6 Best Bitcoin Ads Networks in 2022

Best Bitcoin Ads Networks

Although Bitcoin is widely recognized as the currency of the web, there have not been any significant digital marketing campaigns or initiatives to raise people’s awareness of it. For a while now, major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have prohibited cryptocurrency marketing. Many bitcoin ad network platforms are already available, and they can assist you in promoting bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related adverts on your websites. These ad networks are all distinct from one another due to their features, costs, and ad campaign strategies. If you want to do safe bitcoin trading, visit bitcoin trader trading platform.

List of Best Bitcoin Ad Networks

In order to locate the best cryptocurrency advertising network for you, we tried to create a directory of all bitcoin advertising networks with a dedicated marketplace for cryptocurrency advertisers and publishers.

1. Ad Dragon

The first DeFi ad platform in the world is Ad Dragon, a brand-new platform. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace for advertising. It has the benefit of being entirely original and not a rip-off of Google’s design.

  • On the Ad Dragon marketplace, sellers (publishers) set up an online store to provide their advertising services. things like press releases, banner adverts, and sponsored articles, among others. They are allowed to set their product prices and can offer nearly any kind of advertising service.
  • Advertisers can search the market and find a variety of advertising options to market their cryptocurrency project or business for a price range that works for them.
  • The software leverages decentralised wallets like Metamask and is entirely built on Ethereum (you will need a Metamask wallet to use it). Pay-outs are thus immediate. The payments infrastructure is powered by smart contracts.

Ad Dragon is well worth your attention if you are seeking something distinctive and useful.

2. AdEx Network

AdEx Network was one of the first decentralised ad networks to use blockchain to bring transparency to the advertising market and reduce fraud. It was created in 2017.

  • 300+ chosen crypto and tech publishers are available on AdEx. For the network to maintain a strong portfolio of publishers, it filters out low-quality, fraudulent, and pay-to-surf websites.
  • AdEx uses a CPM strategy, and DAI stablecoins are used to settle payments. To ensure utmost openness, marketers, and publications receive real-time reporting.
  • Publishers can withdraw any amount they have earned whenever they wish; there are no withdrawal requirements or caps.
  • AdEx frequently runs cashback deals, and there is no minimum investment requirement for advertisers.

3. CoinTraffic

One of the top bitcoin ad networks to date is CoinTraffic, which generates an estimated $3.6 billion monthly.

  • It is a popular domain and receives roughly 10,000 visitors a month. It supports a variety of advertising strategies, including CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), pop-under ads, permanent banners, and more.
  • There is no referral bonus offered. CoinTraffic solely backs reputable publishers, steers clear of ICO fraud, and upholds a positive public perception.
  • Although CoinTraffic is generally a speedy network with prompt responses, it can occasionally take a few weeks for the site to be accepted or refused.

4. Adshares

It is a decentralised digital advertising network where authors and advertisers do direct business without the use of a middleman. Adshares seek to provide users with more affordable, open, and uncensored advertising. ADS blockchain, which is dependable and secure, is capable of over 1M transactions per second, making it quick enough to service the worldwide advertising business and able to manage significant amounts of rapid micropayments. Adshares offers its authors nearly fast compensation in genuine ADS coins that are published on CoinMarketCap.

5. Bitmedia

Another cryptocurrency ad network is Bitmedia, which provides its advertisers with cost-effective adverts. To ensure the best ROI for advertising, they carefully examine and authenticate each publication. Advertisers have access to a variety of targeting options, including Geo, Device, Timing, and Frequency.  They only provide adverts now in word and banner format. They provide publishers with payments in fiat currency and bitcoin.

6. Coinzilla

One of the most well-known Bitcoin ad networks is Coinzilla, however, it is still relatively young in comparison to other networks. Coinzilla is kept for a week and continuously scans the network for any fraudulent activity.

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