5 Stylish Gaming Accessories You Should Have to Improve Your Gameplay

Gaming is one of the best ways to destress after work or just hang out with your friends online. However, if you want to get the best out of your gaming time, you need the right accessories and equipment for it.

While you can use a plain keyboard and mouse for gaming, they’re not designed to provide the best gaming experience. Today, you’re spoiled with options for gaming accessories, and you’re bound to find things that’ll make your gaming nights even more enjoyable.

You can also get creative with your design from these accessories, bringing a unique environment to your room. You can add lighting or collectibles like TUBBZ to bring more ambience to your gaming experience.

However, there are numerous accessories you can choose from today, making it overwhelming for newcomers. To help you out, we made a list of accessories you must have for your gaming setup.

Let’s get started!

1. A Gaming Headset

If you want to play multiplayer games with your friends, you need to have a good gaming headset. There are many factors to consider while picking the perfect gaming headset for your PC setup.

There are several features like noise cancellation and 7.1 surround sound you should look for if you want to have an immersive gaming experience. It especially applies if you’re playing FPS games like Call of Duty or CS:GO, where you need to rely on sound a lot.

For better communication, you also need a microphone that provides clear sound to your friends and teammates. You may also want to consider buying a wired headset if you want zero latency in your sound and voice.

2. A Comfortable Gaming Chair

If you’re going to have long gaming sessions, you need to have a comfortable gaming chair. Otherwise, you might face serious back pain, preventing you from playing games comfortably.

We recommend using chairs that provide more flexibility and should have features like a high-back design. These types of chair designs can accommodate your entire body and feature a headset and lumbar pillow to provide more comfort to your head and back over time.

While high-quality chairs might be expensive, it’s well worth the investment. Sitting down and hunching can lead to serious back issues, and having a good chair can improve your gaming experience and health.

3. High-Resolution Gaming Monitor

The best way to enjoy a game’s graphics is to play them on a high-resolution monitor. There are many gaming monitors in the market today, providing 4K resolution displays.

These monitors also feature HDMI ports and Display ports, making them ideal if you want to use both your PC and console on it. We also recommend looking for monitors with HDR technology as they make colours look more lifelike.

Don’t forget to look for monitors for low response time (1 ms) to reduce the amount of lag for inputs in your game. We ensure that it’ll make a massive difference while playing games, especially multiplayer ones, where every second counts.

4. A Functional Keyboard and Mouse

If you’re looking to play FPS games like CS:GO and VALORANT on your PC, you need a well-functioning mouse and keyboard. Mechanical keyboards have taken the gaming world by storm due to their quick response time and comfort.

Additionally, these types of keyboards have backlit RGB lights, bringing more ambience to your gaming setup. The advanced backlit keyboard allows you to change colours by using the app on the connected PC.

Likewise, we recommend using a lightweight mouse that provides pinpoint precision. Most modern mice come with adjustable DPI, providing more freedom with their settings. We recommend getting a mouse with two side buttons for more configuration options while playing games.

5. A Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Most PC gamers love to dedicate themselves to a keyboard and mouse, but you can also choose to play with a controller. Most indie games are more comfortable to play with a controller, and it can be a great purchase if you like those games.

We recommend using an Xbox Core controller because it’s compatible with Windows and easy to use. This type of controller usually has two analogue sticks, four right-side buttons, and a directional pad.

You should have a wireless controller as you can use them by using Bluetooth, removing the hassle of cables. Most controllers are chargeable and provide gaming for up to 30 hours.

To Sum Up

These are basic accessories you need to amplify your gaming experience. While some of these accessories may be expensive, research well for these products and see if it suits your needs.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your hardware holding you back from having a fun time. Therefore, investing in these products might be worthwhile, as you continue to game alone or with your friends.

Find the perfect balance between prices and features, and you’ll get a step closer towards having the best gaming experience. All you have to do is be patient and conduct proper research on these gaming accessories.

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