Steps to Use The Digital Yuan Official Application

The digital yuan official application is a one-stop solution to facilitate trade financing, e.g., loan discounting, bill of exchange issuance, and letter of credit opening. Digital Yuan is not only a unique payment channel but also a comprehensive financing solution. Visit this site to get the best trading benefits and platforms regulated by the government. In addition to the payment service, its services include a bill of exchange issuance, loan discounting, letter of credit opening, and others.

The application provides access to some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions, such as Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and HSBC. Through these channels and other financial firms in China or abroad, the digital Yuan can be readily used as an in-house commercial board or card payment system or through these outlets for corporate financing needs.

The digital yuan official application is an integrated platform for digital currency. After the offline digital currency is obtained, it can be purchased through the digital yuan official application. The application issues a prepaid digital currency card that can be used as a coupon online or offline. It is also possible to obtain other services such as bill of exchange issuance, letter of credit opening, loan discounts, and others through the application. Here you can use the official digital Yuan application.


China recently released its official digital Yuan application and a digital wallet to integrate the use case of digital Yuan in their life. The digital Yuan wallet is named shuzi, whereas the digital Yuan official application is named shuzi Renminbi. A single user can set up numerous wallets using the Suzi Renminbi in the wallet app. However, international users cannot access every feature of this official app but can have access to such applications and make proper use of them.

  • You can keep track of your balance when logged in by downloading the digital wallet;
  • You can buy e-CNY through a bank account or other payment methods such as Alipay (as long as you are connected to your WeChat account);
  • You can use your e-CNY to buy products from over one million merchants across China;
  • You can send e-CNY to a friend via WeChat’s transfer function;
  • You can use the official digital currency payment channel at over 900,000 merchants across China;
  • You can load/unload your e-CNY as much as you want, and there is no limit on how many times you can make withdrawals and deposits (except for ones made using third-party providers such as Alipay);
  • You can enjoy a variety of excellent services provided by Shuzi, such as ATM withdrawal, micro-loans, and more;
  • You can send money to friends that do not have the application installed or do not have WeChat by using your bank account or Alipay.

Who operates the digital yuan app?

The digital currency, the electronic Renminbi or e-CNY, is a digital currency issued by government authorities. To ensure its legitimacy and security, it is constantly monitored by the People’s Bank of China. Its license number is SC-6Y-T028847.

How does the money issuance platform work?

The money issuance platform for e-CNY mainly works through bank cards issued by payment service companies and Alipay payment terminals or applications.

These two channels allow for the issuance of e-CNY at all merchants and service providers. Electronic currency refers to any money that one can store electronically. However, electronic currency should not be confused with a payment card or electronic cash system issued by banks and cannot be shared among multiple users.

How do I get the official digital yuan app?

To get the official digital yuan app, you need to have a valid account on WeChat, which is free. Then, search for the official digital currency app through the WeChat application inside the App Store. Then, verify your account and follow the instructions to get the official digital yuan application.

Why do I need to download this official digital currency application?

The official digital yuan app is a platform that facilitates your purchase of electronic money, which is also called e-CNY. The e-CNY you purchase through this official Yuan app can be used to make payments at over 100,000 merchants across China. In addition, you can also transfer e-money using WeChat’s Transfer feature or use it to pay bills and other financial expenses provided by service providers such as Alipay.

How do I use the official digital yuan app?

After creating an account, you may purchase e-CNY through bank transfer. You can also load e-CNY via cash at ATMs across China or using third-party providers such as Alipay.

What is the role of third-party providers when it comes to the use of electronic money?

ATMs and third-party providers have a role in providing consumers with electronic money. These companies are responsible for depositing e-money into the accounts of their users, who can then use the e-money to make various purchases at merchants and service providers across China.

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