The 12 Best Cricket Games for Android Smartphone (2020 Updated)

Best Cricket Games for Android

Cricket is one of the most popular outdoor sports in India. Though it is not originated in India, it still becomes a part and parcel of our life. Shortly, we can say that it has become a religion. Cricket has gained endless enthusiasm in India and the popularity of this game is rapidly increasing.

Because of this popularity, Android game developers have made so many cricket games for cricket lovers that Google play store is overflowing with such games. There are many games that might not satisfy your taste; therefore you are probably looking for best cricket games for Android. The solution is here as this article will give you the details of top 12 best Cricket games for Android devices.

Best Free Cricket Games for Android 2019

1: World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 or WCC2 is the successor of WCC. The game which is made by Nextwave Multimedia is one of the most popular and dynamic cricket games available on the play store. If you are looking for best graphical cricket game, this game is perfect for you.

The game has everything that you are probably looking for. It has ODI, T20 and Test mode. Besides, you can play domestic 20 overs tournaments like IPL, Big Bash League etc. There are many dynamic stadiums, weathers, pitches in this game. Moreover, you can customize player’s face, height, jersey no. Another important aspect of this game is the multiplayer mode that makes the game more interesting. The app has also some premium packs that offer more stadiums and customizations. If you want something more, you can purchase those packs.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.nextwave.wcc2&hl ]

2: Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket is another free cricket game for Android Smartphone. If you are a true fan of KFC Big Bash League, you are surely going to love this game as this game is out and out inspired by the original league.

The game offers eight teams to choose and you will have an all-round cricketing experience if you play this game. The dynamic shots and high graphics are very attractive. Besides, the background music is also very interesting. The game consists of three different modes- quick match, Tournament and Challenge. Each mode will give you different taste. The game requires minimum of 2GB ram. Therefore, if your phone has less than of 2GB of ram, you might face lag while playing.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.nextwave.bigbash]

3: Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18 is the updated version of Real Cricket 17. The size of the game is more than 200MB and therefore it must be said that it is a very heavy game. It is one of the most popular Cricket games available on the Google Play Store and it is completely free to download.

The game has many features that make the game very interesting as well as attractive. The game has different game modes like T20, ODI and Test and you can even play domestic T20 league in this game. Some other interesting features are DRS with Snicko and Hotspot, auction and post-match presentations.

In order to give more realistic feeling, the developers have added dynamic shots in the recent update. Batsmen are divided into four categories- Defensive, Balanced, Radical and Brute. Different batsmen play different kinds of shots and consequently, you will get a comprehensive gaming experience.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.nautilus.RealCricket3D]

4: WCC Rivals

WCC Rivals is another newly launched Android Cricket game from Nextwave Multimedia. The main purpose of this game is to provide real time gaming experience. The game has only multiplayer mode where you can play against real players.

Though the game is not rich in features, it still has something that you will surely enjoy. You can bat as well as bowl against your opponents. Besides, you can customize your Team’s name and player’s name. The game also offers bonus on each game and if you reach the top of the rankings, you will get extra bonus. The game has some negative aspects which are its graphics and control. Developers are constantly working to improve it. However, if you can put up with these, you can go for this game.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.nextwave.wcclite]

5: Stick Cricket Premier League

Stick Cricket Premier League is completely different cricket game from others. If you are a true IPL fan, you are going to love this game as this game offers realistic taste of IPL.

Stick Cricket Premier League is a free Android Cricket game where you just have to stand and deliver. There is no option for bowling; you just have to score runs swiping the screen. The user interface of this game is very simple as there is only two optical buttons for shot selection. Besides, you can select your favorite team and you can buy international players using Stick money. There are many other interesting features like match fixing (just for entertainment) in this game but for getting them you have to buy stick money through in-app purchase.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.sticksports.spl]

6: World of Cricket

World of Cricket is another free cricket game for Android devices. The graphics of this game is very cartoony and you can play this game across all Android devices as it is very light game and supported by Android devices that has low specifications.

The game is very fun to play and it has more than 25 different shots that will surely give you a realistic experience. There is a negative aspect of this game and that is related to the name of the players. The names of the players in this game are quite different from the real names and you cannot change the name of the players because of the lack of the license. However, if the player’s name is not a big issue for you, just install the game and enjoy.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.appon.worldofcricket]

7: Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket is one of the best cricket games for Android users. It is also one of the most popular multiplayer cricket games as here you can play with your friends.

The game is all about batting. You just have to bat and protect wickets. Along with this you have to score runs as much as possible. In order to give dynamic experience to the players, the game offers six different modes like Challenge Mode, Friendly Mode, World Cup etc. Besides, you can level up and unlock extra features. At the same time, you can upgrade your players for winning more matches against your friends.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

8: Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket is another free cricket game available on Android platform. If you are looking for a game that has decent graphic, this game is perfect for you. The game is completely free to install and you can play ODI as well as T20 format. However, if you are looking for Test Mode, you may go for other games as there is no Test mode in this game.

In order to give more realistic feel, the game offers various batting as well as bowling moves like Helicopter shots, Reverse sweep, Googly etc. It also has option for Hindi Commentary and therefore this game is perfect for cricket lovers who live in India.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.moonglabs.epiccricket]

9: Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Cricket T20 Fever 3D is one of the best 3D cricket games for Android devices. The game is completely free to download and it is one of the oldest cricket games that give you true 3D experience.

The game offers ODI and T20 formats. But, unfortunately, it has not Test match Mode and therefore test match lovers may ignore this game. However, the main key of this game is timing and if you cannot time perfectly, you might not make good score. On the other side, if we talk about the specification, the game can be easily played on any Android device and even the low-end devices are also capable of handling this game very smoothly.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.indiagames.cricketfever]

10: Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is one of the most popular cricket games for Android. It is another free popular game from Stick Cricket.

If you love the T-20 format and want to have the experience of it on mobile, this game is perfectly made for you. The gameplay is completely similar to Stick Cricket game. There are only two buttons on screen and with these buttons you have to score runs as much as possible. Timing is the main key of this game and you have to time well to make a good score.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.sticksports.spl2]

11: Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018

Power Cricket T20 cup 2018 is another entertaining cricket game for Android users. As the name itself suggests, the game is made for T20 lovers. The game has a very good graphics that will give you a realistic gaming experience.

The game is an all-rounder entertainer. It has many modes like Net Practice, Tournament Mode, Super Over Mode and Challenge Mode. Users can even choose their favorite team among the top 14 Cricket playing nations. Besides, it has some unique formats of T20 tournament like Premier Knock out, Champions Cup, Tri-series, Power Cup, Asia Cup and Challenger series.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.games2win.powercrickett20]

12: World Cricket Championship LT.

World Cricket Championship Lt. is the light version of World Cricket Championship. It is one of the best cricket games for low-end android devices. It is another good game from Nextwave Multimedia and it has many unique features that you would surely love.

The game offers multiplayer mode that lets you invite friends and play against them. There are also some interesting modes like Five over quick mode, Challenge Mode etc. Besides, the ultra slow motion view makes the game more interesting. After hitting a six, you can watch your shot in ultra slow motion camera with commentary and that provides additional visual pleasure to the players.

[appbox googleplay screenshots id=com.nextwave.wcc_lt]

Conclusion: Cricket Games Android Play

In conclusion, it may be remarked that every game has its own unique features and each game is entertaining in its own way. Therefore, you may try these top 12 best Cricket games for getting a perfect gaming experience on your Smartphone.

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