Damar Hamlin Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Family and NFL Income

Damar Hamlin Net Worth

Damar Hamlin is a well-known American football player with a huge fan base. His outstanding performance and exceptional skills have made a big wave in the sports industry. By spending his career in sports, he has earned a net worth of $3 million as of 2024.

Being the rising football player, he has started his career in football in NFL 2021 as the safety for the Buffalo Bills. Within a short time, he has obtained huge popularity in football, although he started his career in football in 2021. 

What is Damar Hamlin’s Net Worth?

Damar Hamlin’s net worth is $3 million approximately. He has earned a lot through his football career. After signed a contract with the professional football team, he got a decent amount for his participation. His monthly income is around $40,000, and he earns about $0.5 million annually. 

His major income source is signing a contract with the leading football team. He had earned $3 million within a few years of starting football as his professional career. This net worth is the accumulation of money getting for playing in the NFL on behalf of Buffalo Bills and major endorsement deals. In the upcoming years, he will surely make a net worth of more than $3 million because he is thinking about signing high-pay contracts.

Damar Hamlin’s Biography

Full NameDamar Hamlin
Place of BirthMckees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Date of BirthMarch 24, 1998
Age24 years old
Height1.83 m
NationalityAmerican born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
ProfessionFootball player and entrepreneur
Net Worth$3 Million

Damar Hamlin Earnings

Damar Hamlin has signed a four-year contract worth $3,640,479 with the Buffalo Bills and play football with this team in NFL. This agreement includes yearly salary of $910,119, signing bonus of $160,476, and guaranteed funds of $160,476. He will get $825,000 as his base pay in 2023. His cap hit is valued at $865,119 and dead cap is around $120,357. So, his net worth is around $660,000 USB based on the recent search and report.

Along with the Buffalo Bills contract, Hamline earns from endorsements and sponsorships. It contributes a lot to his net worth. Although his salary details are not disclosed publicly, he gets the average salary of an NFL player. It means he earns a substantial amount. Like other NFL players, he gets money from the additional sources such as brand endorsements, holdings, sponsorships, and media appearances. These things further boost his earnings and net worth greatly.

Damar Hamlin’s Early Life

He was born on 10th October 1997, and brought up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied at Central Catholic High School. This place helped him showcased his interest and talent in football. His ability was noticed, and he ranked as a four-star recruit. 

Then, he attended the University of Pittsburgh and got a chance to improve his skills further to take football as his career. Buffalo Bills has drafted Hamlin in 2021 NFL Draft’s 6th round. As a safety for the Buffalo Bills, he proved that he is a great asset to the team by contributing to the team’s defense.  

Damar Hamlin NFL Career

Damar Hamlin has spent his young career in the NFL and played for the Buffalo Bills, the best franchise in the league. So, he becomes one of the young prospects competing for the championship upon stepping into the NFL. He has been using this fantastic opportunity properly and become a leading player in football. 

He has put up a great stat line in his career’s crucial point. The second-year safety has 1.5 sacks, 93 tackles, and 1 forced fumble. The football fans hope that Damar Hamlin recovers faster and return to NFL as his future looks gifted.

Damar Hamlin – Career & Awards

In 2021, he started his career in football as he got selected for the 2021 National Football League by the Buffalo Bills. He has signed four years contract with this team. During the career early stage, he played football and obtained All-ACC honor in 2020 as a senior for the first time at the University of Pittsburgh. Then, he signed a contract with Steelers to work as a free agent after going undrafted in 2021 NFL. 

He played around sixteen games and recorded one interception and thirty-five tackles in his first season with Steelers. Through his excellent performance, he brought a strong impression among audiences and other players. He showcased his ability and talent in contributing much for different areas of the game.

All these things helped him earned the tremendous respect and honor from his coaches and teammates. It helps him to be successful in the NDL and score better in a short time of his career. Recently, he has played against the Cincinnati Bengals. 


1. For which team does Damar Hamlin currently play? 

Damar Hamlin is signed a four-year contract with the leading franchise Buffalo Bills and plays as the safety for this team.

2. What is the net worth of Damar Hamlin in 2024?

The net worth of Damar is $3 million as of 2023.

3. How much does Damar Hamlin make in a year?

He earns the salary of $0.5 million annually.

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