Matt Ox Net Worth, Age, Career, and Earnings 2023

Matt Ox is one of the most famous American songwriters and rappers. He earns money differently, such as YouTube, Music, etc. Many artists come and go in the ever-evolving world, but some of them capture the hearts of millions of people and leave a lasting impact. Matt Ox is a rapper who has rapidly aspired to the music industry.

He started her career in music at a very young age. His exceptional performance style with Auto-Tune sets him apart from the crowd. Matt OX has performed at different events and gained over a hundred million plays on SoundCloud. His net worth in 2023 reflects Matt OX’s tremendous success at a young age. Continue reading the post to learn about the early life and net worth of famous American rapper Matt OX.

Matt Ox Biography

Full NameMatthew Grau
NicknameMatt Ox, Ox
Place of BirthLawncrest, Philadelphia, USA
Date of Birth13 December 2004
Age18 years
Height5′ 2″
Weight139 lbs or 63 Kg
ProfessionRapper, singer
Net Worth$400K

Matt Ox was born on 13th December 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother, Laurel Grau, gave birth to her son when she was only fifteen. Also, Laurel always accompanies his son during tours, and she says that her son Matt is an ordinary kid. Matt’s father committed suicide when he was only two and a half years old. His father suffered from mental sickness.

In addition, Matt OX has an aunt named Terry Iovine, who encourages them in his career. He started rapping and recording from an early age. Matt Ox released his single “Overwhelming” in 2017 at 12, which got more attention. This music video went viral, amassing more than millions of views within a few days. Captivating flow set and distinct voice of Matt OX apart from other artists, making the music industry take notice of him.

Music Career

Following the overwhelming success, he continued to release a lot of music that resonated with his fans. The biggest names in the music industry recognized his talent. It creates opportunities for collaboration with renowned artists in the industry, such as Chief Keef, PnB Rock, Lil Yachty, and others.

The young rapper signed with Warner Bros in 2018. Records solidified his position in the entertainment industry as a rising star. Matt OX gains a large fanbase and access to several resources for his career. His studio project, “OX,” was released in 2018 that featured a mix of trap beats and introspective lyrics, displaying his versatility as an artist. This album received positive reviews from fans, which helped him to earn more recognition.

What is Matt Ox Net Worth

Famous rapper Matt OX has a net worth of $400 thousand approximately. He makes revenue from streaming platforms, concerts, and music sales. Also, Matt OX expanded his revenue streams via different business ventures. On the other hand, he reaped financial gains through brand endorsements and partnerships with companies that harmonized with his style and image.


Matt Ox’s started his music career at a young age due to his distinct voice and talent. He released his debut single Overwhelming when he was 12 years old, which gained widespread attention.

The height of young American rapper Matt OX is 5 feet 2 inches.

Of course, he purchased a house for his mother, Laurel Grau.


Matt Ox’s net worth in 2024 is $400 thousand, and he started his career in music at an early age. His passion for music and dedication has propelled him to a top position in the music industry. Undoubtedly, Math OX continues to grow as an artist, and he will leave a long-lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Also, Matt inspires youngsters to pursue their dreams with perseverance and determination.

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