How to Make the Best Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is primarily a costume party. Costumes for a masquerade party can be bought in special stores, but this is a rather expensive outfit option. It is much cheaper to make your own Halloween costumes by rummaging through your own wardrobe.

We offer options for simple, but at the same time interesting ideas for Halloween outfits.

Theme for Halloween Costumes

Initially, Halloween costumes looked extremely intimidating. The Celts, who invented this holiday, specially dressed in scary outfits to scare evil spirits away from their homes. But over time, the costumes evolved, and by the beginning of our century, bright images began to appear on Halloween, and the holiday itself turned into a masquerade show.

Now on Halloween you can transform into any hero you want. Everything is limited only by your imagination and desire. To get started, select a look category to narrow down your Halloween outfit idea. You can become:

  • Fairytale hero
  • Representative of otherworldly forces
  • Character of popular cartoons and horror films

Classic Halloween heroes are demons, witches, werewolves, monsters, ghosts, skeletons and other frightening creatures known to us from fairy tales and horror films. But it is not necessary that your hero be evil and scary. No less popular at the holiday are harmless fairy-tale characters, including Snow White and the Black Cloak, the heroes of Zootopia and The Bremen Town Musicians, Jack Sparrow and Cinderella.

The Best Halloween Costumes

Witches are traditionally considered the heroines of the holiday. They can look like scary old women, like Baba Yaga, and seductive witches. Often there are various demons in female form, and various evil spirits: mermaids, swamp kikimors, charming dryads.

The main characters among the guys are monsters, zombies, vampires, ghouls. Among them, the vampire outfit has been popular for a long time. But if earlier for this image the character of Count Dracula was traditionally taken as the basis, now he has been replaced by a romantic hero from the vampire saga “Twilight”.

One of the frequently encountered characters is a dead man who has risen from the grave. The girls in this case dress up as the bride of Frankenstein or the heroine of Corpse Bride. The image of a skeleton is suitable for guys, the outfit for which is quite simple to make.

When creating all these intimidating characters, appropriate makeup is used, so such characters will only be appropriate at an adult party. As for the children’s holiday, it is better to choose good characters from fairy tales and cartoons. The best Halloween costumes for kids are Prince, Fairy, Luntik, Princess Jasmine, Harry Potter, Little Red Riding Hood. The characters of the animal world are also relevant for the holiday, so you can dress up as a cat, bear, wolf or fox or as halloween inflatable dragon.

Movie Characters for Halloween Costume

The festival is always attended by characters from various cartoons and films. Since all new blockbusters are released almost every year, the fashion for characters changes quite often.

Popular Halloween classic characters include:

  • Cheshire cat
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Alice from the Looking Glass
  • Characters from The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Maleficent
  • Batman
  • Cat woman
  • Emily from Dead Bride
  • Doll from the movie “It”
  • Joker
  • The girl from the movie “The Call”
  • Characters from The Addams Family
  • Charlie’s girlfriend from Suicide Squad
  • Dracula

Most of the characters for Halloween appeared thanks to “horror films”. These are a variety of killer clowns, zombies, monsters, dead dolls. It is not necessary to completely copy the image on the screen. Photos of movie characters should be used only as an idea, and the hero himself should be created using your own imagination.

How to make a Halloween costume

Halloween outfits can be easily made from clothes, rummaging through your own wardrobe or in your grandmother’s chest of drawers. Estimate what you can donate, because, most likely, the thing will be hopelessly damaged.

Any costume will be complemented by special Halloween accessories, which will need to be stocked up in advance. For example, vampire fangs, artificial blood, pumpkin, ears, carnival hats, etc.

We will tell you tricks that will make even the simplest outfit memorable.

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