7 Reasons Why Every Car Should Have A Window Breaker Tool

Being trapped in a vehicle during an emergency can become deadly in minutes. It would help if you got out immediately, whether it’s a car accident, sinking car, or other crisis. That’s why drivers should keep a life-saving window breaker tool in their vehicle. These compact devices allow you to shatter tempered glass windows and escape quickly.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss seven compelling reasons why all vehicles should be equipped with window breakers. From escaping submerged cars, rescuing pets from hot vehicles, and helping accident victims, these vital tools empower you to take urgent action.

They are inexpensive and take up little space. With so many potential road dangers, learn why a window breaker is an essential automotive safety item that could one day save your life.

Importance of Window Breaker Tool for Your Vehicle

Find below how windows breaking tool can help your vehicle’s in the emergency

1. Break Out of a Sinking Vehicle

Getting trapped inside is dangerous if your vehicle plunges into the water. Water pressure makes opening the door impossible, so your only escape may be smashing a window. A window breaker tool lets you break the glass immediately to get out fast before the car cabin fills with water. Having this tool on hand could mean the difference between life and death.

2. Escape a Car Accident

Escape a Car Accident

Similarly, being trapped after an accident is possible, significantly if the doors are damaged or jammed. A window breaker allows crash victims and rescuers to shatter the glass and create an emergency exit. The few seconds saved, not having to search for something to break the window, could prevent further injuries.

3. Protect Yourself from Danger

Unfortunately, car break-ins and carjackings occur. If an assailant attempts to enter your vehicle but the doors are locked, using a window breaker to smash the glass may help startle them and give you time to drive away safely. The noise alone may be enough to spook them. Having the tool accessible allows you to react quickly.

4. Rescue Pets or Children

Pets and kids left unattended in vehicles are at risk in hot weather. If you see a distressed child or animal trapped in a sweltering car, a window breaker allows you to take urgent action by breaking a window to set them free. This compact rescue tool in your glove box makes it available when seconds count.

5. Assist Other Accident Victims

As a responsible motorist, carrying a window breaker also equips you to help extract survivors from crashed vehicles you may come across. After an accident, disoriented victims may be unable to escape without assistance. Breaking the window is often the quickest way to reach them safely.

6. Alternative Exit if Doors Fail

There are different situations that cause power locks to fail –water immersion, a drained battery, or electrical hitches. When you smash the side window using a breaker bar, you escape and avoid getting trapped. The possibility of relying on doors alone is quite dangerous. It is prudent to have a backup plan.

7. Small Size, Inexpensive Cost

To conclude, there is no good reason why you should not keep a window breaker in your vehicle. These lifesavers are very inexpensive and typically cost between $10-20. They also use up less space in the glove box or center console. It’s worth having one of these handy emergency backup options for such a small investment.

Choosing an Effective Window Breaker

If you’ve been convinced that it’s valuable to have a window breaker tool in your car, follow these guidelines when choosing one:

  • The first thing you should consider is going for a spring-loaded punch design, which will enable anyone, including children or injured ones, to break the glass by using little force.
  • Choose tools with pointed metal tips because their shape helps to focus the impact, hence maximum shattering power
  • Angled/rotating hammerhead can be ideal for more leverage behind such punches
  • Pick 4-7-inch compact sizes (easy to reach but still discreetly tucked away)
  • Search for those with grip padding, as this ensures comfortable glass-striking
  • Find heavy-duty construction that will last sitting in a hot car for years.
  • If possible, go for bright-colored ones so they can be located fast during emergencies.
  • It must come with a mounting bracket; situate it within the driver’s arm’s reach.

Proper Use of a Window Breaker

Here are some things to remember when using your emergency window breaker:

  • Put on safety glasses to protect yourself from glass.
  • You should pick a side or rear window of the vehicle since the laminated windscreen is more challenging to break.
  • The weakest part is at the bottom corner of the windowpane.
  • Strike the punch hard with your hand or fist such that you follow through entirely until the glass breaks apart.
  • Expect not less than 2-3 strikes before you finally cut through. Keep trying until there is an opening.
  • Safely move away any remaining fragments. Open up the windscreen by folding it outwards or crawl on your feet first.

Following these steps during any life-threatening situation increases chances for quick self-rescue or saving the lives of others.


An emergency window breaker in your vehicle is just one precaution every driver should take. These small tools can be used to break glass and get out rapidly, if necessary, during life-threatening situations.

Therefore, don’t risk being caught helpless after an accident or inside a sinking car. Choose a quality breaker tool, put it within reach, and learn how it works well with this guide. Keep it with insurance papers and spare chargers in your glove box. Just think how much better you will be if you need an immediate exit strategy from a cataclysmic event like this tomorrow; its impact cannot be underestimated.

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