How To Turn Off Airplay (iPhone, iPad, or Mac)

How To Turn Off Airplay

Apple’s ecosphere is intertwined, and AirPlay is the company’s process of transferring and streaming services from one gadget to some other. If you have an iPhone and an AirPlay-enabled gadget, you can cast any sort of content from your smartphone to one or the other, which would include audio, recordings, photographs, as well as other media. Apple AirPlay allows users to cast content from their Apple device to a Mac, Apple TV, or indeed any display or presenter that continues to support the technology.

Step by step instructions to disable AirPlay

Choose the Mirroring button (a rectangular shape with a triangle at the bottom) from either the menu that appears on your MacBook. Choose to Turn Mirroring Off from the menu bar.


If you’re not seeing the Mirroring icon, go to the dropdown bar and select Apple, then System Preferences > Displays. In the bottom left-hand corner. When available, select the Display mirroring options in the settings menu checkbox.

Turning Off AirPlay on an Apple device or iPhone

  • First and foremost, begin exploring with the control center on your iPhone or iPad to turn off AirPlay.
  • Scroll down from the topmost edge of the screen on iPhone and iPad iOS 12.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the display on an Apple device, iOS 11, and previous versions.
  • Choose between the Music and Screen Mirroring widgets.
  • Choose either Stop Mirroring or Stop AirPlay.


If you would like to reclaim control of your Apple TV from another AirPlay server, press the Menu icon on your Apple TV remote as well as in the Remote application on your iPhone.


  • Choose the Mirroring > Turn Mirroring Off from the MacBook.
  • In settings reach Control Center then select Music or Screen Mirroring you will see the Stop Mirroring or Stop AirPlay option on an apple device.


How do I uninstall AirPlay on my device?

AirPlay cannot be uninstalled or removed. Turning off AirPlay is the nearest equivalent you could get to attempting to remove it. Open the Settings Section, press Screen Mirroring, and thereafter press Stop Mirroring to switch off AirPlay on your apple device.

On my apple device, where should I find AirPlay settings?

Use the iPhone Home app to customize the configurations for your AirPlay settings. Users could use the Home app on their iPhone to switch AirPlay on and off, restrict access to AirPlay, change the names of their gadgets, assign a device to a hallway, and enable others to project their smartphone cast to your Apple TV or other android Tv.

Where can I locate the AirPlay button?

The AirPlay button can be found in the iPhone you are using to cast content (for instance, the YouTube application). The square with some upward-pointing arrow is indeed the AirPlay tab. It’s typically just at bottom of the application’s display.

How Would AirPlay Function?

AirPlay identifies devices using one of two techniques. If you use Apple AirPort Express as your wireless device, it will hook up all of your Apple products without the need for any specialized hardware or configuration.

When connected to the very same Wi-Fi router, supported devices will recognize one another and AirPlay communication is possible as long as all of your gadgets are connected to the very same Wi-Fi router.

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