16 Best WiFi Hacking Apps in 2024

Best WiFi Hacker Apps

In this fast generated world, everyone habituated to stay connected to the internet no matter where ever they go and with this life without internet became difficult to may of them. There are many times an individual find it difficult when they are out of resident and it is hard to access the web and sometimes required to borrow a wifi connection or want a better network connection without any payment.

There are many applications which will help to hack fast internet wi-Fi connection.

These are the Best Wifi Hacker Apps for Android/iPhone where anyone can hack any wifi and can enjoy high-speed internet.

16 Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps For Android/iPhone

1. Wifi Master Key

This is the best wifi cracking app Android/ios, which allows finding to connect to any shared wifi all over the world. This app has been rated best and it has also been used by many people in the country. This app has been downloaded by so many peoples and is rated best.

This app is so easy to understand and it is safe and secure. One can find and connect to any shared wifi hotspot by using one click. This Wi-Fi cracking app is available in about 19 languages and available for more than 200 countries.

Download: (Android, iOS)

2. Wifi Pass Universal

Wifi hacking app for iPhone this tool allows to converting any 6 digits passphrase into 64- bit key to use others wifi. This wifi will hack app generates a brute force which will attack against WPS register PINs and it also allows to recover of the WPA/WPA2 passphrases.

Download: iOS

3. Instabridge – Android/iPhone

This is another Best Wifi hacking app for android, It will be able to access by anyone free wifi without asking the password. This app also provides unlimited data at no cost and can be connected to all large cities.

Download: (Android, iOS)

4. Aircrack – ng Android

This app is specially designed or used for testing network security and making sure that they have got a tool to protect themself. This wifi -cracking app will also make sure that they have been covered and protected themselves. This is one of the famous tools which has been ported to Android by many of the Android developers and security enthusiast, this app on Android is not many issues but difficult in possessing a wifi chip which supports monitor mode.

Download: Android

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Wifi hacker app for android allows to test whether once can be able to access point wifi is vulnerable with this one can try to connect to any wifi access point through WPS PIN, these PINs are calculated with the help of several algorithms like Zhao, Blinkm Srris, Asus, etc through MAXC address and also other PIN used for local database for much accessing point

The main aim of using this app is to educate the people to allow the customer to know about the vulnerability of their access point.

This wifi cracking apps is very popular for its ability for breaking the security also this required Android 4.0 and up for running.

Download: Android

6. Reaver – Best Android WiFi Hacker

This reaver app is a great wifi password hacker and it is so simple to use this app with safe and secure. This app is been shipped and supported with monitor -mode which can activate and can also deactivate no of times. This is detected WPS- enabled wireless router on its own.

wifi cracking app will generate a brute force that attacks against WPS registered PINs and also allow the recovery of the WPA/WPA2 passphrases.

Download: Android

7. Kali Linux Nethunter

This wifi-cracking app is best in the operating system for hacking purposes. If anyone using the wifi Andriod app they have required to launch Kali’s wifi tool to go ahead with the process.

By Netyunters configuration interface allows taking care of complex configuration files, This app custom kernel which supports 802 wireless connections and will make Kali’s nethunter have android hacking tool.

Download: Android

8. Wifi Warden

This is one of the best wifi tools for every one device, it allows to protect from hackers and crackers. With these applications, anyone can identify any of the wifi networks that are available in their area, and also easy to generate a password web, WPA, and WPS2 for wifi router.

This app allows using  of the signals and  all the information about other wifi.

Download: Android

9. Nmap-Android

This Nmap is a network security scanner app which is available for a various operating system. This is mostly used by ethical hackers to hack wifi and to find the vulnerability. It also works on both rooted and non -rooted phones. This is one of the best wifi hacking app for android.

Download: Android

10. Wifi Key View

This Wi-Fi hacking app is used to provide network information and also works as an Upnp device scanner. This discovery for host and also network sniffer. It has a feature of Pcap analyzer and also has a feature of PCI DSS menu, any once can access this point as a default password test and also can access it as a point security test.

Download: Android

11. Wi-Fi Connection Android

Nowadays there are so many companies & business who are offering with free Wi-Fi these days, one can just figure out an application on their phone which can help to find the best wifi cracking app

This Wi-Fi app will help to provide a good connection without knowing the password, it can be scanned to search to find the best connection for Android, which can improve connection with good quality by using its graphical channel features.

Download: Android

12. Wi-Fi Auto Unlock and Wi-Fi connect

This Wi-fi application is an effective tool to hack any wi-fi password as per the individual need. This is one of the best tools that help to turn on the WI-Fi connection automatically in a single click without unlocking the mobile screen every time, One has just gone to the Wi-Fi setting and create a pathway to directly connect to the screen lock settings.

Download: Android

13. Free Wi-Fi Connect Internet Connection

One can find WI-Fi connection freely everywhere by selecting the best network connectivity, it also enables android and iPhones to search and connect with free wi-Fi sources and gives easy and fast connectivity without any trouble. This Wi-fi finder application will  help one to access and manage a master free feature of a wi-fi hotspot  to connect in an open network.

Download: Android

14.Wi-Fi Password key

This is one of the most devices which helps by figuring out Wi-Fi passwords and the fastest connectivity and allows to saved and to recover passwords that have been used previously. This App helps in managing and backing up all connected wi-Fi passwords on the phones.

Download: Android

15. Connected Cualquier Wi-Fi Android

This is one of the best applications for android and iPhones during the year 2020, which allows to figure out new and fast connecting wi-Fi network. By using one-click it also shares wi-fi hotspot connections which is easy to use .this app also provide locking facility that helps one to hide wi-fi password and other details from hackers. This Wi-Fi cracking app also can connect automatically with its automated features with the network without connecting manually.

Download: Android

16. Zanti Android

Zanti is another popular Wi-Fi cracking app, it is used for effective penetration hacking and testing tool kit for android and iPhones. This application is also available in web courses such as different hacking servers to help the Wi-Fi scanning, password auditing, and searching for MAC address spoofing. This is so simple to use and it can be used to activate and de-activate a Wi-Fi connection at any time.

Download: Android


Above mentioned applications are the top 16 Wi-Fi hacking apps. Anyone can use these applications and enjoy high-speed internet on their mobile device and also one can able experience highly reliable networking connectivity from anywhere in the world.


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