How to Clean Your Smart Sock

Smart Sock

The smart sock is a high-end technology that is used to monitor the heart rate and the oxygen levels of your infants when you are not around. This is a special kind of sock that can be placed on a baby’s foot to obtain the data related to their health. It can keep a health record that can be monitored anytime.

The sock is placed on the baby’s foot, so it needs to be kept clean all the time. The soiled fabric of the sock needs to be cleaned, so it does not cause any irritation on the baby’s skin. So, it’s very important to wash the smart sock in lukewarm water and good detergent every week to ensure it does not cause any irritation. It is essential to always remove the sensor before washing the sock. After the washing of the sock is done, dry it is complete before using it again.

  • The smart sock comes with a left and right version depending upon the user.
  • This sock has a built-in infrared system that is used to monitor the heart rate and the oxygen level of an infant.
  • It is used during the first year of a kid’s life but can be used by parents uptil 18 months.
  • It is very easy to use a smart sock. Simply pair the sock to the main base station and then strap it with your baby’s feet so it can start recording.
  • The sensor is close to your baby’s body, so it can easily record crucial data related to the baby’s health. They have proved to be used for knowing about your baby.

Cleaning The Smart Sock

Since we all know the Smart sock comes up with a sensor, most users are confused about how it can be washed. The base station needs to be dry all the time so best performance, but the fabric sock is totally washable and needs a gentle wash every day to stop any irritation for the baby.

The irritation can be caused if the sock is not washed correctly, so we suggest washing it once a week with lukewarm water and some detergent. Keep In mind washing the sock can make it last much longer. We will go through each step on how to clean your smart sock.

Supplies Required Before Washing

If you want to wash the smart sock, you need some supplies before you start cleaning.

  • A good quality gentle detergent that is best for washing baby clothes
  • A soft and clean toothbrush
  • Sink that has a drainage plug so the socks can be dipped in lukewarm water. Later the sink can be drained.
  • A clean, dry towel
  • An air dryer

Remove the Smart Sock sensor

Removing the smart sock sensor is very important to avoid any damage to the sensor. So it’s best to remove the sensor before starting the washing. Removing the sensor is really easy. Just follow the below-listed steps

  • Turn off the sensor by unplugging the base station. This can be done by
  • First, remove the sock from the baby’s feet
  • Press and hold the base station button. Keep constant pressure on the base station button until you hear a chirping sound from the base station.
  • When you hear the first click remove the pressure
  • The base station will make four chirp sounds. After that, the light ring on the base station will change color to blinking orange
  • Press the base station once only when the ring light is blinking orange. This is done to turn off the sensor properly
  • After this, the smart sock will turn off, and it will be ready to be cleaned.
  • Keep in mind never submerge the smart sock while it is turned on. It can cause an electric short-circuit in the device.

Cleaning The Smart Sock

It is easy to wash the sock after the sensor is removed. Use the lukewarm water and a mild detergent for washing it. Please avoid the use of soap for cleaning the sock as it can stay inside the sock and cause irritation later. To wash the sock properly, follow the steps.

  • Prepare the solution in which you will wash the sock
  • Create the dilute solution using the water and the mild detergent that you have for washing
  • Put the sink plug on, and now fill your basin with lukewarm water. Parents can also use a basin or a bowl
  • Add the premade detergent solution to the water and mix it with your hands
  • Here one thing should be kept in mind never use soaps or laundry detergent as it can cause baby skin irritation for an extended period of time
  • Before dipping the smart sock inside the solution, recheck that the sensor light is off
  • Now separate the sensor from the sock
  • Dip it in the solution and avoid water contact with the sensor
  • You can scrub the sensor very gently using the toothbrush. Move the toothbrush in a circular motion for better cleaning
  • It is advisable to rinse the toothbrush in running water to remove any excess
  • Again, scrub the sensor gently to remove any leftover excess
  • Pause every time to clean the brush to remove the excess by washing it under running water. Tap the toothbrush every time you clean it.
  • Repeat this whole process again and again until all the dirt and oil on the sensor are removed. Keep in mind no detergent should remain on the sensor.
  • Clean the fabric strap until all the detergent is removed fully
  • With your hands, wash the sock properly to remove any residue

Dry the fabric sock

Once the cleaning has been done, one needs to dry the fabric sock fully, so it can be used again. We suggest that after washing, place it on an indoor dry line in front of a fan to dry it much faster. You can follow these steps to air dry your fabric sock.

  • Use the dry towel and press the sensor in it to remove any external moisture.
  • Lay the senor on the towel and air dry it until its completely dry
  • Don’t place it on charging after you wash it, as it can cause damage to the sensor

Turning on the sensor

When you are sure that the fabric strap and sensor are completely dry, you can now turn on the sensor.

  • Place the sensor on the base station
  • Now it is ready to be used again for monitoring

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