Kevin Gates Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper In 2024

Kevin Gates Net Worth

Kevin Gates Net Worth 2024: Kevin Gates is the popular American rapper and singer. His net worth is approximately $1 Million. He has raised his net worth by joining hands with many leading musicians for many years. He also contributes much for his net worth growth by releasing debut album and becoming a prominent solo artist.

Kevin Gates album showcases his talents and contains deep and meaningful lyrics that impress huge audiences. His albums always follow a theme like poverty and depression to reach the audiences effectively. He is now 37 years old but still active in the musical field. Apart from a rapper and singer, he is an entrepreneur and owns business. It helps him made the net worth of $1 Million easily.

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Who is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates’ full name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard. He was born on February 5, 1986 in New Orleans, U.S., to an African father and a Puerto Rican mother. He brought up in Baton Rouge, U.S. As he had a rough upbringing, he was arrested in 1999 for the first time for joyriding as the passenger in the stolen vehicle.

Later, he attended Baton Rouge Community College at the age of 17. In 2007, he started rapping and began his career with Lil Bossie, Baton Rouge folks, and Webbie. While started singing to the local label dead game record, it seemed that Kevin was flourishing in his field. But, in 2008, Boosie and Kevin were imprisoned separately. It made Kevin pause his music career for a while.

After spending three years in prison, he claimed that he earned a master degree in psychology via a prison program during his punishment period. For his good behavior, he was released early and got a chance again to sustain in music world in 2012. He earned the public attention with mixtape Make ‘Em Believe.

Kevin talent inspired the attention of Young Money Entertainment, and Lil Wayne’s record label. Later, he got chance to sign up with the management wing of the brand the same year. He also signed with Atlantic Records in 2013 and featured on Gudda Gudda’s and Pusha T’s 2013 mixtape.

Additionally, Kevin released his street album “Stranger Than Fiction in 2013. After married his longtime girlfriend, Dreka Haynes in 2015, he became a father of two children and living happily.

How much is Kevin Gates currently worth?

Although Kevin Gates is the talented singer and rapper, he was in prison for a long time. The pain he undergone in the prison is reflected in his lyrics. You can see his real pain and hurt while listening to his albums. But, somehow he managed all the worst scenarios in his life and earned a net worth of $1 million. After so many struggles, he still continued the musical path and released albums. Upon collaborating with leading musicians, he improved his standard and net worth greatly.

By becoming an entrepreneur, there is no shortage of money for Kevin Gates. He also turns the best singer, rapper and entrepreneur of his generation. He has earned more money working for other people and now he is focusing more on his own career. He has worked in the musical group, collaborated with other celebrities, and now putting all of his energies and effort into his solo work.

He is one of the best lyric writers today as per Rolling Stone magazine. His heart touching and deep meaning lyrics made him more popular and earns more money to build a solid net worth. According to various sources (Forbes and Wikipedia), his net worth of $1 million is still growing and may reach $ 3 million in the upcoming years. He has been working in this industry for sixteen years and earned bulk amount from the music itself.

Besides, he is an entrepreneur and sells popular products like hoodies. He also spends $2 million to establish his own record label and produces music for other people. So far, he has produced 70 singles and most of them are average to moderate success. Kevin is now living in downtown Los Angeles, California with his family. His property price is approximately $500,000. 

Kevin Gates 2024 Bio, Age, Career, Family, Spouse

Real NameKevin Jerome Gilyard
Nick NameKevin Gates
Date of birthFebruary 5, 1986
BirthplaceBaton Rouge, LA, USA
Height6′ 2″
ProfessionRapper, singer, songwriter
Net Worth$1 Million

What are the Major Sources of Kevin Gates’ net worth

Kevin has contributed much to his $1 Million net worth by earning money from these sources constantly. With the increasing graph of net worth growth, it is expected that Kevin Gates’s net worth will reach $3 Million soon.

  • Web series
  • Music sales
  • Endorsements
  • Merchandise sales
  • Apparel
  • Concerts
  • Film and television
  • Business deals
  • Investment properties
  • Other business ventures


1. Does Kevin Gates own any business?

Being an entrepreneur, he owns Kevin Gates stores. He sells posters, shirts, merch, album and hoodies.

2. How does Kevin Gates earn million?

By collaborating with many well-known musicians over the years, he has increased his net worth and earned about $1 million.

3. How much does Kevin Gates earn in a year?

He earns approximately $0.4 Million per year through various sources.

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