How to Activate Pluto TV – STEP BY STEP PROCESS

Activate Pluto TV

Activate plutotv apk: The introduction of internet TV has changed the whole experience of viewing TV for people across the globe. Today, you can watch a pool of content over the television set, thanks to internet TV. Numerous options for internet TV are available, but Pluto TV has gained immense popularity amongst users. If you want to learn more about this internet TV, go through this piece of writing carefully. It will help you Activate Pluto TV successfully and enjoy a seamless content-viewing experience.

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a popular America-based internet TV service from ViacomCBS. It was founded seven years back in 2013 and is a popular OTT platform available in English. This internet TV service is available to the residents of the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Pluto TV streams content from over 170 content providers, and subscribers can surf more than 250 channels on this platform. You can watch the content of Pluto TV through its website or dedicated applications. All you need to do is activate its services through

This internet television service is well known for its top-quality content from a large number of popular channels. You can stream Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and several other TV channels on Pluto TV. It supports live video streaming and also has on-demand streaming options. Pluto TV does not levy a subscription charge on users, and thus, you can watch a wide range of content for free on this platform. It is fast replacing other popular video streaming sites with its impressive features and addicting content.

You can install Pluto TV on your Android, iOS, and Roku devices and enjoy a seamless TV-watching experience. This internet TV service can be accessed from mobile devices without any hassle. Moreover, you need not sign up with Pluto TV for enjoying its services as it does not have a mandatory signup process. Therefore, viewers can stream content on this platform without sharing their personal details. You will only have to Activate Pluto TV on your device and stream content without a break.

Pluto TV on Smart Device

How to Activate Pluto TV?

Once you download the Pluto TV application, you will have to activate it to enjoy its features. You need to visit for activating this internet TV service on your device. Pluto TV activation is available for four devices at present, and they are Roku, Sony PS4, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. You will have to activate it on your smartphone or personal computer at first and then start streaming various channels. Below are the steps that will help you activate Pluto TV accurately:

Step 1:

At first, you will have to go to Channel number 02 on the Guide menu. You can also press the Activate button present on the left side of the Guide.

Step 2:

Once you press Channel 02 or Activate on the Guide, a 6-digit code will appear on the screen of your device. You will have to note down this code for future use.

Step 3:

Next, you will have to enter this 6-digit code on your device. This procedure is different for different devices, and you will have to follow the instructions displayed by your device.

Below are some links that will help you get the activation code to Activate Pluto TV on Roku, Amazon Firestick, Sony Playstation 4, and Android devices. You can follow them if you want hassle-free access to this internet TV service.

Pluto TV on Roku

Step 1: Install Pluto TV Channel on Roku

Step 2: Open the application and Go to Channel 2. An activation code will appear on the screen of your device.

Step 3: Then, visit From any other device

Step 4: You have to enter the activation code

Step 5: Finally, click on Activate button.

  • For Amazon Firestick: / activate / firestick
  • For Sony Playstation 4: / activate / ps4
  • For Android TV: / activate / android

These links will help you get the Pluto TV activation code on your device. Hence, you can set up this internet television service on your smartphone or PC.

Is Pluto TV safe?

Pluto TV allows accessing a pool of channels and a large number of movies and television series. Its popularity is sky-touching amongst people who love watching various types of content over the internet. However, the question of the safety of Pluto TV is a major concern among people. Cyber Security Specialists have figured out several vulnerabilities on this platform that reduces the safety of Pluto TV.

This internet TV service contains several features that are similar to adware programs. Moreover, Pluto TV does not charge its users, and it earns from the ads featured in between programs. Therefore, the chances are high that malware can infect your device through these advertisements. Besides adware, web browsers often redirect users to unknown domains that are unsafe. Therefore, your device is at a high risk of attracting malicious software and getting hacked.

Security experts consider Pluto TV as a PUP or potentially unwanted program. It features numerous third-party ads that might contain malware and can infect your device. Therefore, you should be careful before you Activate Pluto TV and ensure the safety of your personal data. You should download this internet TV from its official website, which is completely safe. The main executable file of Pluto TV is PlutoTvSetup.exe, and this is free from malware.

If you use a VPN or a Virtual Private Network, your data will remain safe from leakage. Pluto TV shares the private data of users with third-party service providers. However, a VPN can enhance the immunity of your system and protect it from data phishing.

Is Pluto TV Legal?

Today, the online platform contains a huge amount of content, and viewers are often confused with what to watch and what to not. Most of the internet TV services are quite expensive as they come with a high price tag. However, many free platforms allow streaming hundreds of channels without paying anything. Pluto TV is one amongst them and is subscribed by millions of people across the world.

If you doubt Pluto TV is legal or not, you can be 100% assured that it is completely legal. This internet TV service follows all the legal guidelines meant for streaming content online. It collaborates with content providers, and you can stream first-hand content on this platform. You will not have to pay a single penny for streaming Pluto TV as it is free for use. All you need to do is activate this platform on your device through


Can I access Pluto TV on Verizon Home Devices?

Answer: Yes, you can access Pluto TV on Verizon Home Devices.

Which smart TVs support Pluto TV?

Answer: Android TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, Vizio TV, Hisense, LG Smart TV, and Samsung Smart TV support Pluto TV.

Can I Activate Pluto TV on my Samsung Smartphone?

Answer: Yes, Pluto TV runs on all Samsung Smartphones.

How can I get the activation code on Amazon Firestick?

Answer: Click on the following link: / firestick.

Final Words

If you are a movie buff or want to watch your favorite TV series over the internet for free, Pluto TV is the best option. This internet television service allows streaming a wide variety of content from a large number of channels. Pluto TV is completely legal, and you can access it on your smartphones, smart TVs, and personal computers without any hassle.

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