Top 13 Sites Like Humble Bundle for Buy Cheap Games

Sites Like Humble Bundle

The humble bundle is a digital storefront basically for video games. It has wide packages of books, games, software, and many more collections. It is a digital storehouse of software and games promoting thousands of titles from several innovative developers and publishers. The humble bundle store offers thousands of games every day for people who visit the website. The database has more than 20,000 games and every purchase that you make will support a charity. So, the games are sold at a price that is fixed by the purchaser, where a part of the price goes to the charity and the remaining is shared by the game developers.

The humble bundle was previously in US dollars, now a more consistent regional pricing is introduced. The conversion between the regional prices is based on the exchange rates. The humble bundle is a wonderful site for people who are indulged in playing games with AAA studios and indie developers for a reasonable price. As the name suggests, it comes with a bundle of games at discounted prices. Sites like humble bundle offer bundle of games which includes different categories like comic books, themed games and also software bundles. If you are not much excited about the humble bundle website, you can try using other sites like Humble bundle that is similar to the humble bundle site.

13 Best Alternative and Similar Sites Like Humble Bundle

Here is a list of other sites similar to the humble bundle or certain humble bundle alternatives.

1. Indie Gala



It supports small developers, indie studios, and small game developers. They have a similar bundle of games but more economical. You can buy about four or six games with a 95% discount. A large number of small games can be bought with less price. Indie Gala is the best website that you must visit if you genuinely want to give your support to the small game developers. There are also chances where you get certain games for free and some quizzes where you can be a participant and earn some amount of money.

2. Groupees



In Groupees, you will be able to build your bundle and also select the game of your choice from among various games and so it is rightly called the incredible unique game bundle. With just a dollar, the user can choose about two to eight games from large games, small games, and indie games. They also have a collection of comic books, music, games that the user can choose from.

3. Fanatical – Buy Cheap Games



Fanatical is simple to navigate and the user can easily find the titles segregated like the top sellers, latest deals, and so on. Their focus is on gaming bundles with discounted prices. They have fun themes. The user also has the choice to buy mystery keys for less price and get certain mystery games in a bundle. They also have deals in comics and you can get the offer news about the upcoming sales on large games.

4. Epic Bundle


Epic Bundle

It focuses on bundles that run quickly for hours or even for a few days. The website can be helpful as it collects information from various other bundle websites. This is said to be the perfect or ideal website that comes with a bundle of games.

5. Is there any deal



The Website has bundles of games from different sellers like Amazon and other sellers. The user can go for the major AAA studio games and certain indie games from small developers. On this website, the user comes to know if there is an ongoing sale for the games and if the game comes as a package, and the source of the game from where it is coming.

6. Lazy guys studio



The lazy guy’s studio also focuses on different games that have their theme. The bundle can last for a few weeks or for a certain time duration. Then, the user has to wait until the next bundle appears which may take a particular time duration. While buying or contributing to the bundle, the user can get special deals, and certain random users are also selected for gifts.

7. Green man gaming


Green man gaming

The primary focus of the Green man game is to sell individual games at a reduced price rather than focusing on bundles. On preorder, certain games will be on their original price and most of the other games at a reduced price. Discounts can be availed on membership, like the PS4Pro. If you prefer to buy the best individual game at a reduced price, Green man gaming is the best website.

8. Bunch Keys – Best Gaming Deals


Bunch Keys

Bunch keys are the capable humble bundle alternatives. It gives discounts and coupons and the user is entitled to win certain game-related products and free steam keys. It provides the user’s bundles of keys at a competitive price. The bundles with discounts are offered every week, so make it a point to regularly visit the website.

This is the website that has its main focus on keysor even a bundle of keys rather than bundles and deals.  There are typically themed bundles, mystery bundles, and other bundles. By purchasing the bundle of keys, the user can save more than 90%on a single bundle. For larger and famous games there are discounts and deals.




It offers numerous indie games by being a good support to the small developers. In ITCH most of the games are cheap and certain games come as free. The expensive games are usually put on sale. If you prefer to give your support toindie developers, this is the website that you can choose.

10. Gamers Gate


Gamers Gate

This is a website that is identical to the Green man gaming website as it concentrates on individual games. Both new and old games will have discounts and deals. Certain games will have huge discounts of over 90%. The user under Gamers Gate has the choice for both small developers’ games and large AAA games.

11. Good Old Games


Good Old Games

They offer their products on DLC- free downloadable installers. The site has various games from top AAA to indie games. The user can choose from a wide range of games like sports, adventures, action, shooters, racing, etc. They also sell DRM- free movies and other gaming videos.

12. Story bundle


The main focus of the site is on the bundle of books, each bundle carries about six to nine titles. Single books are also available on the site. The books that are sold here are usually written by indie authors and they too donate a portion of their income to the charities. The amount that the users pay for the books is determined by them.




This website supports multiple platforms, where the games are available at a discounted price only for a certain period. Popular AAA titles and indie games are accessible at the site. It also has a subscription service where during the first day of every month certain handpicked games are available for redemption in your member zone.


To build a library of your favorite games is a tough job. Playing video games is a way to kill boredom, but never allow it to interfere with your work. The sites like humble bundle provide wonderful gaming deals at a discounted price. It has games that support Linux, Mac OS, and Windows PCs. Nintendo Switch games have been added to the library. The humble bundle has gained popularity because it has given constant support to various charities and has shared its profit with the developers. The article has discussed certain alternatives to the humble bundle. You can try to explore these humble bundle alternatives. The sites also offer you to make donations for charities. While you have fun playing games, it is also donating for a noble purpose.

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