.
  • High premium membership cost and low pay for tutors

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Overall, the Course Hero provides direct answers to all the student’s queries. The Creative Savants option gives the student  Course Hero Unlocks, images, and answers. There is the provision to rate the tutors so that other students can benefit from the ratings. Using this platform, students can form study groups and share their files. Course Hero is a crowdsourcing education technology platform, so it provides subscription options. There are three pricing options to avail of, such as Annual, 3-month, and monthly membership.  This option is best for students as they can avail themselves as per their budget and study requirements. The platform also provides a chance to earn some money through its referral program.

#3 Chegg


Being an American website, it has more than 4 million subscribers with many online tutors. Compared to the other platforms mentioned on this list, the Chegg website is the oldest.  Besides being an online tutoring program, it also serves as a platform for renting digital and hardcopy textbooks. It has varied subscription plans so you can choose as per your needs. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Play Store. There is a free trial for about 30 minutes. Video calling option wherein you can talk to the experts is also available at a price.


  • Buying and renting book facility is provided.
  • Sample research papers are made available.


  • It is a paid website.

There are flashcards provided to enhance your study experience and to test your knowledge. The Chegg website includes step-by-step textbook solutions. So even the toughest of assignments can be completed quickly. So, Chegg is a multi-service platform that provides various services to students for course help and tutoring.  Becoming a Chegg tutor is also financially viable as many students can become self-reliant and at the same time grow in their knowledge. The reviews of this facility show that students appreciate the information and the online references provided on the website. If an expert’s advice is needed, then it is best to visit the Chegg website.

#4 PaperHelp


As the name itself suggests, the PaperHelp website is especially preferred by students who need to study and solve papers. It is a professional assignment and paper writing service.  From 2008 onwards, it has been tutoring the students whether they are in high school or doing a Ph.D. It is an excellent alternative to private tutors. When compared with private tutor charges, this website is relatively cheap. PaperHelp has a lot of academic assignments, and the service is legitimate.  It also has a strict privacy policy.


  • Hard copy or research papers can be ordered.
  • Efficient delivery
  • Privacy is maintained.
  • Mobile apps available for IOS and Android


  • Charges per paper a bit high

Being a paid service might put some students off. But when compared to the benefits it offers, it is very economical. The cost depends upon the paper volume, deadline, academic level, writer’s level, etc. The services are available when a user signs in. There is also a free samples directory that you can browse. However, the placement of an order is only accepted after you sign in.

#5 Studylib


With more than 300000 users, the Studylib website is another good alternative.  It enables free downloading and storing of documents that can be shared easily with others.  To make the search easy, the trending options feature is provided. The student must first sign up to the Studylib website to avail of all the benefits. It is a free website and offers the students to add documents and papers to their account.


  • Option to upload the documents.
  • User-friendly and dynamic website
  • Good flashcard site with custom images and audio
  • Spaced repetition planner


  • Registration is compulsory to log in.
  • Lack of control and flexibility for the end-user

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The Studylib website is powered by cognitive science research and has spaced repetition planner. This helps the student to study and remember the study material. The subjects covered are broad, from history to science and politics. The friendly support team of Studylib needs a separate mention. The sign-up procedure is simple and fast too.

#6 SparkNotes

SparkNotesThe SparkNotes website is highly patronized by students of SAT. This is because textbooks and test papers can be bought from this website, and there is a standardized test available. With a wide range of subjects, this is an excellent website to learn from. Helpful study guides relating to literature, math, science is available on the website. This website’s noteworthy feature is Shakespeare’s translations, wherein students can understand the plays and sonnets. Help is provided to understand more than 700 works of literature.  Initially, this website was started to give notes or study guides to literature, poetry, history, philosophy, etc. But now, the scope has broadened to include biology, chemistry, physics, economics.


  • The SparkNotes App can be downloaded on the mobile
  • Users can avail themselves of guides.
  • Side-by-side translations are available.
  • Friendly site
  • No charge is levied for its users.
  • Quick Quizzes for testing the learning power.


  • Support options are limited.

SparkNotes provides a customized text size option and the new Dark Mode feature for better visibility. The platform comes with two app variants which are available on Play Store and Apple App Store.

#7 Coursera


The Coursera website was started by two professors whowanted to offer the best education in one place.   As of today, the website has more than 40 million members with access to about 3600 courses.  There is also the facility to earn an online degree for more than 14 courses.    Because of providing research papers and other study material,Coursera is a good Textbook alternative in 2021.  The Professional certificates available on Coursera make the student ready to take on a job, thus kickstarting a career.


  • A user-friendly and well-organized website
  • Topics are updated regularly.
  • Wide range of courses


  • Charges applicable for becoming a member.
  • Some courses have outdated information.

Coursera’s unique way of teaching helps the students to master any topic they choose.    They have a class, ‘ Learning How to Learn.  This teaches the students about the science of learning so that students can become experts. Today, it has made a mark as a global online learning platform providing life-transforming learning experiences to students worldwide.

#8 Quizlet


The statistics of this website prove that Quizlet has become the best TextSheet alternative in 2021. It has more than 50 million users to boast and 300 million study material to browse from. Flashcards are provided for students who are more comfortable with using them. The range of subjects covered is comprehensive, and the students can record the importance level. There are two ways to avail of the Quizlet subscription.  One is Quizlet Go, and the other is Quizlet Plus.


  • Free Website
  • Promotes teamwork.


  • The presence of Ads is a big distraction.

In short, Quizlet is a study aid that uses a flashcard app with intelligent features.  It is ideal for study-at-home students. There are audio uploads and study sets created by instructors and other users. Students can learn at their speed with the help of various tools and games.  Facts state that about 90% of students achieved higher grades after using Quizlet.

#9 School Solver

School Solver

School Solver has made a name for itself as one of the most powerful learning platforms.  It assists the professionals as well as students by providing homework assistance.   For example, a student can get help for homework, projects, etc., at a nominal price. At the same time, a professional can earn money by providing the necessary assistance.


  • Intuitive interface which is easy to understand
  • Experts and top educators available for all subjects
  • Direct and the point answers provided in simple formats
  • The registration process is easy and simple


  • Price is the biggest hurdle.

School Solver is a wonderful platform for students and teachers.  Students can get multiple answers from registered teachers, and the respective teachers can earn money.  The solutions provided are relevant and qualitative. The School Solver platform also provides an editing facility wherein the teachers can edit and modify the answers.

#10 BYJU’S


This website is slowly and steadily catching every student’s attention. Mainly focusing on school kids and college students, it has expanded to include Universities and competitive exams. Byju’s offers a unique style of teaching with videos and different characters.


  • Offers well-rounded learning by providing in-depth information.
  • Good service and support
  • Makes learning fun.


  • Slow loading time
  • Fees are a bit high

Byju’s quality is the best, and students can appear for IAS, JEE, NEET confidently. They have a good advertising and marketing strategy to support.

Final Verdict

There are other sites, such as CrazyforStudy, which are equally good as TextSheet Alternatives in 2021. So, for students, it is a blessing. Students may find it very hard to complete assignments or projects because of many distractions and restrictions due to the pandemic. In that case, technology is ready to help in just the right way. By utilizing these TextSheet Alternatives in 2021, many students can continue an uninterrupted learning course.

Therefore, choose any one of the above and continue to progress in your knowledge—all the best to you.


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