How to Choose The Right Dog Bed

Choose The Right Dog Bed

Your pet dog is just as unique and particular with its needs and wants. It might not say it, but you can easily know from its behavior, what it wants and what makes it happy. You know it likes to sleep in your preferred spots, and if not well trained, it will end up ruining your favorite seat or mess up in your bed. To prevent this, you should get your dog the bed it wants, by considering the factors that would help you choose the best dog bed for it. This article will guide you through these factors, and from it, you might get to learn your dog even better.

Choose the Right amount of Padding/Fill

The structure of the dog bed usually remains static, and if the size is large then all you need to worry about is the filling. Loose fill made of pellets and foam shreds are the cheapest but they deteriorate really fast. In the long term, this will cost you more, and you will need to constantly add more filling since they bread down easily. Over time, these loose fillings begin to shrink and shift making the bed less comfortable for your dog over time.


To avoid this stress, you can opt for memory foam with washable covers. Most dog beds for sale in Australia have this feature. Most memory foams in the Australian dog bed market actually come with waterproof and hypoallergenic covers which prevent build up of pathogens and are generally easy to wash.

Get the Right Bed Size

Getting the right bed size, involves measuring your dog’s weight and measurements to ensure your bed will be a perfect fit for it. You need a dog bed that is not too small and not too large. Measure its length from the nose to the tail and add an extra 6 or 7 inches for stretching and turning. You can also check what size your dog breed will reach at its maximum and use this size as your reference point, in the event your pet is still growing. To measure the weight, simply pick the dog up and step on a weighing scale. The weight measurements will help you to know the amount of padding to add to the bed.

Bed Mattress for Dogs

Are there Benefits to Shopping Online for Dog Beds?

Online shopping has grown to be a more convenient way to shop since you just need to click on your computer or phone, and check a catalogue of items and they will be brought right to your door step. This convenience is good, but with online stores, its hard to know exactly how these dog beds feel since mere descriptions cannot beat actually experiencing things like texture. Yes, the bed might look durable online, but you’d need to hold it and even see whether your dog likes it. Some pet owners prefer gong with their dogs to the pet store to see what their pets like. You’ll notice your pet may prefer a certain color or fabric texture and this might be a guide as to what to buy.


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